Junk Food Racket  
Allopathic medicine Racket  Poisoning Racket (Human abuse)

[This is joint Food Inc and Allopathy Inc.  Allopathy Inc leads the way with the animal abuse called Vivisection (Education approved), followed by Food Inc in factory farming cows, chickens and pigs, in the main.  Then kill them in huge temples of death called Slaughterhouses, and with as much throat slitting as possible, which is why Halal meat has crept into schools.  That way you can keep the necessary level of ignorance needed, mostly Atheism, as who would believe there is a God and we are living in Paradise if the animals get treated like that?  And the more Fear and chemicals they have in them, all the better, BSE and Foot and mouth slaughter being an example of what Animal Abuse is looking for.  Love of animals is Spiritual awareness, as Love is being possessed by God.
    Food Inc makes all the money, and anyone in between gets squeezed financially and spiritually, while Allopathy Inc feeds off the disease from malnourished and ignorant people.  And chicken (created for eggs), promoted like mad,
contains the Cancer Microbe.  A clue can be gleaned from salmonella outbreaks.  The more Pasteurized milk they can get people to drink, the more Osteoporosis and other diseases.  The more wheat and White Bread the more wrong Ph and nutrition.]

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Reinforce atheism: Darwinism  Religions Authoritarianism

[ 2011 Dec] Florida’s Ag Gag Bill Reintroduced

[2011 May] Genocide by Other Means: U.S. Army Slaughtered Buffalo in Plains Indian Wars

Pasteurized dairy is known to cause osteoporosis. In Medical Doctor William Campbell Douglass' book "The Milk Book", he supplies many scientific reports that show raw milk causes strong bones free of osteoporosis. Dr. Francis Pottenger. M.D. demonstrated in his work with 900 cats over a decade that raw dairy and raw meat built strong bones without the consumption of bone.
    My experience with others has repeatedly confirmed that osteoporosis reversed by eating raw meat and raw milk. According to Vilhjalmur Stefansson in his book "Not By Bread Alone - Chapter 4: "The Laboratory Check," no osteoporosis can he associated with eating an exclusively animal and water diet, even when some meat was cooked. Interview with Aajonus Vonderplanitz

Pig Abuse

Veal crates

A product of U.S. Army-sanctioned mass slaughter of American bison in the 1800s, these bison skulls are waiting to be ground for fertilizer, most likely in the American midwest. The slaughter was so “effective” that the population of bison in the U.S. is estimated to have dropped from around 60 million in 1800 to as few as 750 in 1890.