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Andy Schwarm of Got the Finest Endorsement, Recently! - Yesterday, 08:51
..he was nearly killed by a couple of guys on an LA freeway; apparently these hit-and-run jerks were FBI, according to the psychics.  Andy was protected, obviously.

 You've heard that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but I suggest that a murder attempt by any of the various world-odor sewer rat agencies is an even more sincere form of flattery Cool,though we don't wish this on anyone.  Carol, Jeff and I experienced that kind of attention twice in a day on January 2 of this year and Mary Anne in Maine just got tagged that way on the eve of gifting a sewer rat summit at Kennebunkport, Maine, this week.  Peter Spotts got slammed last fall on the Washington coast after he gifted a poisoned Indian reservation.

This is a sort of exclusive club Wink, like those  old defenders of STalingrad.   Maybe in a few more decades, after the world odor has been discarded, we can all get together and show off our battle scars.

Our vendor associates surely recognize that we don't play favorites but Andy's been hacked  out of Etheric Warriors since the sabotage campaign in June and I promised him that I'd do something to help with this month's shortfall in orders.  We spent some chatgroup time undoing some of the CIA radionics and ritual magic that was directed against his business but I guess more  help was called for.

The fact that the sewer rats are trying  so hard to erase Andy and his livlihood is perhaps worth more, to him,  than a full page ad in the Los Angeles Times would have been.

 Congrats, Andy!