Charity propaganda
Medical Charity Hoax

However Dr Joanna Owens of Cancer Research UK said: 'This very small study tells us nothing new about supplements and cancer.  'All the patients in this study took the supplements so it is impossible to judge if they had any effect. 'It is no surprise that in a group of people with different types of cancer, some survived for longer than might have been expected, while others sadly did not. 'As yet, there is not enough evidence to know whether supplements are helpful or harmful during cancer treatment. 'We know that high doses of some supplements can increase the risk of cancer and it's possible that high doses of antioxidants can make treatment less effective. 'Until we know for sure, our advice is to try to get the vitamins you need through a balanced and varied diet rather than through vitamin supplements.' [2010 Feb] Cocktail of five vitamins may give cancer patients an extra two years