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A kind man from Israel wrote a fantastic article about my Distilled Water research in Hebrew!!!

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Could it be that we are surrounded by water and we do not have a drop to drink? Its captain caught at sea and surrounded by salt water unfit for drinking.

Are we running water drinkable tap really human? Is expensive water filtration systems, usually based on carbon filter, really preparing the water for drinking or just give us a taste of 'like'?

Some really tell us about the toxicity of plastic bottles in our mineral water stored?

Is there anyone who pays that this information will remain between the lines?

And how minerals are really good for our body?

These questions and others popped up in my mind every time I saw or video investigation network other toxic chemical or hazardous metal that is in the water we drink. It seemed that there really someone who can give us a satisfactory answer to the world of health and nutrition. Especially regarding drinking water has so much information to no one has the power to dig and find some solution himself, then a situation that offer you all - so many solutions to his confusion you must choose something and excuse yourself and say "well, Total no water! ".

It seemed to me as if there is always some new algae, or a new antioxidant, or a new fungus that can give us energy and energy in everyone, without any apparent reason, all - so exhausted and tired. But I asked myself, what really exhausting young boys? What kills people in mid-life? And why can not I reach the end of a line in the book without forgetting what was at the beginning? ... Could it be the water we drink? Do we take for granted the liquid is 90% of our blood and 70% of our brain? And how the hell I can get here in a lift of safe drinking water?

Well ...... I hit all the answers to these questions, surprisingly, when I bought a new steam iron. Every mother knows you have to fill it with distilled water only. Thus I found myself wandering the supermarket in search of distilled water and was surprised to actually find them cleaning materials section. Well I filled the iron, and as I held a can of water, I found myself staring at a can and a can definitely staring back at me. while staring suddenly jumped me thought, 'Wait, distilled water is not for drinking, not supposed to drink it right! It is dangerous to health or something .. is not it? ' In short I was confused. So I did what any confused person doing .... looking for on Google!
Well here are some useful information is mixed if important things I learned about distilled pure water:

My personal experience of drinking distilled water
Early in my searches on Google I came across some FM calls YouTube constituted an important milestone in every journey my familiarity with distilled water as drinking water.
Conversations were with an American man named Andrew Norton Webber (Andrew Norton Webber), who spoke at a time with another broadcaster in another program.
I was surprised to hear Andrew talk about the extraordinary enthusiasm distilled water, since almost everyone I know, including health professionals and alternative therapists, all of them neo me out drinking distilled water and other such claims.

After nearly a year I Dash and strives to find every piece of information possible about everything about nutrition and alternative medicine, first heard about the new way, a new answer to the question that occupied me for quite a while, the question of water.

Since I knew the damage fluoride and various toxins that tap water and I started to hear about the toxicity of plastic bottles of mineral water are drunk at the time, not really found what I was looking statements by various Haltrntibistim healthy and I got to meet last year.

Equipped with the new information, I found myself staring at a can, and this time I gathered my courage and poured myself a glass full of water and filled up to now only the iron for my taste. I took a tentative half fill a glass full of distilled water. After the glass was gradually the rest of a can. Well I could really pay attention to the water's clean taste and their airy texture, you could say that I was quite pleasantly surprised. Although I did not realize my mind the medical power of her radio programs heard the same night.

To my astonishment, day after day of drinking distilled water, I suddenly notice unusual changes, and the results were not long in showing themselves.

On the first day I noticed how suddenly disappeared headache seemed to me for a few months, comes and goes.

On the third day I started to notice the problem starts to disappear diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 13 I had. Suddenly I found myself reading the books in sequence whole pages eagerly, usually I get tired after a beverage paragraphs.

On the fourth day I began suddenly to smell things in my nose to breathe this extraordinary experience because our family stuffy nose is a chronic issue.

Slowly, I began to notice that I was filled with energy and a sense of joy and euphoria that comes naturally beautiful and oozing from within, and not only I noticed. Most people know me as a person exhausted tired and drawn, and I suddenly becoming a completely different person.

Completely disappeared after two weeks I suffered from fungal contaminated almost half a year, when no treatment did not help.

Day after day I noticed how all the chronic problems already I used to live with for years growing evaporate before my eyes, I was shocked on one side and very happy on the other. Slowly the ritual of drinking a liter of water has become a regular part and a very fun routine of my life. To four liters of water a day has become my new hobby burden. My life, a very short period unrecognizable.

With a glass of water in one hand and iPhone in the other, I hear all the other programs that Andrew was a guest, and now I really feel each one, this person is not bluffing, miraculous stories are real, and the results spoke for themselves.

Well I started to educate myself again in terms drinking water, and the general feeling better so into me the need to tell and share the information that vanished with the rest of the world.

This article concentrated most of the new knowledge gained about distilled water, and perhaps this is the place to note that being said here is only a free information sharing of friendship and friendship and good advice but certainly I do not pretend to specialize or to order anyone to do with the body and health. Do not act in accordance to write this article in any way without consultation with a specialist or a doctor. All my intention in writing this article is to stimulate the individual to seek its own information that can benefit and others.

Water - Introduction
Well with all the talk about water, what it really water? (From Wikipedia, of course):

"Water is a chemical compound that is the basis of all known life forms, including humans. Molecule of water consists of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. Chemical formula of water is H2O.
The chemical properties of water allow them to be most universal solvent molecules in nature. "

Water beyond the chemical compound is the fluid of life, liquid, without which life would be impossible in this world. While we all know that water can not drink the wild. Such as salt water, dirty water, mud and dirt and moldy and smelly water not fit for drinking. And water as they can drink clean water and fresh. In addition, within the category of fresh water there are three natural water sources are just water alone (ie without any tax not - Organic them) and rain (or mist condensed water called TEL) and water inside the fruit and vegetables, and .... You'd be amazed, your water, the mean urine or pee street language. In addition to these three sources, distilled water in nature, distilled water also has a machine by a person.

Hydrological cycle - the way of nature distilled water
In nature, rain water through distillation and purification process called hydrological cycle. In short what happens is that the water flow to streams and springs days pass, it is permanent, the process of evaporation caused by the natural heat of the sun. Once water evaporating, no matter if they contained salt, sand or dirt or other contamination, and rising water molecules are more pure and leaving behind all the dirt and grime in there. These molecules are currently in a state of gas, and were more miles and which clouds form. For various reasons such as cold and pressure Hmolokolot thicken and return these back to earth in the form of water droplets process known as "rain". In pure, without pollution and caps - Triils (cehmtrails) raining water drop is a drop of pure water and distilled untouched stone or any other type of pollutant.

Some facts about distilled water in living organisms
The bodies of plants and animals like to use, procedures, and its important places, only the most pure water and distilled. For example, circulation consists of white blood cells and red and various organic bodies and all floating in the water, they are not just water but distilled water. And when we eat substances not organic, such as salts and minerals - organic (ie not from a live source) and chemicals, the body does its best to keep the fluid clean and refined in the most perfect that can be, and he does it through the liver via the kidneys are two strainers excellent unexampled in the world. When there is an accumulation of fluid in the body beyond what the body needs, the body has a special way to release pressure and fluids by the bladder. Contrary to popular belief, urine is a byproduct of the body, urine is 95% distilled water (other organic solvents) are actually more distilled water purified by machine.
- The brain of animals floating in a bath of distilled water and even radically refinery organic solvents usually not allowed to enter the cerebrospinal fluid.
- Baby when his mother's womb floating in a bath of distilled water + own urine!
- All the water inside the fruit and vegetables are distilled water!

What is the water pure water most of us drink today
Unfortunately in this era that most people drink water are contaminated water. Chlorine, fluoride, rust, iron, lead, benzene and pesticides is only a fraction of the list of substances that are in our tap water and most have excellent ability to infiltrate water filters common. Please note that most home water purification systems rely on charcoal filter, Slshibho said he knows an excellent filter materials smell and taste much water, but these materials are a fraction of the pollutants in our water, and in fact these filters create the effect of "Delicious - but not at all unpleasant."

Similar hazards not spared who fled to the safety of mineral water. Very, very important fact that many food companies, including water companies, lists omit their vitamins and minerals is: in fact this is obviously non-organic minerals! And following a brief lesson in the diet for those who really biting their lips at the moment. Nature are Monday? Main types of minerals and 'minerals - organic, they are also called' dead matter and inorganic minerals, as they are a special compound in living organisms. And brief illustration: the only intermediaries between the minerals in nature are dead in the ground and the animal kingdom, they are plants. Live plants and feed on ash and water, and all sorts of processes make this dead tissue material life. The plants eat animals and humans, and humans and animals also feed on animals. However I assure you that if you try, like plants, do diet sand and mud, or in other words minerals - organic (which is what actually sand is), you can not outlast one day, and Moreover, it is expected you hazard very serious to your health . It is very important that people understand that the "mineral" have their mineral water are actually the result of rainwater seep water for months or years through layers of rock and sand! And in fact are minerals that have no nutritional value to your body! (High language is called Not Bio-availible). Now you're probably asking two questions
One. So where does the body get minerals?! The answer is unequivocal - your food! No water!
Two. What the body does with non-organic mineral water? - The answer is that the body tries to get rid of them any way possible, and if the rate of the income of these minerals is too high, the body will start to put these stones in various places, for example: the joints, walls of blood vessels, kidneys, and finally when he has no choice in the brain and heart. The reason the body does this is to keep us alive so he sacrifices places in the body just will not die, and waiting for a chance to clean them. Mineral water is actually a manipulative and misleading difficult waters "(definition of water containing a high percentage of organic solvents is not). In addition to the mineral matter, water itself is usually kept in plastic bottles, and plastic known 'leaking' into the water. Now there are very few studies on toxic plastics in water, but the trend revealed that the material is highly toxic for human consumption.

CAUTION! Fluoride in drinking water
Unfortunately, Israel is one of two states (!) Where the law requires fluoridation of drinking water. False and unsubstantiated claim of the authorities to introduce this toxic chemical in our drinking Who is - it prevents cavities.
Said credit Fluoride is a substance that knows how to kill good bacteria teeth against them said they forgot to tell us that he also kills the person who brings it to his body.

Most of you will be amazed at the idea of a surprise to those who drink fluoride additive actually discovered in Nazi concentration camps. In short what they found: adding fluoride to drinking causes those prisoners to be without desires, without self-preservation and a short walking zombies with no ability to resist (who could not see the pictures of people standing in line to the gas chambers? Now you know why).

Fluoride has a variety of adverse and serious consequences for human health and the following:

- Ossification of the pineal gland, also known as the third eye. Gland is responsible for the spiritual vision of man, and the precepts of the natural, so also is considered a pawn of the soul and spirit.
- Difficulties bones. The strength of the bones due to the flexible nature of the fibers of which are built. Fluoride is absorbed in the bones and makes it difficult for them to teeth and bones can break suddenly. (Exactly the opposite of the government's claim)
- Tears chain D - I - A, Yes, fluoride causes genetic defects in humans.
- Their people the brain and thought processes, Flaurid is also a very important component of drug "Prozac". Now revealed that he has a direct connection to the phenomenon of "ADHD" and Tourette's syndrome.
- Fluoride is a carcinogen.
- Fluoride is the active ingredient in rat poison.
And the list goes on. It is important to know that fluoride is not filtered out of the water in all types of filters sold today, except for reverse osmosis filters and distilled water. And it is important to note that the toxic component artificially added to those of our drinking water.
More important to say that fluoride in its natural form as it exists in nature is not, and I repeat not! We add fluoride to the water. Who Put drinking water in Israel Floorsilitzit acid is a byproduct of fertilizer and aluminum factories. And, this highly toxic acid. Some of the most? So that material handling requires wearing full protective suit on the body, including inhalers and special filters.
And this we pour water.

Inle! Distilled water!

In another Google search distilled water (distilled water in English) ups warnings eyes many times their goal is to keep people drinking of distilled water. Famous among them is the title "Early death comes from drinkig distilled water" (untimely death was caused by drinking distilled water.) And several other articles states that you should drink distilled water., And generally created a situation of serious disinformation regarding distilled water until most of the world believe it is very dangerous., but it is very important to note that most of these stories all derived from research conducted by the organization very early in the - WHO (the World Health Organizsation) is actually a puppet of the UN or the United Nations - the United Nations, Slidiatcm is also the main organization pushing fluoridation of drinking water is also countries the law does not require it, and his argument is obviously concern dental health of your children.

This study also constituted a major cornerstone in the process of education of physicians in all schools - medical schools in the world - and is the reason that a doctor will warn, and usually say there can be no drinking, no, distilled water. (Incidentally, the same doctor or researcher uses only distilled water in all experiments, its medicines and vaccines).

Well there is a way to simplify the whole business of the danger of distilled water. Just call a spade a spade - "pure water"! While the word refers to the process in which distilled water purification infections passed, the word "pure" refers to the current situation of the water. See a doctor or just a person who can say that pure water is a bad thing! This pure water H2O with no net addition or pollutant that is exactly what body loves to use it in all the processes that occur in our body. Pure water is the source of life and pure thing that can be!

Distilled water "Mammals" minerals from the body
If you tell an ordinary person on the street you drink pure water, that is refined, it is likely that the first thing out of his mouth is "No, no, you can not drink distilled water because it takes minerals from the body." You could say that the most common argument and trite when it comes to distilled water, and half of this false truth covered in the WHO study. If I may say that I strongly agree with the statement that the distilled water have the ability to melt and just "suck" minerals, as well as the body. But! (Which is but very large) is very important to note that the WHO failed to mention to confuse the reader who did a degree in chemistry, that body two kinds of minerals, inorganic minerals and minerals - organic and distilled water extract only the mineral non-organic body. In other words, they painted a frightening and manipulative the fact that pure water and distilled in excellent clean the body of minerals that the body has no ability to use them because they are not organized at all, and therefore not available biological level in any way. These minerals are responsible for a huge variety of problems in the body, and in fact the body deposits them in all sorts of places to dance and these stones shall not enter into the bloodstream and kill you. When the body entrusts the H"minrlim these "between the bones created the phenomenon of" joint pain "of the twentieth - that is notorious. These minerals are the # 1 heart and artery disease because they really, really clog and stiffen the arteries in the body. When H"minrlim "cumulative edges of these nerve can form a variety of neurological disorders, depending on what" mineral "is. New phenomenon gaining momentum is sensitive to electromagnetic fields, which is of course possible only if the body has a high concentration of "minerals" metallic areas of nerve endings.

Distilled water can not in any way, in terms of the chemistry of the body, "draw" organic configured mineral body, that he joined the living structure of your organism. To show you that this is not possible, I remind your blood and your brain fluid is 100% distilled water at the highest level there is. Have you ever heard of someone his bones were pumped into his blood? Have you ever heard of someone whose brain melted into the liquid into his skull? Probably not. This is because an organism lives is not soluble in water. And not only that he is not soluble in water, but he must water (the better pure) on - to survive.

So what minerals our body likes and needs to be? Inorganic minerals only. Ie minerals are special chemical composition that is available to the body - so he can use it. Such minerals are a variety of colors and types of plants, vegetables and fruit and animals - live, and our source of minerals and vitamins. No water. If you look at the back of your mineral water bottle, proudly certainly see a list of minerals. Although now you know she deliberately left out a very important piece of information. All these minerals - organic. If you look on the side of a cardboard cereal - breakfast, certainly see color list which also usually mentioned in the product fortified with iron, what they forget to tell us?! That, on - usually weatherboard fiber and iron which is of course an inorganic iron and the body just is not what do with it. everyone you ever seen the series "Popeye" Does anyone remember Popeye "ate a package of nails Bray to be strong and muscular, no! Popeye ate organic source of iron, Popeye ate spinach only.

Distilled water are acidic, they make you acidic
Another common argument from the same study of the "health" is global: distilled water are acidic and make the body acidic. Acidic body, turning out, is the basis and foundation for all kinds of diseases and health disorders. And appears from this article that drinking water is actually harmful. Ridiculous is not it! Okay true, distilled water usually appear about the bar slightly acidic pH when they are outside the body, but it happens very simple reason. Distilled water they are magnetizing power they draw into carbon - two - carbon from the air, following the process This pH level exceeds bar pH., but (again, this is a big but) the same study again dropped except a small but very important really is: can never assess the impact of material given the acidity body when this material is outside the body. What important to us is how this material translated into vinegar - or bases after he came into our blood. example example of a very well known lemon. lime is the fruit is very acidic, but when we put the lemon into our body is going through metabolic processes different ... and lo and behold - there an effect very basic level in our blood. history with distilled water. outside the body are acidic because of the presence of carbon - dioxide - in the body of carbon - two - carbon is released into the bloodstream and leaves the body through the lungs.'s left in this body net H2O as we know acidity of the water is completely clean is completely neutral in the laboratory. addition, distilled water in the long run help the body balance its pH level (the body always strives to 7.4) because they help the body to eliminate any kind of waste, and waste way - all is acidic.

Refining process does not clean volatile organic compounds (VOC)
These VOC stands for Volatile organic compounds. Intention toxic organic components (like chlorine and benzene) to their boiling points lower than water, so some do manage to sneak in the refining process, including boiling, steaming and condensation of water. Again, this claim is totally unfounded claim, and is mentioned in the site of Dr. Markula famous. Since this fact is best known throughout the industry distilation water and is in fact the only reason that water distillation device (even the simplest) has, always, activated carbon filter (replaceable). A simple solution to the problem is very simple.

Distilled water is not

Dangerous, and in fact they are very healthy body
What these studies and doctors usually do not tell you is a great feeling body starts to flow you start to drink water on the day they are pure from all kinds of contaminants that. Pure water go hand in hand with the processes that create life. Springing water base and solvent are actually allowing animals., And after life formed It has the same life, cleans purifies and protects them terrorists outside. infant from the first day he created floating in the water pure and clean. liquid that then will his blood and circulate every inch of his body. fluid that will be responsible to clean continuously the body of all types waste available., and will be a river regularly sweep any bacteria or pestilence away vital organs. distilled water they can break and melt rocks of minerals - organic within the body. distilled water care for the proper functioning of the kidneys, contributing to purify the blood and body of all kinds of pollutants. pure water are solvent ultimate, and are able to turn your body all kinds - chemicals, radicals, minerals (non - organic) and so on. while the water distilled blood refined and arteries open and flexible. entire nervous system and our brain needs clean water to function properly (clearly thinking clearly). pure water, give you energy and energy that you've dreamed about (complex water oxygen and hydrogen, and both are used in rocket fuel.) pure water are the fastest natural diet there is no need to count calories. then please, do not criticize your water.

So why there is such a conspiracy to hide the truth from distilled water?
My answer is that I can not really tell. But I can imagine. If we think about a war hero who wants to conquer a major city and can not break the city in any way because it is surrounded by iron walls. But spring from which drink their city is outside the wall and flows into the city. Every inch of him a hero to do is pour a narcotic or death into the fountain of living water, and the whole city in his hands. Who controls the water controls in humans. Who purify its water take control of his hands. There is a very large interest in attracting the public today for all kinds of mineral water purification devices that really purify and especially to keep the public confused, and in the meantime he continues to drink tap water. Distilled water is something that is simple and devices are usually very simple and inexpensive, and this is the only way to actually clean the water from various contaminated. This is the way that nature uses it whenever he needs pure water to life.

Andrew Norton Webber, and the relationship triangle
Anyone looking for information on water refiners, in my opinion, must listen to the radio host calls this guy (Andrew Norton Webber). Beyond that guy has tremendous knowledge and information resources Mihmnim every issue of distilled water, it also revealed a startling discovery, and in my opinion, even groundbreaking - and the triangular relationship between the three treatments that have not really understood how they work so well. Fasting fruit and vegetable juices, fasting on water - distilled, and fasting or urine therapy (also means people who drink their own urine). Most people say to themselves, 'Well vegetables and fruits contain many vitamins and why are vegetable juices - so healthy, and urine therapy has found all sorts of explanations varied and some are indeed correct. But this common thread that urine and fruit and vegetable juices and water evaporation and condensation underwent three are liquids distilled, and that is their healing power, this renovation have not heard anywhere. In fact people who consume only or lot (4 liters) of distilled fluid of these a day, all of them reported evaporation of health problems and diseases and in addition to the effect "fountain of youth". Ie 'loss' of 20 years in appearance and restoring power and radiant light of life from the body and face, some of them even returned gray hair became black. Is the water pure and clean configured are all looking for the fountain of youth? Definitely worth checking out.

Effect of DETOX
I myself am looking for a lot of preparations and products to help me clean the body of toxins. And I was very happy to find distilled water make this work the best and are available cheap and safe. In fact they are able to clean all types of body waste non - organic, including minerals and salts not usable, including heavy metals, and includes all kinds of pollutants you can only imagine (even radioactive waste). How not? It's the stuff that God created to clean and maintain our bodies. But, it is important to note, and certainly any person who has a cleaning process one way or another know the DETOX process most times it's not - so nice. The reason for this is that the body for years and years and accumulated Agar safe places piles of waste, which is not usable or toxic for him, and he just can not wait to emit the toxins out. Just give him a chance. What paths have the body to turn to waste? Definitely colon is the main path next to the skin (skin emits toxins through sweat), a - underarm is clean path of the lymphatic system, and nose - ear - throat.

So what happens in the body is full of waste liquid begins to pump it pure? The first thing that opened the digestive system, then the kidneys, purify the blood, and then begins purification of tissue. Once the blood gets a flow of pure water body allows himself to begin the massive process of cleaning tissues, and body of accumulated garbage every hole possible start 'leak' into the blood to reach one of the routes of the body's waste removal. How do you know it's happening? Here are some symptoms that people usually feel when they begin to consume a large amount of at least one of the four pure fluids:
- Dizziness.
- Headache.
- Nausea and vomiting.
- Diarrhea.
- A terrible smell in the armpit and mouth.
- Sneezing for no reason. Etc ...

The good news is these symptoms only last for a period of between one month and two months from the start to do the purification. And after a period of about three months has the effect of "fountain of youth". From personal experience - it's like waves. On the one hand you feel great energetic and lively like never felt, on the other hand have waves of cleansing, suddenly dizzy or headache, and it really depends on how much spam, and what kind, and what the body chooses to turn first. But it is very important not to get confused. These feelings are only temporary and not the result of drinking distilled water, but is a process in which the body has an open path to finally throw out all the junk Pushed into it faithfully for years.

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