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A Trillion 'Lost' Pentagon Dollars Equals a few Million Death Towers?

Don Croft
A Trillion 'Lost' Pentagon Dollars Equals a few Million Death Towers? - October 5, 2006 12:11
Mary Anne told me that the night before the feds demolished the World Trade Center a talking head announced on the What To Think Network that the Pentagon had lost over a trillion dollars--couldn't account for it at all Cool

No mention was ever made again but if we can resurrect that discussion I think we can show a correlation to the sudden erection, right after the WTC terror event, of millions of death towers around the globe.  As you know, in the developed countries there's an average of one tower per two thousand people.  That's a lot of towers and the fact that their militarily fortified is another finger pointing at the Pentagon.

Another finger is the secret nature of the technology, which is powered off the commercial grid.

In Africa, where underground nukes and underground infrastructure is minimal, the death towers' big diesel generators run all the time.  The fortified concrete bunkers beside towers in the WEst apparently have generators in them but we don't hear them running.  We do see new, rectangular, gravel lined double ponds dotting the lanscape, though, and when we toss a towerbuster into one of those, the psychics see a couple dozen contiguous death towers suddenly shut down Wink

 Vandals must really envy us.

I'm posting this because when I tried to comment on it in an email to someone, hackers erased three attempts in a row.   The NSA's sh!+house hackers are excellent bellweathers for us to determine what needs to be discussed on the internet and with each other.