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[2012 March] Gardasil (HPV Vaccine): Fraud in Plain Sight by Dr. Whitaker MD  Of all the dangerous nonsense perpetuated by Big Pharma and its savage attack dogs infederal and state government, the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is surely the most fraudulent and wasteful.

[2010 Aug] Modern medicine's biggest lie claims lives by JULIAN WHITAKER, MD  Angioplasty, bypass and other invasive heart procedures do not and cannot prevent heart attacks or prolong lives in the vast majority of patients who have them.

[2009 July] Cancer Screening: Does It Really Save Lives? by Dr. Julian Whitaker

[2008] Mental Health: It's Life, Not Depression by Dr. Julian Whitaker

VACCINES, “The HPV Scandal” by Dr. Julian Whitaker

Stevia Book Burning by Julian Whitaker, M.D.,

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Heart Surgery Does More Harm Than Good by Julian Whitaker, M.D.

  SSRI antidepressants work no better than placebo, and their benefits do not meet the criteria for clinical significance.....In addition to being ineffective, SSRIs are dangerous. They cause sexual dysfunction, weight gain, emotional apathy, headaches, insomnia, and gastrointestinal (GI) upset, and they have been linked with GI and uterine bleeding. But their most alarming side effect is an increased risk of suicide, hostility, akathisia (extreme agitation), and violent behavior.
....Last year, I met Mathy Downing, the mother of Candace Downing, a beautiful, exuberant 12-year-old honor student who had been put on Zoloft for "generalized anxiety disorder." A few months later, Mathy found her daughter dead, hanging above her bed. Just an hour before, she'd been watching Animal Planet on TV with her father.
.....You're probably wondering how in the world such awful drugs generate $16.9 billion annually in global sales. I'll tell you. It's because the companies that push these pills have made a concerted and successful effort to deceive physicians and patients.
[2008] Mental Health: It's Life, Not Depression by Dr. Julian Whitaker

Merck has demonstrated that they are more than willing to gamble our children’s health on an unproven vaccine in return for immense profits. This magnitude of evil is rare, even for a drug company. VACCINES, “The HPV Scandal” by Dr. Julian Whitaker

Without exception, all the oncologists I talked to about Dr Burzynski were scornful and hostile. Twenty- five years of practicing unconventional medicine did not prepare me for what I discovered. Delving into attitudes, actions, and beliefs of modern oncologists was like opening a box of cereal and finding it full of worms. They just don’t care….The question I kept asking was why, and the answer to that question gradually began to creep out: Dr Burzynski’s discovery threatens one of the largest and most lucrative industries in the history of mankind, the cancer treatment industry.
    All those radiation machines and doctors who run them
    All those chemotherapy drugs and the doctors who prescribe them
    All those so called studies that just juggle the doses of chemo & radiation, and
    All those surgeons who have been flailing at cancer for over a 100 years
If it (antineoplastons) is allowed to flourish, it renders obsolete the entire cancer treatment industry. He has discovered a non-toxic treatment that is about as close to cure as we have ever seen. If you think the lumber jacks in the Pacific Northwest were scornful of the spotted owl, you haven’t seen anything yet….
    Also it is not just about money, it is about strongly held beliefs, beliefs that have meshed with the personality of virtually everyone in the cancer treatment industry, especially the physicians. In short, these beliefs are that cancer can only be treated with therapies that mutilate, poison, or burn the patient, in the hope that they "kill" the cancer…..Therefore, each patient who is miraculously cured by Burzynski’s nontoxic therapy is not viewed as a breakthrough, or even as something good, but rather as a dangerous messenger of heresy, a terrible threat to their beliefs."—Dr Whitaker, M.D.

"Bypass surgery, angioplasty, and even diagnostic angiograms are so over used that, in my opinion, it constitutes criminal behaviour by the cardiologists and surgeons involved. Well controlled scientific studies have shown bypass surgery simply doesn't work, except to relieve severe chest pain. Those who have the surgery didn't even have a trend of longevity benefit compared to those treated without it. Yet, each year hundreds of thousands cave into the obvious fear tactics used by agressive heart doctors and submit to the bypass operation"---Julian Whitaker, M.D.

"Even JAMA has said that 44% of bypass surgeries are of questionable necessity. In reality the number of unnecessary heart surgeries is far higher….The scientific evidence damning most (though not all) heart surgery is overwhelming……Up to 4% die (from the operation)…up to 5% may sustain long-lasting or permanent cerebral damage."---Julian Whitaker, M.D.

"The heart surgery industry is booming. According to American Heart Association statistics, in 1995 1,460,000 angiograms (the diagnostic procedure that starts the ball rolling) were performed at an average cost of $10,880 per procedure. This resulted in 573,000 bypass surgeries at $44,820 a shot, and 419,000 angioplasties (the balloon procedure for opening up arteries) at $20,370 each. The total bill for these procedures is over $50 billion a year.
        There is no scientific justification for the use of angiography, balloon angioplasty and bypass surgery to treat most cardiovascular disease. Several studies over the past two decades, involving over 6,000 patients with heart disease, have shown that patients funneled into surgical procedures do significantly worse than those treated with noninvasive techniques. “Noninvasive” refers to the use of medication, but not diet, exercise and multiple vitamin supplements, which can be quite beneficial.”
        "Other than their cost, the only thing definitely known about these procedures is that they do kill people. Roughly one in 25 patients having a bypass and about one in 65 undergoing angioplasty die from the procedure. Frankly, if we took all of the bypass surgeons and catheter-pushing cardiologists, tied their thumbs together and locked them in a closet, we would save close to 30,000 lives and over $50 billion ever year."   [Julian Whitaker, Health & Healing, Sep 98, Vol 8, No. 9]

        "The FDA, NCI and ACS, and the large treatment centres work to eliminate choice of cancer therapies, particulary better ones. They openly attack breakthroughs made by "mavericks", which they define as anyone outside their ranks. Folks, any serious study of how these entities work together to destroy hopeful approaches to cancer reveals a trail of corruption, conspiracy, dishonesty, and inhumanity that warrants desigantion of evil……..We continue to use them not because they work, but because those who perform them have so vigorously eliminated any other choice.
        First, I would not even check in with a conventional oncologist, particulary not one from a prominent cancer institution. Their expertise is in implementing the erroneous paradigm that cancer must be purged from the body with toxic methods. This is, in my opinion, no more valuable than maps from the Flat Earth Society. When there is a paradigm shift---and we definitely are in the middle of one with cancer treatment---those sitting on the lofty perches of authority are the last to make the change, because they are guarding the paradigm about to be replaced. I don’t buy maps of a flat earth, and I wouldn’t go to the NCI or Memorial Sloan-Kettering Centre for cancer treatment.
        I’d turn my back on 50 years of institutionalised expertise, because it follows the wrong paradigm. Everything that is done in medicine today or in any other discipline fits some paradigm. The paradigm I use for cancer is that it is a systemic problem in which the normal control mechanisms of your body are altered. Your immune system likely bears the largest burden for this control; thus, all techniques that enhance it are promising. Those that damage it are not."---JULIAN WHITAKER, M.D.

 "The 'drugs or surgery only approach that modern medicine uses to treat today's diseases is archaic."—Julian Whitaker

  Since 1975, its incidence has more than doubled. But rather than having an epidemic of prostate cancer, what we have is an epidemic of detection. Although many more men are being diagnosed and treated, the death rate from prostate cancer has held steady at 3 percent........Much of this treatment is completely unwarranted. Remember, the majority of prostate cancer is pseudodisease. Most men die with it, not of it....But prostate cancer treatment is not benign. Surgical complications include difficulty urinating (17 percent), urinary incontinence (28 percent), and inability to have an erection (more than 50 percent). Radiation damages the rectum and can cause diarrhea and bowel urgency. Side effects of androgen suppression range from sexual dysfunction to risk of diabetes and heart disease.[2009 July] Cancer Screening: Does It Really Save Lives? by Dr. Julian Whitaker