Ritalin destroyed my life :(
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Posted: Mon May 15, 2006 8:40 pm    Post subject: Ritalin destroyed my life :(  

Hi, Iím 18 and was branded with ADHD at school when I was 13. They made me take many terrible drugs like Ritalin, Dexedrine and others that made me feel unimaginably sad. Every single simple thing in life made me scared because of these drugs; it destroyed parts of my brain. I would have insane paranoia, adrenalin burst, terrifying fears, I felt like the ground was always shaking. Imagine this going on for almost 4 years. I used to be very smart, still am, but not as much, spoke many languages, was one of the best students at my school. I believe it all started when my stupid dentist made me take large fluoride supplements witch made me have fake adhd (fluoride is very bad for your brain). I never had any cavities since I never at sugary junk food, why did he give me this toxic chemical in the first place, and why is fluoride legal? They put me on some of the most toxic drugs on earth because of the problems created by florid. Iím pissed off because I can see Iím having horrific problems now at 18 years of age. I havenít smiled for years, I canít smile anymore, canít laugh unless itís terribly funny. I had a heart attack when I was 16, thatís when I starter reading on websites about pharmaceutical lies. Somehow having to go see a team of doctors that studied me and made me take more drugs seemed normal, I can now see that this is RIDICULOUS, I want to sue them, I am so mad about this, they destroyed my life. When I was about to kill myself, (Ritalin makes you feel like your whole family died everyday!!) I realised that the drugs were causing this and that it isnít normal to feel like this. The doctors told me that the drugs were good for my health, had no side effects, so I gullibly believed theme at age 13. One day I hid the pills and lied that I was taking them, I started to feel better after a month. Even after stopping, I would still wake up with a terrible thumping, it was my heart failing. What saved me? I took my health into my own hands, I did about 100 colon cleanses, taken about 700 multi vitamins since, green supplements with veggies from all over the world, omega 3s with DHA and EPA, and a whole lot of organic food. I feel great now, but it seems that my brain is damaged forever, my heart weakened permanently and I have a VERY weird and slow sexual drive. I wish I could go to court against the big pharmaceuticals, I want revenge, I would love to see my old doctors and have them jail or hanged and have them each say sorry a few thousand times. Pharmaceuticals are drug pushers who donít care about you and only want to make money even if they have to bribe the FDA to approve their terrible drugs. 97% of all drugs cause problems and cure nothing. Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad

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Im so glad I found this post because I dont know anyone who knows this situation. Im am in my early 20s and I was put on ritalin at the age of 10 for adhd without any therapy to go with it. I took it for 11 years and I have to say it most certainly has ruined my life...or at least i suppose has made it more difficult. I didnt realize I was getting high before all of the other kids in my class.
I remember feeling so empty and 'not there' in the afternoons but not understanding why. As wierd as it sounds, even years after I feel the same way every afternoon without the drug. I have permanent muscle tics, and my gosh I could probably go on forever.... I am off ritalin now because I underwent major depression last year partly because of having my ritalin dose raised and then switching to concerta(extended release) and having a bad psychological reaction to it and I was so thin i looked like a skeleton, I have been called "anorexic" my whole life even though Im not bec
ause of the side effects.
After all this time I not only have adhd but as of last year Im bipolar 2 as well...I am being treated for both and am still taking a stimulant drug, adderall xr for adhd and Im still underweight although doing very well, I really wish I never started on ritalin in the first place. I completely understand although havent had a heart attack, I had awful heart problems I never told anyone about(stupid) but because of ritalin i have experienced every symptom of a heart attack althought i dont think I have ever had one...and the only reason i know that is because i havent died yet.
I most certianly have destroyed my body with it, I dont want to say too much on the net im a lil paranoid.
But i just want you to know you can still do whatever you want. I am in college now and i have a 3.8 GPA, and i hardly ever take the adderall. Im going to be a teacher Smile If i can do it, you can too.


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I thank god that i found a record of people that have actually been through what i have been through. I am 19 and i was also diagnosed with ADHD. I'm a smart kid, but i was never good at the caring part. I score a 31 on my ACT, but i was ranked in the lowest 10% of my graduating class. I've been taking various pills since i was 8 years old, though i stopped at about 16. Anything from ritalin to muscle relaxers to antidepressants, anything to shut me up. The drugs were supposed to make me concentrate, which i suppose they did, a little, but at the horrendous price of severe depression, agonizing anxiety, severe paranoia and delusions. I started contemplating suicide, then actually tried to go through with it on multiple occasions. Sometimes i just couldn't, other times i was saved in the nick of time. Luckily, i wasn't smart enough to just jump off a building or shoot myself. What's even worse about the drug is the fact that the after effects are even worse than the effects during the period i took them. I have ridiqulous muscle spasms almost each and every day. My insomnia affects my every action throughout the day. I can't walk down the street and see someone without thinking i'm going to get jumped or shot. I sit around and worry about getting bombed, and martial law, and cops busting down my door for no reason. I don't think i've ever had a normal relationship, or even friendship for that matter. Plus every now and then i just totally disassociate with reality. I'll black out for some period of time and then come to in a totally different place, confused out of my mind. I forget things i'm saying as i'm doing them. I forget what show i'm watching in the middle of a commercial break, i can drink coffee for hours and feel nothing. I have absolutely no control or rationality involved in my emotional spectrum. I just hope that one day this all goes away and i can feel normal. I also hope that one day the world wakes up and no child ever has to go through this again. I'm sure you all know exactly what i'm talking about, and maybe even find it boring and repetive, but anybody who made it this far, thank you for letting me finally have the moment i needed to say my peace of mind. I actually feel better just having been able to let it all out. Good luck to anyone going through what i've been through, i hope we can all have our day of reckoning, and don't let them tell you you're not okay.
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