Axel Rose (real name William Rose)
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It looks like both people are ABSOLUTLY NOT THE SAME and this here is just one example of a stepforded + replaced star. More examples of more stars are waiting to get exposed. He also had a lot pyramid symbolism in his shows. Regular musicans and artist who are unsigned are not equal to persons who sold their music and art to the industry. They may were at the start of everything regular people with good, creative, loving, happy, nice and individual intentions but if you as a musican and artist sign papers you´re music belongs to a big label and not just the music.
    They will tell you how to compose you´re music, what style and they also will give you´re music to additional co-producers that belong to the industry because they also sold their soul to the industry of music and at the end they will just abuse you´re talent for their own goals and one of their goals is to project a lot pyramid symbolism into you´re art and another goal is to pull you into the elite society of celebrities so you will get a elite freemason. There are regular freemasons that do nothing bad and there are elite freemasons that do very disturbing things because they have signed their membership with their own blood and they do things that should never get told and if a celebrity talks about it he will get replaced by a synthetic so nobody of you people will notice that another celebrity got removed.
    A lot musicans have a problem with all this so they cancel their membership on big labels of the music industry and in most cases they get their music nowhere anymore released. This happened to Guns N´ Roses around 1995. Axl talked a lot about strange guys in his hotel that wanted to make sex with him and he even called the big people of the industry gay bastards that want to fuck with him. He stopped his membership at Geffen which is a very famous label for legendary rock bands. So exactly everything came like I said it. Nobody wanted to release his music anymore, nobody gave him any rights anymore and Axl went a lot to court because he got suddenly all kind of weird problems.
    Thats the way they work with members of the music industry. If you are not 100% on the side of the dark and negative elite you will get into trouble. This happens also to Michael Jackson, DMX and many more persons. I had a dream were Axl Rose spoke to me and he told me that there will be a new Guns N´ Roses album but the coming Axl Rose will be not him. Back than I heard nothing about terms like stepforded or replaced stars and I never heard about synthetics and all these things so I asked myself what this dream should mean.
    About Britney Spears I dreamed the same and I don´t know why all stars speak to me in dreams but if I tell other people about it they say they had similar dreams all around the globe and since a few years we talk about this subject that stars get replaced through synthetics, clones, organic robotoids and reptilians.


Axel Rose (real name William Rose)

Faxl Fose:

Axl has spoken out about his abuse in the pentecostal church:

'Cause it might not have happened to you, it might have happened to the two or three people that are standing around you, who got some fucked up family life that's gonna come back to haunt them when they hit about the age of 25.'

Axl Rose' Rant - YouTube

The article he refers to his here:

'I blacked out most of my childhood. I used to have severe nightmares when I was a child. We had bunk beds, and I'd roll out and put my teeth right through my bottom lip – I'd be having some violent nightmare in my bed. I had these for years.'

'I remember getting a shot. And I remember being sexually abused by this man and watching something horrible happen to my mother when she came to get me. I don't know all the details. But I've had the physical reactions of that happening to me. I've had problems in my legs and stuff from muscles being damaged then. And I buried it and was a man somehow, 'cause the only way to deal with it was bury the shit. I buried it then to survive – I never accepted it. I got a lot of violent, abusive thoughts toward women out of watching my mom with this man. I was two years old, very impressionable, and saw this. I figured that's how you treat a woman. And I basically put thoughts together about how sex is power and sex leaves you powerless, and picked up a lot of distorted views that I've had to live my life with. No matter what I was trying to be, there was this other thing telling me how it was, because of what I'd seen. Homophobic? I think I've got a problem, if my dad fucked me in the ass when I was two. I think I've got a problem about it.'