An Interesting Chain of Events.
The secret that never was,
On October 9, 2006 the nation of North Korea conducted an underground nuclear test detonation.  Thereby joining the 7 other nations known to possess nuclear weapons.  However, in the case of North Korea, there remain lingering doubts over the exact nature of their nuclear test and level of success achieved.  At the urging of American government officials, news media have portrayed this nuclear test as a partial failure.  The reason given to justify this claim of "failure" was the small size of the explosion, estimated in the range of 0.55 to 0.95 kilotons.  In contrast, the 1945 trinity nuclear test detonation near Alamogordo New Mexico was approximately 20 kilotons.

I contend that contrary to news media reporting and government generated disinformation, the North Korean nuclear test was in fact, a complete success.

What follows is an exposť, detailing a coordinated campaign of deception, disinformation, and outright cover-up, starting at the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE), and reaching to the very highest levels of American government.

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The background:
In order to understand the events surrounding this cover-up, some background information will prove helpful.

A conventional nuclear detonation is initiated using chemical explosives to assemble a super-critical mass of uranium or plutonium, thereby inducing spontaneous nuclear fission, also known as a chain reaction.  The requirement of achieving super-critical mass, places a lower limit of approximately 15 kilotons on the explosive yield of any simple (first generation) nuclear detonation.  However, as the author's Unified Field Theory indicates, an alternate technique using electrodynamic methods, can be employed to induce nuclear fission.  Furthermore, since the fission reaction is driven by an external electrodynamic process, this alternate technique does not require a critical mass (chain reaction) to sustain nuclear fission.  Therefore, very small light weight nuclear devices are possible.  See companion paper entitled "The Unified Field" parts 1, 2, & 3.

Next, although not widely acknowledged, the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) is responsible for designing, constructing and maintaining the American nuclear weapons stockpile.  The DoE accomplishes this mission through a network of 10 national laboratories and several dedicated manufacturing facilities.  While most of these DoE laboratories are depicted as engaged in humanitarian (non-weapons) research, a careful examination of DoE budget documents shows that nearly 70% of its resources are allocated (directly or indirectly) to nuclear weapons research, development, fabrication, and maintenance.  The DoE is also tasked with monitoring the world wide movement of nuclear materials, information, and production equipment though its National Nuclear Security Agency (NNSA), an adjunct to the infamous National Security Agency (NSA), recently publicized for its illegal spying activities.  While the NSA is part of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), and is managed by a high ranking military staff officer, the NNSA is part of the DoE.

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The evidence:
In the 4 months preceding October 9th, 2006 this website received just 9 visitors from DoE laboratories.  However, during the three days following October 9th 2006, this website received 27 visitors from DoE facilities, 22 of those visits on October 10th, including 3 separate visits from the National Nuclear Security Agency (NNSA).  In other words, this website received more DoE visitors in the single day following North Korea's nuclear test, than during the entire 4 months preceding that nuclear test!  Furthermore, ALL of these DoE visitors looked at exactly one page on this website.  And what information could be of such vital interest as to warrant this level of attention?  Every single DoE visitor looked at the Scientific Laboratories & Institutes visitors list...

It seems DoE personnel had a sudden desire to discover what OTHER scientific laboratories had visited this website.

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The conclusion is inescapable.  DoE scientists and NNSA personnel believe the North Korean nuclear test used electrodynamic triggering methods, based on the author's Unified Field theory, to initiate nuclear fission in a small sub-critical mass of plutonium.  And now, DoE personnel are very concerned over the prospect that government scientists in other nations will follow the example set by North Korea.

One other piece of evidence is available.  Six days after the North Korean nuclear test, on October 16th 2006, Mohamed ElBaradei, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), during his opening remarks at a conference of 500 nuclear experts held in Vienna Austria said: "reliance on export control is no longer, in my view, a viable option."  He also spoke of: "another 20 or 30 nations which now have the capacity to develop nuclear weapons in a very short span of time."

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In other words, export controls on nuclear technology and/or materials are no longer an effective method of restraining those nations aspiring to develop nuclear weapons.  Furthermore, since electrodynamic triggering (based on the authors theory) facilitates the construction of compact, light weight nuclear weapons.  Even relatively small unsophisticated missiles, such as those possessed by North Korea, can be used to deliver a nuclear first strike across intercontinental distances.  Is it any wonder the American government has suddenly embarked upon a crash program to deploy an anti-ballistic missile (ABM) defense shield.  Or the formerly reticent EU has just as suddenly, done an about face and now openly embraces deployment of an American ABM network in continental Europe.

Given the potential for abuse implicit in the authors Unified Field Theory, the reader might reasonably ask why he was never contacted by either the DoE or NNSA officials.  The website access logs document visitations by DoE laboratories on a regular basis since February 2005, a full 20 months prior to North Korea's nuclear test.  And the flurry of DoE activity at this website immediately following October 9th, 2006 is compelling evidence that:
  1. DoE scientists had prior knowledge of authors Unified Field Theory.
  2. DoE scientists believed authors Unified Field Theory is sufficiently accurate to facilitate manufacture of highly advanced forms of nuclear weapons.
  3. DoE scientists understood the potential for abuse of authors Unified Field Theory.
So why was no effort ever made to contact the author?  Preferably when DoE scientists first became aware of the authors Unified Field theory, but most especially after the events of October 9th, 2006.

The answer is both simple, and at the same time, horribly misguided...

The American government has an obscure legal doctrine known as "Born Secret".  Under this legal doctrine, certain types of knowledge are by default, classified as restricted information, even when that information is created de novo by individuals who are not government employees or associated with government programs.  Advanced knowledge of methods to initiate and/or control nuclear reactions, apparently falls within the scope of Born Secret legal doctrine.  However, the official DoE policy has been to refrain from acknowledging any independent scientific work within the scope of Born Secret legal doctrine, since any such acknowledgement would potentially validate that work as accurate.  A policy that as of October 9th, 2006 has proven to be as antiquated and ill-advised, as the legal doctrine upon which it rests.

Click Here to read legal review of Born Secret doctrine, at Federation of American Scientists website - Highly Recommended (requires Adobe Acrobat reader - opens in a new browser window).
Click Here to read Wikipedia article on Born Secret doctrine (opens in a new browser window).

The immediate aftermath:
Since the October 9th test, there has been a flurry of government activity, as administration officials scramble to create the illusion of decisive action, aimed at solving the North Korean nuclear crisis.  And recently (June, 2007) a so called breakthrough has been announced, with North Korea agreeing (in principle) to shut down its Yongbyon nuclear reactor, in exchange for the release of $25 million in frozen funds, held in a Macacu bank.

However, this is just another part of the elaborate ruse, intended to conceal gross incompetence of government officials.  The $25 million in frozen funds were proceeds (profits) from a North Korean counterfeiting (of American currency) operation.  A fact, conveniently overlooked by most news media.  In effect, the American government is granting North Korea an official pardon (amnesty) for its past criminal activities, AND paying a $25 million dollar bribe to shut down its nuclear reactor.  But wait, it gets even better.  In order to recover the plutonium produced by reactor operations, North Korea had to shut down the nuclear reactor anyway.  So the American government received nothing in return for the $25 million dollar bribe.  Except another empty headline for president G.W. Bush, in his never ending (phony) war on terror and weapons of mass destruction.

History enthusiasts may recall that in 1994 Madeleine Albright, then secretary of state under President Bill Clinton, also bribed North Korea with billions of dollars in food and other "humanitarian aid" to shut down this same nuclear reactor.  Of course, neither President Clinton nor Ms Albright called it a "bribe".  And the news media also portrayed their actions as a "breakthrough" in international diplomacy.

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The future:
As I write this article, Iran continues its uranium enrichment program, despite repeated U.N. sanctions.  And recently, several other middle east nations (including Saudi Arabia) have petitioned the IAEA under its "Atoms for Peace" initiative, requesting assistance in developing a viable nuclear energy industry, supposedly for civilian use.

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Next, in 1988 Saudi Arabia purchased Chinese manufactured CSS-2 (Dongfeng 3) ballistic missiles.  These missiles are capable of delivering a 2,000 Kg payload, over a range of 2,800 km, or 4,000 km with reduced payload.  Knowledge gained from the IAEA Atoms for Peace initiative, when coupled with authors Unified Field Theory, will allow Saudi Arabia to arm their Chinese manufactured missiles with small, light weight nuclear warheads, capable of reaching Berlin and all points in between (such as Rome).  Many readers may not be aware that the Arabic writing on the Saudi Arabian flag states: "There is but one God Allah, and Mohammad is his prophet".  Given the propensity of Saudi royalty to disguise their otherwise distasteful political agenda behind a veil of religion, perhaps its time for the Vatican to consider building an underground bomb shelter to protect the Pope...

And what do you suppose will happen when the usurpers of the Peacock Throne (Iranian leaders) decide to triple the value of their oil reserves? (Hint: Watch the skies over Riyadh)

News item: On July 2nd 2007, president G.W. Bush, and president Vladimir Putin (of Russia) held an informal meeting at the Bush family residence in Kennebunkport Maine.  Ostensibly to discuss their disagreement over planned deployment of an American built anti-ballistic missile (ABM) defense shield in Europe, and to formulate a common strategy to deal with Iranian intransigence.  Once more, the world had front row seats at circus ludicrous.  An veritable extravaganza of government managed propaganda and disinformation.

Does anyone honestly believe that ten American ABM interceptors based in Poland, constitute a grave threat to Russia's several hundred ICBMs?  Furthermore, even a superficial examination of the North Korean nuclear weapons program, is sufficient to demolish the fiction that Iran requires enriched uranium to build atomic bombs.

No doubt the situation will become far more interesting, when America (or Russia) decide to equip their missiles with electrogravitic propulsion, another Born Secret technology.  See companion paper entitled Electrogravitics, parts 1, 2 & 3.

As a side note, the 2005 Academy Award winning movie "Syriana", based on the memoirs of ex-CIA agent Robert Baer, is a very good primer of how America has conducted its middle east foreign policy, and the motives behind that foreign policy.

The 2006 DoE budget for the NNSA was $9.4 billion dollars.  The IAEA budget for 2006 was approximately $300 million dollars, of which $133 million was spent on nuclear safety, security, and verification activities.  In other words, nearly $10 billion dollars was spent in 2006, on nuclear weapons non-proliferation verification, and deterrence.  A similar sum was spent in 2005.  And in 2004.  And so on, and so on, and so on.  All told, something on the order of $120 billion dollars has been spent since the end of the cold war, to make the world "safe" from the threat of nuclear weapons.

The result?  Abject failure.

Perhaps this was the true objective all along.

Conflict (war in its many varied forms) is the life blood of governments.  Without conflict, the fiction that people need heavy handed oppressive government crumbles under the weight of reality.  And (currently) the most potent argument any government has to justify its continued existence is an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), armed with a nuclear warhead, in the hands of a credible adversary.  G.W. Bush (like his predecessors) needs belligerent nations such as Iran and North Korea in possession of nuclear weapons.  Without these nations, he is nothing more than an over paid two bit actor, frolicking and prancing about, deprived of any meaningful context.  In his January 29th, 2002 state of the union speech, President G.W. Bush used the term "Axis of Evil" to describe the nations of Iran, Iraq, and North Korea.  At the time its was well known to the American government that both Iran and North Korea had viable nuclear weapons programs, and that Iraq did not.  On March 20th, 2003 (with the consent of congress), G.W. Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq, and the capture of Saddam Hussein, while allowing both Iran and North Korea to continue their nuclear weapons development programs.

Now, you begin to appreciate the reasons why...

An Interesting Chain of Events