TB Tests

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[Dec 2006] Dr. Horowitz's Battle with Public School Over TB testing

[Oct 2006] Hawaii Court Restrains Health Dept. TB Skin-Testing: Student Wins Religious Freedom and School Access

The Rationale for TB Screening of Healthcare Workers (HCWs) and Other Low-risk Populations


TB TESTS (Mantoux/PPD (Purified Protein Derivative) )

[May 2008] TB blood test has bloody results  Post mortems last week showed only five cows to have been infected. If the test was reliable, TB should by now have been raging in them all. Thus 84 healthy cows were unnecessarily killed, costing taxpayers nearly £100,000 in compensation alone. The farm's losses are estimated at £100,000 more.

[May 2007] Credibility of TB tests is called into question

[Aug 2007] The "skin test" showing Shambo as positive for TB is unreliable for diagnosing TB in individual animals. Not only does it throw up "false positives", but it can fail to spot an animal that is genuinely sick. The fact remains that it was never definitively established whether Shambo was infected with TB or not. The only technique that could have proved this beyond doubt is PCR, or polymerase chain reaction, based on analysing DNA. But this our officials refuse to allow because it might lead to the unravelling of their entire policy on TB in cattle and badgers.