Mike Bara interview

How did you come to co-author Dark Mission? And why is it written in that unusual, third person format?
[Richard Hoagland and I] had been working together for 10 years, and I just said to him, “it’s about time we put all this stuff into a book,” and he agreed. The third person format was a command decision we made early on, and there was supposed to be a publisher’s note explaining why we did it that way, but in the rush to publish we lost that somewhere. Basically, we had to go back over all of the early stuff from Monuments for the new audience and we didn’t want to say, “I did this, I did that,” when it was actually me writing a lot of that stuff. So I did it in the third person. Later on, after the period where he and I started working together, it got changed to “we” or “the authors.”
In a nutshell, could you codify NASA's "hidden agenda"?
I’d say it is to keep this knowledge of the true history of the human race to themselves. To make sure the rest of us don’t wake up and realize how important we really are, and what we are really capable of being.
For instance, what's the percentage of NASA images that have been released to the public? Isn't it something like 2%?
It’s more than that. But there is an increasing degree of censorship because of the exclusive rights contracts NASA now gives to their contractors. Basically, NASA recruits these guys into the club, and then they go off to supposedly independent institutions, bid on NASA contracts, and then have god-like powers over the data. Data that you and I and other taxpayers have paid for.
Considering the vast number of governments that have declassified their UFO documents—most recently Canada and Denmark—what are the issues keeping the United States from being at least somewhat open?
That’s the big question isn’t it? Brookings says that if you reveal the existence of a superior civilization, that it could be devastating to our civilization, especially the scientists and engineers. I would think that the chaos this might induce would be a national security issue.
 The lunar missions brought back "artifacts." What are they, and where are they kept?

I thought you knew! They’re all in the same warehouse where the Ark of the Covenant is kept. Seriously, we don’t know specifically, but we suspect that at least one of the Moon missions was a salvage expedition. If you look at some of the pictures from the surface, there’s machinery and broken junk all over the place. They had to have picked up some of it. Think along the lines of the Terminator’s forearm. That kind of thing.

You and Hoagland allege that NASA's lunar exploration has been an "alien reconnaissance and alien artifacts retrieval program." Care to go further?

Well, through the secret societies that dominated NASA, the Freemasons, the Nazis, the Magicians; there was also a symbolic, ceremonial component to the whole thing. For instance, I think the Apollo 11 mission was purely symbolic. Land on the Moon, perform your Masonic ceremonies to consecrate the place, and get back in one piece.
NASA--Magicians, Masons and Nazis... true to this day?
Well let’s see, the new moon craft is named “Orion,” which is a direct reference to Osiris, who is the chief god of those three groups. We have an International Space Station that NASA calls the ISS, or IS(I)S, it’s first component module was named Zarya, which is Russian for “rising sun,” and the Egyptian god of the rising son was Horus, the son of Isis and Osiris so… you tell me.
Were the Apollo missions considered successful, really, by NASA?
I would say so. They certainly accomplished their goals. At least the public ones. What the real objectives were we can only speculate about, as we do in Dark Mission.
Care to elaborate on the idea that NASA and the U.N. were involved in the Kennedy assassination?
Well, we never said that, exactly. What we allege is that Kennedy’s intent was to share what we found on the Moon with Khrushchev and the Soviet Union, and that was got him killed, ultimately. He made no bones about his dislike for the kinds of secret societies that dominated NASA from the inside.

Bush promised to return to the moon by 2020--what's Obama's take?
He’s said he will increase NASA’s budget. But his second oath of office was littered with Masonic symbolism. On the other hand, he’s a liberal, and liberals don’t typically spend money on anything that doesn’t buy them votes, so we’ll see.
What percentage of NASA's real budget has been spent on publically known programs, versus what's been spent on secret ones?
I don’t think NASA has much to do with the “real” space program. But we do allege that they must have been at least peripherally aware of it. That’s what Dark Mission II is going to be all about.
If a solar system wide civilization DID exist, and existed on the moon--what happened to it?
Ah, so now we have the BIG question. This question is the reason for all the cover-ups. This is the question that NASA and the governments are so afraid of. And I’m not answering it.