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Errare humanum est sed diabolicum preservareÖ (to err is human, but to preserve an error is diabolic)
ďAnother thing very injurious to the child, is the tying and cutting of the navel string too soon; which should always be left till the child has not only repeatedly breathed but till all pulsation in the cord ceases.  As otherwise the child is much weaker than it ought to be, a portion of the blood being left in the placenta, which ought to have been in the child.Ē--- Erasmus Darwin, Zoonomia, 1801. [ref]
mmediate cord clamping at birth causes attention deficit disorders, learning disabilities, behavioural disorders, mental retardation, respiratory distress syndrome, and intraventricular haemorrhage, and cerebral palsy." --- G. M. Morley, MB

[Denmark--17%, 75% UK, 90% France (1).  Early cord clamping traumatises the baby, especially at the navel point, a covert attack on sexuality and Spirituality (see Birth trauma Human Abuse Drugs (suppress psychic ability)).  You have to wonder where most of this blood really ends up (Reptoids  Blood (Satanism)).]

Cord around the neck (Nuchal cord)

See: George M. Morley, M.B., Ch. B., FACOG  Blood (Satanism)

[2012 Oct] Why Immediate cord clamping must cease by Hilary Butler

[2012 Sept] Leeds midwife wins a battle to change birth guidelines She said there were many health issues linked to immediate cord clamping. Now, national body the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) has said its latest guidelines will advise that delaying umbilical cord clamping is best practice.

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[2010 Dec] Why do Obstetricians Still Rush to Clamp the Cord? By Dr. Mercola  Cord clamping has become the accepted norm so much so that delayed clamping is generally considered a new or unproved intervention.

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Real reasons for early cord clamping?

Chapter 74 - You don't want your baby's umbilical cord cut too soon [from Jock Doubleday's eBook, "Spontaneous Creation: 101 Reasons Not to Have Your Baby in a Hospital, volume 2.]

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[2000] Journalist's Dissent to Clamping. Potential Dangers of Childbirth Interventions. "Early clamping of the umbilical cord: Cutting the ties that bind"  by Cory Mermer


The Umbilical Cord

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How the Cord Clamp Injures Your Baby's Brain By George M. Morley, M.B., Ch. B., FACOG

Cerebral Palsy and Cord Blood Gases by Dr. George Malcolm Morley - A Letter to the Editor of the British Medical Journal.

A Refutation of ACOGís Report on Cerebral Palsy By George Malcolm Morley, MB ChB FACOG

History "This is a documented history of accepted methods, and their rationale, of closing the umbilical circulation after birth, when the newborn child converts from the placental life support system to the independent life support systems of the adult human. The natural (physiological) process was clearly understood by obstetricians from 1773 through the 1970ís." --George M. Morley, M.B., Ch. B., FACOG

[Letter BMJ 2003] Immediate Umbilical Cord Clamping as a Cause of Autism by George M. Morley, MB & Eillen Simon, R.N. PhD

Why Do Babies Cry? The Anatomical and Physiological Changes During the Moments After Birth By George Malcolm Morley, MB, ChB, FACOG


To Clamp, or Not To Clamp, This Is the Answer By G. M. Morley, MB ChB FACOG

[Letter BMJ 2003] Immediate Umbilical Cord Clamping as a Cause of Autism by George M. Morley, MB & Eillen Simon, R.N. PhD

[2008 pdf] Birth a Healthy Child: Understand the Dangers of Early Umbilical Cord Clamping, Standard Birthing Positions, and Vaccines by D. Young, G. S. Goldman (47KB)

[2008] Twenty-One Frequently Asked Questions/Answers Concerning Birthing Procedures and Vaccines by D. Young and G. S. Goldman 30 cases of birth injuries (e.g., skull fractures, facial nerve palsies, brachial nerve injuries, and severe cephalohematomas) in hospitals; no birth injuries at home.

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