Baby Parts for Sale


Who are some of the players in the baby parts industry? What are live birth abortions? Are they occurring?
  • Are women being pressured into abortions with promises that their baby's parts will be used to help cure diseases?
  • Why did elected officials in the past fight so hard to keep partial birth abortion legal?
  • Why did the Congressional "baby parts" hearings turn into a fiasco?
  • Has the media fairly presented all sides of the fetal tissue controversy?

Join Marlin Maddoux, host of the nationally syndicated radio news talk program Point of View, for an investigation into the multi-million dollar a year baby parts trafficking industry, which is one of the most lucrative businesses in operation today. Yet most Americans are unaware of its existence. Many have heard about the controversy surrounding fetal tissue research but have no idea how the tissue is obtained. Today, some are claiming that cures for a number of devastating diseases, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, diabetes and AIDS, are just around the corner…and that fetal tissue is desperately needed for research. But is it really?