"Anti-Semitism" Trains Goyim Like Pavlov's Dogs

January 22, 2011

We can counter the Pavlovian programming by saying "the political agenda of organized Jewry is bad, and if its 'anti-Semitic' to oppose evil, I'm proud to be an anti-Semite!"

by Tim Warner

I grew up a gentile amongst Jews in the NYC suburbs and the subject of "anti-Semitism" has always amazed me. As I've grown older, it's become even more of an "untouchable issue" as "political correctness" has eroded free speech.

This recently resurfaced for me as I had sent an old Jewish friend an article.  He dismissed it summarily by saying,  "this is anti-Semitic BS", without considering the content. As someone who usually weighs all sides, his reply was uncharacteristically dismissive.

As I said, I grew up amongst Jews. Despite the cliche, many of my best friends were Jewish through high school and beyond. I was an officer in a Jewish dominated men's organization. My wife is Jewish--so if I'm "anti-Semitic," I have a weird way of showing it.

My wife's from a secular Jewish family yet she distinctly remembers having been inculcated with a "persecution complex." Though from a loose dysfunctional family, she clearly had been informed that the Jews were "God's Chosen people,"  TM.  She said the mindset was clearly, "I'm Chosen, therefore I'm persecuted." 

She also told me that the name Jesus would make her recoil and think "that traitor!" Churches to her were dark buildings where mysterious things went on inside. My wife knows she was indoctrinated but doesn't know when or how.

 By the way, she's been wide awake to all this for a long time and totally agrees "anti-Semitism" is a disingenuous (shall we say stereotypically Jewish?) trick used for the purposes of controlling the Gentile mind. They admit they use it as a sleazy trick to disarm their political opponents.

The novel and movie Exodus were commissioned by Zionist propagandists mind control purposes. Exodus justified the theft of the Palestinian homeland by using the holocaust and with Moses' migration out of Egypt.

The musical theme was extremely powerful and effective. I'm a music lover and this theme really engulfed my impressionable young mind and heart.

Exodus was audio-visual mental and emotional programming at its best,  Biblical in proportions. Who's gonna argue with that? Pretty effective stuff. (Read more on the background of this scam here.) 


This spectre of "anti-Semitism" is a form of mind control.  We have been so programmed by guilt, we're like Pavlov's dog. Even whisper the "J" word and wham!--you get jolted with a thousand volts of "anti-Semite!"

pavlov3.jpg(left, Pavlov & Dog)

How DARE you! People even do it to themselves now, the programming is so profound, and you can almost see people self-flagellating when the word is brought up.

It's intimidation pure and simple. They make examples out of "questioners" or "anti-Semites" just to stop anyone from implying anything Jewish, Israeli, or Zionist is wrong. Think Rick Sanchez and Helen Thomas.

"How could you believe in prejudice like that! Don't you know who these people are? They've suffered terribly and if you even START to talk negative it's a slippery slope to an instant Nazi revival and another holocaust!"

When did questioning anything become illegal? And why are Jews always pictured in the best possible light in the press and media, while Christians, Muslims and just about anyone else are 'fair game' for criticism? The fawning and phony sympathy is perpetual and nauseating.

One scholar has a very enlightening take on this phenomenon and its roots:

    "Intensive Jewish propagandizing in all social spheres (mass media, government, the educational apparatus, etc.) since the so-called "Holocaust" of World War II has successfully framed Jewish power, Jewish history, Jewish political activism, and Jewish identity itself to be beyond the realm of reasoned critical inquiry. Anyone who has dared to mount a sustained critique of anything Jewish has faced, at worst, an avalanche of smears, threats, and character assassinations and, at best, the silent treatment: a virtual banishment from the realm of what is declared to be reasoned public discourse."


Makow Comment:

We must distinguish between political and racial anti-Semitism. It's obvious that organized Jewry has a political program synonymous with the Rothschild satanic world government agenda.

This agenda encompasses both Left and Right (since they believe in leading the "opposition" to ensure it goes nowhere.) Masonic Jews, their  Freemason allies, and many dupes, are prominent in advancing this agenda in politics, education, business and the media.

We must take the "anti Semitic" smear away by owning it. In the past,  many legitimate anti-Semitic political movements protected religion, race, nationality and family from the dissoluble effect of Rothschild social engineering. For example, Karl Leugar, the Christian Democratic Party "anti-Semite" Mayor of Vienna from 1897 to 1910 is considered one of the best Mayors the city ever had .    

We are not racial anti-Semites who condemn individuals because of an accident of birth. Many Jews are not Rothschild toadies, just as most Americans do not support their government's war policies.

Nonetheless, as long as most Jews push the NWO agenda, (as Liberals, Socialists, Neo Cons, Communists, Zionists and Feminists) and others refuse to speak out, all inevitably will be tarred. Jews need to know that unwittingly, they are a Trojan Horse for a pretty nasty scenario. This is true also of Freemasons and to a lesser extent people in general. The same folks that control organized Jewry, control most everything else. They're bankers and everything requires money.        

We can counter the Pavlovian programming by saying "the political agenda of organized Jewry is bad, and if its 'anti-Semitic' to oppose evil, I'm proud to be an anti-Semite!"

Until we stop being Pavlov's Dogs, they'll continue to get away with murder, literally.



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Comments for " "Anti-Semitism" Trains Goyim Like Pavlov's Dogs "

Stanley said (January 24, 2011):

I was born and raised a conservative Jew and matriculated in Hebrew at a Jewish day school in South Africa, and laid tfillin every day, but like Richard Goldstone, my hero, I believe in true unbiased justice.

I have been saying the following for years now, which always takes the form of:

"If being a Jew means ....then I am proud to be called an anti-Semite".


If being a Jew means:
(1) that you can commit genocide on a people, which includes depriving them of food, water, healthcare and steal their land with impunity;
(2) Commit acts of piratical massacre at night on the open seas using doctored videos filmed during the day to plant false evidence;
(3) Deliberately target hospitals and ambulances to slaughter Palestinian babies with white phosphorus;
(4) Trash the Torah with its commandment ":Thou Shalt Not Kill" and use the satanic Talmud to justify killing of non-Jews and even having sex with babies;
(5) Implement cruel apartheid and create Bantustans with hardship and deprivation of land and dignity, burning their orchards and preventing escape during the Gaza massacre;
(6) Murder young Palestinian men in order to plunder their body organs for harvest and profit on the black market and then threaten and lie about it to the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet;
(7) Attack an American ship USS Liberty and slaughter 34 crewmen in cold blood, shooting at fleeing crewmen in lifeboats and then lie about it despite testimony from live witnesses;
(8) Shoot bullets to kill US troops dressed up as Arab snipers using Rafael rifles to foment a civil war in Iraq as proven by Anderson Cooper on CNN October 18, 2006;
(9) Celebrate and high five the mass murder of 3000 Americans on 9/11 by going to America to photograph the event with explosives in your truck and then boast about it later on Israeli TV,

all fraudulently in the name of Judaism, then I am proud to be an anti-Semite.

Zionism has caused the explosion of anti-Semitism throughout the world. Zionism has taken a leaf directly out of the Nazi casebook.

JK said (January 24, 2011):

I think Dr. E. Michael Jones in his book Jewish Revolutionary Spirit gives us the best and most true framework through which to understand "organized Jewry's" constant accusations of "anti-semitism." Just about as powerful as that term is in their arsenal are also the accusations of "hate crimes" and "violating the First Amendment" and "speech to convert people to Christianity." I think ALL of this criticisms hurled by them are deeply dishonest. They do not ever look at the words the accused person(s) said at face value and objectively, which I always thought was a basic tenet of literary criticism and all forms of formal criticism.

Dr. Jones insists that the only identity Jews have is negative. “The minute they rejected Logos, which means reason, order, speech, and word, they became revolutionaries, determined enemies not only of Christ and the Christian social order, but any order in any society not of their own revolutionary making.”

Dishonest too because the goal is to evoke a knee-jerk reaction and to short circuit objective discourse and foment anger and the dialectical trap of installing their synthesis of every dispute.

"Organized Jewry" is apparently anti-everything, everything that is of Logos, which not only means Jesus Christ but also reason, order (the universal order as well as social order), speech and word (language, verbal expression). They want to tear down everything that is of God in our created universe.

Jesus was not an "anti-Semite" because with Jesus it is not about race, DNA, "neither Jew nor Greek." Jesus was an Semite and the whole thought or concept is absurd. Jesus was against the Jews' rejection of Logos, and that was their behavior, not their DNA.

I think finally the SPLC, AIPAC and so many "organized Jewry" organizations' tactic of constantly hurling the "anti-semitism" accusation is being seen by the American people for the truly evil manipulative game that it is.

A said (January 24, 2011):

I couldn't make this shit up.

Mike said (January 24, 2011):

Nicely put together.
Here's something I found:

Google the word Jew and you get this offensive word disclaimer. I used the word Jew because I did not want to exclude Jewish or any other possible derivative of the word.

Then I googled: Spic, Chink, Slope, Wetback, Dego, Wop, and Nigger.

There is no disclaimer provided for any of these words however "Jew" gets one even though the word Jew is used in every Jewish website I go to.

I found this too:

Thank you for your continued effort to rationalize the world for us.

Dan said (January 24, 2011):

Just a note to say bravo on the ballsy article tonight. It's time to address these issues because tension's in the air this year. The media has been cranking up the volume of division, fear, paranoia and latent or immediate loathing - between Christians and Muslims and vice versa, between 'left' and 'right', black and white, and all the rest of it.

I'm with you, it's essential to discern between whom we really need to fear and those who are as fearful as we are and just want to live in peace as we do.

I say to everyone, lay down petty bigotry, and simultaneously assert your right to dignity no matter what culture. Not to the denigration or erasure of anyone else, but not to submission or surrender either.