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[Just another way to get mercury into babies (see).]

[1998] RHOGAM data sheet The final product contains gamma globulin, sodium chloride, polysorbate 80 and  thimerosal (mercury derivative), with glycine as a stabilizer.
[pdf 2006 Mercury free data sheet] The final product contains approximately 5 ± 1% gamma globulin, 2.9 mg/mL sodium chloride, 0.01% Polysorbate 80 and 15 mg/mL glycine.

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The majority of the mothers with whom I am in contact...those with children with Autism, PDD, ADD, etc., are Rh Negative and were given a RHOGAM shot during pregnancy. Rhogam/Mercury/Mothering Magazine, etc.

 We have been aware for 30 years that fetal death and miscarriages have resulted from exposure to the “preservative”.  If so, why did we allow the administration of RhoGAM (Rh? (D) immune globulin (Human) or similar products –containing 0.003% thimerosal in each UNIDOSE pre-filled syringe - to pregnant women at 26 weeks gestation? [2005] Thimerosal: The “safe” mercury! By F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP

In Cave's practice, after fraternal twins had the same shots on the same day, one child suffered ear infections and displayed speech and behavior regressioning, and the other did not. The only difference in their medical histories was that the regressed child had the hepatitis B vaccine at one month of age and his twin sister had the hepatitis B vaccine at six months of age. Cave also questioned the rhogam given to Rh-negative pregnant mothers. "When we started looking at the mothers in our practice, I realized that we probably have a majority of Rh-negative mothers. The rhogam shot has a huge does of mercury in it, especially for a fetus in the gestational stages with brain development," said Cave. [2001] Vaccine Conference Exclusive Report By Lisa Reagan

F. Edward Yazbak, MD, ..... has studied cases where mothers were vaccinated with the MMR (for rubella) and with hepatitis B within five months prior to or during their pregnancies. Of the mothers in the study, 85 percent had children with autism. His studies also raised questions about the mercury-laden rhogam shot routinely given to Rh-negative mothers during pregnancy and the resulting higher incidences of autism in their children. (See also statements by Stephanie Cave, below, who said that the majority of mothers of autistic children in her practice are Rh negative.) [2001] Vaccine Conference Exclusive Report By Lisa Reagan