Alfred Hitchcock

"Heavyweight British suspense director Alfred Hitchcock is probably the most infamous of these. "He would invariably cast actresses of a certain type - young, blonde and beautiful like Grace Kelly, Eve Marie Saint and Tippi Hedren- in his films and then subject them to his own twisted sexual fantasies on screen," asserts Brownwing. "He would always be devising scenes where they were tied up or brutally manhandled by villains. Cast and crew on several of his films have reported that he would become sexually aroused during the filming of such scenes - frequently drooling and gasping as his trousers strained to contain his huge erection. It has been alleged that during the filming of the sequence in The Birds where a helpless Tippi Hedren is attacked by crows and seagulls, he actually got his old man out and began to whack off - he became so excited that some people feared that he was about to suffer a heart attack. Finally, with a huge moan, he shouted 'Cut!' and ejaculated into a paper cup."   Hollywood Sex Pests

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