Ann Margret




And a couple of precious comments:

"She was on a platform that was lowering her to the stage at the start of one of her shows. She fell about 22 feet to the stage and landed on her face and left arm. She had to get her jaws wired shut and wear a cast on her arm for a while. I've always thought she looked a little different after her accident than before it."

"Though I have to say that the accident didn't really stall her career. What did cause a gap was her taking time off to care for her husband, Roger Smith, who suffers from Myasthenia Gravis."

"A survivor with inspirational determination, she nearly died in 1972 when she fell 22 feet in a freak accident while performing in Lake Tahoe. She landed on her beautiful face. The gutsy performer fought back through tedious reconstructive surgeries and convalescence. Within a year she was back on stage."

My take is that the accident was definitely far worse than we were let to know and that put an end to her acting/entertaining career. No more ANN MARGRET. Enter the imposter/s. Perhaps she died indeed then, will we ever know? "Freak" accident? What if it wasnt an accident at all? Anyway methinks we deal with 2 ANN's (xcept the original, of course). What do u think, ppl?

Thanks for this, Artemis!

It's very possible that the "Ann" my friend thought he knew was actually already Fan because the time frame when he would meet her backstage and say Hi was more in the mid to late 70's, which is probably after the original was replaced.

But what was weird is how the woman we saw backstage in Atlantic City seemed to my friend like it was a different woman than the "Ann" he had known in the 70's and early 80's. I still wonder if it wasn't a stunt double or understudy used just to make easy money that week in Atlantic City. Turn up for a week, do a stripped down, pretty bad version of an earlier Radio City Music Hall show, (which my friend said she was great in) and make a few millions. But have your understudy do it, maybe! Hence her wearing the very dark glasses and hiding her face when she met with us, and her not remembering my friend's name.

So maybe even replacements use understudies to fill in for them sometimes?

Also, I noticed in many of the pics of Ann/Fann I reviewed the other day that in some photos she looks like a transvestite - and she is a popular woman to emulate in the transvestite/men doing imitations of female celebs/crowd. So it's even possible that she has sometimes been "played" by a male!