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[2002] Unmasking The Disruptors in UFO/Conspiracy Research  (Part 2) By Eve Lorgen

Karmapolis Interview with John Lash

The Advent of Ahriman

[1915] Christ in Relation to Lucifer and Ahriman by Rudolf Steiner

The Balance in the World and Man, Lucifer and Ahriman by Rudolph Steiner

"Ahriman is the teacher of the lie that the Man is an animal: neo-Darwinism and similar theories.....Ahriman is the inspirer of the most extreme kind of "scientific" materialism: the doctrine that there is no spirit or soul in the world; that life itself is not in fact alive, but is only a complex of mechanical processes; that reality is at base only quantitative, that there is no reality in the qualitative -- color, sound, etc.; even that the human's inner being is a confluence of material forces. On the emotional level, he works in the human subconscious instincts, inspiring fear, hatred, lust for power, and destructive sex impulses. On the mental level, he inspires rigid, automatic thinking: (in Steiner's  phrase) thinking almost entirely without thoughts, but thinking tremendously strongly in the language, in the literal words, which easily become empty words, which in turn easily become lies. -- This "abstract" thinking is devoid of any conscious, inner activity and devoid of any real connection to living experience, and creates a darkened consciousness without light, color, or images."  ---The Advent of Ahriman

Convincing humans to artificially iodize salt is a great feat of the Ahrimanic beings.  He (the human) changes his ability to know his own self.........Fluoride is a halogen. Halogens make it simpler for beings to gain access to the human self and possess it.  p 130 Nature Spirits and What They Say: Interviews with Verena Stael Von Holstein by Wolfgang Weirauch

(Ahriman) He's cold, he's cold as a CD. And he's extreme clever. He's brilliant, but not inspiring. He's much cleverer than you can imagine. But he's ugly.  ...You're all still not strong enough to protect yourselves from Ahriman. For that you'll have to get to know yourselves a lot better. Know yourself that will best protect you from him.  Although at present he's still being very careful so as not to make too obvious an appearance. He's also not quite completely here. But his power will increase. You should say his name as little as possible if the room is not filled with prayers. ...He forms the counterweight to Lucifer, which is the most necessary thing there ever could be. He fixes matter and prevents the earth from turning into a fireball. Matter can only exist through both being in balance. Nature Spirits and What They Say: Interviews with Verena Stael Von Holstein by Wolfgang Weirauch

Statue or carving by Rudolph Steiner