The following article, titled "THE ASSASSINS" [KPFA., Berkeley, California-- June 2, 1984], was released by John Judge., P.O. Box 6586., T St. Station NW., Washington, DC  20009:

Remarks by independent researcher John Judge.

1) Must understand that the US intelligence network, and its worldwide network of intelligence operations and connected foreign agencies kill people.

They carry out both specific hits on political targets broad and domestically as well.  They also have as their goal the control of human minds.  What Orwell called "the space between our ears".  For thirty years they have experimented on methods of mind control, under the code name MKULTRA, and other programs.  Again both individual and mass control.

2) These intelligence networks have a name, CIA, DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), NSA (National Security Agency), and include a world intelligence network since WWII that interlinks British, Nazi, US and Russian intelligence operatives (Note: Most likely all ultimately controlled by the BAVARIAN secret societies such as Illuminati, Thule, etc. - Branton).

3) They are an extension of an international FASCIST network.  NAZI SS men escaped punishment after the war with the help of US  intelligence (Bavarian -- Scottish Rite branch of US Intelligence?  According to researcher Edmond Paris many of the Nazi SS were German JESUITS - Branton).  SPIES, SCIENTISTS and MILITARY MEN went around the world under the cover of the ODESSA, DIE SPINNE, and KAMARADENWORK groups SET UP TO SAVE NAZI WAR CRIMINALS.  300 NAZI SPIES UNDER GEN. REINHARD GEHLEN FORMED OUR CIA AND GERMAN BND (so, people, the VERY SAME human vermin who slaughtered our fathers in WWII and millions of others in the concentration camps, are the very ones [CIA] who have been killing off certain UFO researchers over the years... to cover up their secret saucer bases in Antarctica, etc? - Branton).

Hundreds of aerospace, and munitions experts formed our MILITARYINDUSTRIAL COMPLEX (the very one's who are now building the 'Black Budget' CIA 'Alternative 002' bases and who have been collaborating with the reptilian Grays, as the Nazis and certain American-Bavarian Illuminists had been doing since the early 1930's - Branton).  To fund themselves and to maintain control abroad, they also recruited and used trained assassins, mercenaries, provocateurs, and torturers.  These people carried out hits, assassinations, paramilitary operations and terrorism, and continue to the present day.  They are financed by the international traffic in drugs (esp.opium and cocaine), arms sales and taxes by the governments and military structures they control.

4) In every major assassination operation, the Navy Intelligence group has had a role in recruiting, training and placement of the killers or the patsies.

Other sources include the Green Berets and the Soldier of Fortune Mercenary groups (the CIA and its superior the NSA -- the "Nazi Socialist Aryans", let's call a spade a spade -- intentionally targeted Navy Intelligence for infiltration and takeover, as it was a major threat to Hitler's "New World Order" domination program.  However they were not entirely successful, as evidenced by growing anti-fascist movements within Navy Intelligence such as "COM-12", etc. - Branton)

5) Recruitment, cover and movement is handled by a combination of dummy front corporations, foreign governments, evangelical operations, and co-operative government officials here at home.

6) Examples of specific hits: Patrice Lamumba of the Congo, Salvador Allende in Chile (Green Berets), the Guevara (same), Malcolm X, the Kennedy brothers, Martin Luther King, and more recent deaths like Congressman Leo Ryan, John Lennon, Ronald Reagan... and Jessica Savitch and David Kennedy (Don't forget the "NAZ-CIA" coup d'etats of foreign governments - Branton)

7) Examples of mass murders: Phoenix program in Vietnam, Chemical Biological Warfare experiments on large populations (Cuba), Jonestown murders, and the continued killing of psychiatric patients (300,000 in Nazi Germany).

8) Training: London Sunday Times, February, 1978, revealed that at a Nato Conference on Stress Reduction a Navy Lt. Commander Thomas Narut stationed in Naples, admitted to a training program for killers. 

Candidates were military men already convicted of murder and released for this purpose.  Others were chosen based on the use of MMPI psychological tests for a "passive-aggressive" personality, or inkblot tests for strong reactions to color (violent).  These people were then trained to be part of "combat readiness units", commando operations that would work out of US embassies to carry out political assassinations abroad.  Training involved three steps: weapons training, disaffection from the emotional response to violence, and dehumanization of the enemy target in the killer's mind.  The disaffection was accomplished by locking their head and eyes in clamps, forcing them to watch films of violence, and asking questions unrelated to the violent acts.  Similar to CLOCKWORK ORANGE methods shown in the popular film.  Once no emotional response registered to violence, they ready to be programmed with RACIST and dehumanizing myths and lies
about the target populations involved.