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Post Bankster Boosting 
I just wanted to go on record that we did a bunch of bankster boosting in last weekend's chats. We decided to boost all the banking families and let the energy ripple out from there. We lined up the 13 Illuminati banking familes and spun the double helix spiral around them (thanks to Vincent for re-inspiring us to use this technique), with half the chatters doing a clockwise spiral and the other half doing a counter-clockwise spiral. This is a very effective energy-sending technique. We started the spirals on Saturday and when we checked on Sunday they were still in place. I focus on the spirals at least once a day to keep them going. The interesting thing is that when we boost the banking families, the energy goes out along the Earth's ley lines, so we know it's a good target that affects pretty much everyone on the planet. Here are the names of the 13 banking families in case you want to add your energy to keep the spirals going:

Astors, Bundy's, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Reynolds, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyn

Here is the second tier of families, which we also put in a spiral of love:

Bronfmans, Cabots, Shaws, Bacons, Perkins, Morgan, Forbes, Cisneros, Oppenheimers, Bushes, Warburgs, Harrimans, Whitneys, Schiffs, Lehmans, Schroeders, Merovingian, Van Kleef, Disney, Krupp, McDonald

So, I thought it would be interesting to see what happens in the world financial arena in the next few weeks. Maybe we'll get some confirmation of our boosting. I don't think the work we did will totally reverse the economic plunge, but I think it may make a smoother transition to whatever is going to come next. Whatever needs to happen will happen. Many of the chatters felt a sense of relief or well-being as we did this boosting, so I feel we did affect the energy on the planet.

Have fun boosting!

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Post Re: Bankster Boosting 
We just spent two days in the chat rooms boosting the banking families again. It's been almost two months since our original bankster boosting session so we felt it was time to check on the situation again. Don and Carol were visiting us on Friday night so that we could do some focused boosting on the Warburg family, who have been using alien bug tech to implant the psychics with nasty etheric implants that almost killed Carol. Stevo, Don and I had similar implants but we weren't affected to the same degree.

While boosting the Warburgs, who are actually a 2nd tier Illuminati banking family, Stevo connected with the whales and they showed him a new way to boost these freaks. Stevo puts the family members in a line, like dominos, just as he did when we did the spiral boosting. Only this time, there is a whale at the front and back of the line, and also a whale on either side, at 90-degree angles to each other. Then the boosting starts and what we found was that the energy of the Warburgs went up in flames and they turned to ashes. It looked to me like a piece of paper that burns and crumbles into ashes. Needless to say, we felt a lot of relief after this boosting.

In my Saturday chat, we decided to boost the families one by one, using this method. There's an interesting website that chronicles the Illuminati families: Fritz Springmeier has done a lot of research and he documents his sources. It doesn't seem like disinfo to me, and there is a lot of good information there. Anyway, we got our list of families from this site, but it may not be complete. It's a good place to start, though.

Some of the families we boosted fell to ashes pretty quickly, such as the Astor, Bundy and Collins families. The DuPont family was very hard to boost, I think because of the sheer number of people they have killed with their chemicals. The Freeman and Kennedy families were in the medium range of level of difficulty. Today, Sunday, we continued the boosting, starting with the Li family of China. They have been them most difficult to boost yet, probably because of their connection to the Chinese Triad, the Chinese witch that has plagued us for months, and the use of ancient ritual magic. We also found a connection to a breeding farm for witches so we boosted that as well to forestall a reappearance of a chinese witch. The witch that has been bothering us is out of commission, by the way.

We next boosted the Onassis family, who were dispatched fairly easily, then the Reynolds family (R.J. Reynolds tobacco and Reynolds Aluminum wrap). Don pointed out that the by-product of their aluminum production is flouride, which they got rid of by dumping it into the American water supply and telling everyone it was good for them. One of our psychics, Franice, saw a Wingmaker connection to a young Reynolds girl, and she felt that perhaps there is hope for the younger generation of that family.

Next in line was the Rockefeller family, who had an etheric steel wall of protection around them. We knew this family would be a tough case and we weren't disappointed. Another psychic, Nancy, got the intuition to boost a symbol she felt was important to this family....a star tipped on it's side, which she called a "rocked star." Apparently this star is used a lot in many corporate logos. We boosted through the star to a castle in Belgium that Carolien showed us, which she felt was another breeding facility for witches. We cleaned out that castle, etherically speaking, and finally felt a crack in the steel wall surrounding the Rockefeller family. We then were able to truly boost the family and achieve the flame and ashes effect as with the other families.

At this point we called it a day because the next family in line is the Rothschilds, and after three hours of chatting no one had the energy to tackle them. Smile  We're going to chat on Wednesday to finish the last three top 13 families and then tackle the 2nd tier of families next weekend.

Please remember that everything I'm posting here is subjective account of our chat activities. If it strains the boundaries of your beliefs, then I hope you will at least consider it good entertainment.  Smile


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Post Re: Bankster Boosting 
Thanks a lot for putting that in the record, Coach.  The first (immediate) reprisals by these criminal oligarchs in October were against Carolien in Holland and that's what drew us closer to the larger agenda.

For those of us who have done a lot of conspiracy realism reading the family names that Springmeier compiled are pretty familiar.  What was new to me was the apparent order of importance these families displayed in our sessions, relative to how hard they were as  targets.  I hadn't heard of the Li family, by the way, so hats off to Springmeier!  I don't recall them being mentioned even in LaRouche's landmark history of the global drug trade, DOPE, INC., for which Kissinger arranged a severe beating on LaR. by KGB jerks in America.  There are some significant subjects that LaRouche and friends have ignored, by the way, or have apparently misunderstood but maybe this is a case where  general consultation can bring the bigger picture into focus.   People who pontificate rather than consult are the losers in that game and plagiarists are the cheaters Wink .

Speaking of beatings, the second tier of families, including the Bushes and Warburgs, are generally the legbreakers for the world order; the wise guys on a corporate level.  I don't think the families in the A list have those skills Cool though they no doubt participate regularly in ritual killings and cannibalism in one form or another..  The Vryal are apparently fond of mixing human blood with really good wine, for instance.

Patrick Timpone of Austin's WLBJ called to do an interview on Saturday morning and Carol, Steve and Dooney gathered around a speaker phone in Dooney's office.  Patrick had asked me about doing that interview and I thought it would set a fine historical precedent, especially if I were absent, so I sat in the parlor and did my email.  I think it will be on one of his shows next week but that information will be posted here in advance and maybe we can link to the archived interview at the top of the EW homepage.

Francie is a fine, balanced and committed psychic who has joined us in the chats recently but she lives across the continent, so spontaneous meetings among the four are problematic, at least until one or another of us gets a fast, roomy aircraft Wink . We're only a four hour drive away from Dooney and Dr Stevo.

When I first heard about the Amero currency I immediately put it in my 'wait and see' bin but I'm beginning to believe that this is in the offing, perhaps early 2009.  I gather that the corporate world order prefers to introduce it through a massive false flag attack that will essentially erase the borders between Mexico, the USA and Canada while slamming martial law on all three countries like an iron gate.   If the latter depends on the false flag attack, then I think we have a fair chance of defusing it.  We generally feel that the A and B list oligarchy would have to finance all that, including initiating the draft in all three countries.  

The only reason that the draft seems unlikely to me is because military infrastructure and weapons production isn't set up for that. The Pentagon schmucks are putting all their money in a few of the slick multi-billion-dollar bombers.  Those weapons are the second-tier corporate oligarchs' (wise guys') baseball bats to hit the the recalcitrant 'heads' of state.

 That said, the corporate world order has loads of antigravity craft, beam weapons, time-phase invisibility devices, even interplanetary wormholes but if the Pajama People knew about that, also about how the corporate world order erased all national sovereignty in teh world by the middle of the 1930s, the parasitic rule of that secret planetary government would be exposed and thus shrugged off.  They sure don't have enough of that tricky stuff to control humanity, after all. I doubt they could even take and occupy Harlem Wink and their alien sponsors seem to be leaving our world like rats leave a ship that's about to sink.

Years ago (mainly around Bohemian Grove and the Ramtha HQ) we occasionally encountered  federal agents using invisibiltiy (time-phase manipulating) 'clickers' around us and the only attacks (both from above--satellite?) by deadly microwave weaponry on any of us were the one-time beaming of DB and Carol, a couple of months apart in 2004.  Dooney was targetted by a low flying, multi-engine Air Force transport that dumped dust (once it was apparently some nanotech weaponry) on her, twice, but that was also several years ago.  She mentioned the insect-species' high-tech timephased implants in the three psychics, which nearly killed Carol last month.  Steve gave her one treatment, Friday night, and she's getting progressively better, now. Overall, Carol and I are healthier, now, than we were four years ago after we were poisoned with beryllium dust.  We still get routinely poisoned and Steve concurs that the poisons that the corporate freaks are using against a few 'front row' gifters target the liver.  Recovery time seems to be getting progressively shorter, by the way.

Remember that even though WWII 'started' for the US at the end of 1941,  feverish preparation for that war began in the mid-1930s and all of the new weapons for that war were developed and even stockpiled by 1938 (the 'Lend Lease' scam). It was all in full swing when Reichsfuhrer Roosevelt finally coaxed the Japanese to bomb his obsolete battleships in Pearl Harbor.  There is no infrastructure for training millions of witless, drafted cannon fodder (assuming they'd evven show up for induction Wink ), unless the $#!+birds intend to do it all in their underground bases Cool but I think that would startle the PJ folks awake, so I bet it's not an option.

It feels so right to us to pull the etheric plug on this ruinous old oligarchy, now!  Let them all flock to their underground bases like troglodytes, as more and more people become aware of these families' culpability, and we'll just earthpipe all of  their thousands of luxurious hideyholes at our leisure as this unorganized gifting network continues to expand.


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Post Re: Bankster Boosting 
A video to illustrate the relation between bankers, bloodlines and mindcontrol,
would be the "Arizona Wilder interview" by David Icke.



Start gifting or making your own orgonite, at
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Post Re: Bankster Boosting 
Hong Kong John and I keep in touch and I got the following from him.  Apparently, the Li family, whom we went after in last Saturday's chat session, are taking out their frustration on him.  Send him a boost when you read this, okay? We'll attend to him in the next session, too, but he's a scrapper so I reckon he'll keep them at bay, meanwhile.  John had gifted some sensitive Triad real estate adn the Li family are apparently the owners and operators of that horrid organization, which is arguably even worse than the CIA, Mossadomites® and MI6.

John's recent coup, getting simple, illustrated orgonite making instructions onto  a website in Cantonese and Mandarin, has put him on Peking's A list of threats, I imagine, and I believe that his relatively high profile will help us keep him safe in coming months while that desperately-needed information circulates in China..  The Chinese sewer rats are blocking it from their internet and their surveillance of Chinese people on the web is probably worse than the NSA's but we believe the Chinese people are easily resourceful enough to accomplish it by other means.

Nice plug, below, for Cesco's marvellous Little Secret.  The only time I saw energy around a device was when I could easily see, for several days, the violet orgone around my new Big Secret.  Those of us who are not particularly energy sensitive treasure these confirmations.


  They can't kill all of us and eventually free energy will blossom once this authentic paradigm takes root...thanks in part to massive orgonite gifting on a global scale.
I'm requesting another love-blast in the chat sessions.  i awoke this morning with  blood in my mouth a swollen lip like I'd been in a bar fight and pain in my shin like I was kicked.  i reflected that pain in my shin back to the lovely Li family and it immediately dissipated.  They have turned their attention from my kids (since I lovingly grabbed them by the balls and sent their aggression back into their gonnads...hmmm that should raise their kundal-weinies) now the attention is more onto me (since the kiddy-friend tactic didn't work for them).  i was gifting on my motorcycle this weekend and I know they can't touch me on my moroncycle since I have an operator that is the mutt's-nuts of operators (she/he drives a much more beautiful moto than me and has an etheric sword of truth that is stunningly clear).
Mucho appreciated in the chat dept...
Also, Cesco's new tool is very clear.  I told him so.  Even though I'm as psychic as a lump of coal my first actions with the device was to use it like an etheric skewer or shishkabob to remove etheric rubbish from my body and offer it to the operators for recycling.  I could also feel and see a lovely pink/magenta hue in the room when I held it my hand for the first time.  Not bad for a guy that is color blind!
All the best and thanks...Hong Kong Johnnny

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Post Re: Bankster Boosting 
Here's a post Axel wrote in another thread, which I thought was appropriate to quote here:


 I am not really sure if this is the right place to report but anyways, here it is:

I just came across the following article:

"Bank of China May Delay Rothschild Deal as Approval Delayed"

link is here:

not something you see very often -
and then during the bankster boosting yesterday our target was......


yes, you guessed right! the Rothschild´s!

I thought you would like to hear.... Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

I appreciate Axel's being on top of the news! We've been continuing to boost the top Illuminati families but are now doing them one by one. Naturally, this is taking a long time, as we have 34 families that we know of to boost. Some of them are easier to boost than others. We have found the Rothschilds to be the most difficult, taking about 2 hours to notice a change in energy. Second hardest was the Li family, who have tormented Johnny. The other more difficult families to boost are the Dupont, Rockefeller, Cabot and Morgan families. We are feeling a particular urgency to complete this list before the end of the year, so we've been doing this task every Saturday and Sunday and have started chatting on Wednesday too. We also have to take time to boost other folks who need it and other urgent world situations.

Needless to say, it's been taking it's toll on the chatters. I've been exhausted, partly because the actual boosting takes a lot of energy and partly because I've been attacked. The chat group boosted me today, though, and after a nap I'm feeling much better.

I hope to hear of more confirmations such as the one Axel posted, but I can already feel the change on an energy level. Every time we do a boosting session on the families, I feel more relief. We also boosted the Discovery House in London, home of Common Purpose which is apparently a NWO training center for their leadership. We came upon this target while boosting new friends Matt and Jo from New Zealand. I started getting attacked shortly after this session, so I'm sure it was a good target. If anyone in the UK can gift this building we'd sure appreciate it. The great thing about these intense boosting sessions is that some of the psychics other than Carol, Stevo or I are getting a chance to spread their wings and are coming up with some great intel that is really helping our boosting.

The Arizona Wilder interview that Carolien posted above is pretty amazing. Although it's an Icke interview, there is a lot of stuff in there that confirms what we see in the chats. I believe that interview was conducted before 2000, although I'm not sure of the year, but when Arizona spoke about the caves where the reptiles have their eggs I got chills. We used to see that regularly in the chats when we were actively hunting reptiles. We don't do that so much anymore because now we tend to focus on the bigger targets - the people who pull the puppet strings, such as the banksters. Even at that, we know there is a level of control above the banksters, and we go after them too. However, the banksters represent so much of the 3D mayhem on this planet that it's worth it to go after them to stop the plots and stop them from genociding people, plants and animals. In any case, it was interesting to listen to Arizona talk about stuff that we started seeing years later, without even knowing about her. It reminded me of watching Phil Schneider talk about the underground bases.

One of the chatters told me that Fritz Springmeier is in jail for publishing his info on the Illuminati, so give him a boost if you think about it. We've kind of been revising his list of who is a first tier familiy and who is a second tier family based on how hard they have been to boost, but there is a lot of good information on that site if you click on the family bloodline links.

We'll keep working on this project until we get all the families, so give the chat group a boost. Everyone is working hard and sacrificing a lot of time to get this done. Thanks to all you chatters!


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New post Re: Bankster Boosting 
Dooney was hit awfully hard this week, which probably indicates how essential she is to this process we're engaging in.  Sure, any of us would prefer a medal or a big cash prize rather than a concerted, overwhelming parasitic assault by aliens and humans in the corporate world order but it actually hurts these freaks when we report their reprisals, I think, so in a way, that's a double reward for the one being assaulted.

Carol and I joined Stevo and Nancy in the chatroom on Thursday evening to finish off the parasites who were attached to Dooney and they saw a sort of large umbilical cord attached to her back, etherically; the cord was full of intelligent insects who were working in unison to draw out her life force.   The assailants have started attacking from out of time--sort of shifted to another phase, if you will, but a psychic's ability is only limited by his or her imagination and you can probably tell that our psychics dont' lack that.   Dooney emailed me yesterday to say that she had her first restful night's sleep in a week, right after the successful session.  The agency ptashki govnow rely pretty heavily on sleep deprivation to wear activists down, of course--parasites are as parasites do.

I shared the  tapes of Icke's 'intervews' with Credo Muttwa with Dooney and STevo, last year.  Of course, like the Wilder presentation, Icke has simply provided a soapbox for lectures by people who have actual experience with reptilians, none of which lines up with Icke/Sitchin's depressing, mind-numbing cosmology, thank God.  Georg in South Africa knows Credo Muttwa and apparently has his confidence because Credo gave him a device he had made from steel, as an initiate of an ancient secret society in Zimbabwe, that is a large version of Slim Spurliing's Harmonizer. Credo also explained the use of the up-ended cup on the device; Slim simply uses the cup upside down as a base..  Africans were making such carbon steel magical implements and weapons for several thousand years before 'the Annunaki' allegedly created people from apes to be their idiot slaves, by the way, and those of us who have some direct experience with alien races know that the human template is apparently at least as old as the reptile one is--both being billions or trillions of years old, most likely--timeless?  Carol and I even encountered a benevolent insect species.

By the way, when Georg gave Credo an orgonite cloudbuster, early in their friendship, Credo immediately suggested adding a sort of parabolic reflector dish near the tops of the pipes.  Credo particularly enjoys playing around with the Succor Punch that Georg made for him and he still uses his zapper, apparently.

Subscribing to any cosmology that insults the rational mind is probably not a good habit because it automatically clouds one's judgement and shuts down one's instinctivce promptings. I think the payoff, in this case, for giving up one's discernment is increased endorphin production ('Sieg, Heil!! Cool ) and that's like diving for a crust of moldy bread on the floor instead of sitting up and indulging in the banquet on the table when one is starving.  We expect people to hold our feet to the fire constantly because intellectual integrity is not just something nice to wear on one's sleeve but is rather a requirement for any intelligent pursuit.  Frank and honest consultation keeps us on the path, as does sharing salient facts, whenever possible.  When intellectual integrity fails, the boat is on the reef. It might be a really nice boat but it's useless at that point.

I've gone through all of hte Al Bielek CD last week--20 or so hours of interviews.  I was kind of proud that much of the stuff that Al told Carol and I in our meeting with him, eight years ago, was not mentioned or was only mentioned in passing.  I'd recommend buying the CD but none of that money goes to Al.   He found out, I think pretty quick, that anyone who comes forward with empowering information is going to be corraled by CIA b@llbreakers and surrounded by fakers and manipulators.  That also happened to Credo Muttwa, by the way.  When Alejandro is here I'll discuss getting Al's interviews online for free.

Here's another case where insistent cosmologies ought to raise a caution flag: Al does none of it but Preston Nichols and Stewart Swerdlow, who unfortunately share space on that CD, focus mainly on cosmology which is apparently theosophy-derived. Go figure.  Also, the little battery-operated stealth box that feds use to phase themselves out of our time/space temporarily was apparently invented by Al while he was working for Nichols.  You might have seen driverless cars behind you in the earlier years, as some of us did. I think they didn't want their photos taken Cool .   Nichols combined psychology and electronics in a career that involved helping some of the big rock bands engineer their music in the 60s and 70s. Remember the subliminals and backmasking?  Maybe DB will talk more about his experience with this milieu and his friendship with the late Randy Rhodes in those days.  Firsthhand accounts are valuable, which is why I'm glad people are  getting to Wilder's, Schneider's and Bielek's information again.  The first time you see this stuff your credulity is so challenged that it's hard to pay attention but after a few years of etheric endeavors (and, hopefully reading some BOOKS by reputable authors), returning to the same material can be awfully rewarding and confirming.  Certainty is such a precious and rare commodity until the world order finally dies, after all. It's kind of neat to acquire cerrtainty now, when it's so difficult, rather than later when it will be effortless. Maybe it's like acquiring personal integrity in the face of severe moral challenges.

Charisma junkies will just keep spinning their wheels, meanwhile, and will do their best to defend and support their favorite disinformant or disinfo website.  I bet someone with a Trimeter could find some frequencies coming out of the monitor when those websites are in the browser.   It would be fun to publish that.

Al and Phil Schneider were close friends until Phil's murder. Al knew Phil's dad, who was a U-Boat commander in the German navy in WWII who suddenly became a US Navy captain in 1943 for the Rainbow Project (a Vryal enterprise from start to finish--well, it's apaprently not finished, yet Wink )  We're only lately seeing how thoroughly rotten the US Navy has always been.  CIA developed on the Navy like a cancer, after all.