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An Unusual, Eye-Opening Report

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New post An Unusual, Eye-Opening Report 
I got the following email from one of David Wolfe's work associates and was very happy to see that there are other psychics who share Carol's ability to communicate with animals and plants. I think you'll get a kick out of this genuine account.   We folks in the orgonite trade have some incredibly interesting customers Cool

She had sent an email to me a few days ago and the first two lines are my answer to that one, followed by her comments:

>     I'm hoping that when one state or even Indian tribe genuinely secedes it will start an avalanche of secession that will end in the peaceful dissolution of the federal gov't.

    Don ... that is a beautiful dream and I will dream it with you.

    --- On a side note, I want to report to you and your beautiful wife Carol that I have experienced some very cool things while wearing your croft harmonic protector ... on the topic of inter-species communication.

    Wildlife feels very comfortable coming very close to me ... I have had wild bunnies let me walk up to them within a few feet, gophers a few inches, redtail hawks will approach within 3-6 feet and alight on a branch, and a wild hummingbird let me hold it in my hands.  Of course, there is orgonite planted all over the yard and house.  Wild birds will swoop and play around me as I go on early-morning walking meditations in wild areas or nature reserves near my home.  This has to be in the very early morning before the other humans and their dogs are out.  When that happens, all the wildlife hides.

    I have had strange horses gallop across a meadow straight to me and shove their noses into the harmonic protector worn around my neck, snuffing deeply and lookly at me closely, wondering who I am.

    Dogs on a leash of course want to start a telepathic conversation right away, once they catch the energy of the harmonic protector.  Their owners pull them away and they always act disappointed, as in "hey, I wanted to talk to this person who has a positive field!  Sheesh!" ... they look a bit dejected that they couldn't ask me some questions.

    Now I am very psychic and an inter-species communicator, but the animals will NOT let me approach in this close way, or come up so closely on their own,  if I am not wearing the harmonic protector or if I am with another human.  The harmonic protector seems to open up the channels and greatly enhances my natural telepathy .... I also do remote viewing and that is much easier with the harmonic protector as well.

    Also, I am mainly a raw-food vegan (which I am attracted to for the purposes of frequency raising ... I watched your videos from David Wolfe's Best Weekend Ever, by the way, and I edited David's book entitled "Amazing Grace").  Being mainly a raw food vegan seems to make a LOT of difference in my sensitivity.

    Now this may sound a bit weird but I am also a tree communicator .... did you know many trees can make whistling sounds that sound very much like the squeaks and chirps of dolphins?  They make audible sounds that others of my family and friends have heard.  I live on a tree-lined property, and they frequently greet me as I go outside, and especially make noises to get my attention when they need watering.  The trees and I can whistle to each other and make sounds back and forth ... very fun and a bit of a shock to guests who did not know you can interact like this with trees Smile  (I wish I knew what they were saying!) .... telepathically I just get they are being playful and are seeking to raise our energy up to their state of peace.

    So, yes, I am a bit of a woo-woo wackadoodle,  and going on meditation walks allows me to enter a bliss state of dreaming of our future heaven-on-earth with all of us going into a very peaceful co-existence.  

    I also had a spontaneous full spinning merkabah experience while wearing the harmonic protector that was so intense it scared me a bit!  I wasn't ready for the interdimensional ride so pulled back a bit, but it is interesting to note that as we raise up, these other portals are beginning to open to us.

    So my take on why the animals and trees allow me to approach so closely is that the harmonic protector neutralizes the normally harsh and polluting impact of the human energy field on nature; combined with my vegan-bliss-meditation, it allows me to "blend in" to their field, and then nature invites me to the party that is already going on.

    Also, I have noticed that if I have been feeling a bit down or depressed, chances are that I am not wearing the harmonic protector .... it seems to be a very good preventative for falling into lower emotional frequency patterns.  So I go put it on and feel better quickly.

    Thank you, Don and Carol, for all that you do!  I also have your zapper and SP [succor punch--purchased from someone else] and am gearing up to do a summer of gifting here in inland north county San Diego.

    Lots of love to you both!