The Beach Boys and Satan

Compiled and edited by David J. Stewart

       This is unbelievable! The more I research the history of rock-n-roll, the more I am shocked as to just how Satanic the whole industry is. Few people would think of the Beach Boys as being involved with witchcraft, but as you will learn in this article, they certainly were:

"We were doing witchcraft, trying to make witchcraft music." —Brian Wilson quoted in Nick Kent's The Dark Stuff (pg.27.)

In an interview, Backtalk with Brain Wilson, Beach Boy's band member, Brain Wilson states...

"Well, spirituality amounts to love with me. I consider it the same as love. And my band members are full of love."

"Music that is Godlike and loving gets through. I don’t have any power in this world, but I have spiritual power. I think God gave me my music and my talent. I’m trying to get across a feeling of spirituality; I think I have a spiritual influence on people." (emphasis added)

Love? Band members suing each other, drunkenness, drug abuse, sex orgies, witchcraft? You call this "love" Mr. Wilson?  There can be no true love apart from the eternal Word of God (1st John 3:16).

Then there's Brian Wilson's song, God Only Knows. Although the song didn't become popular at the time, it has become an icon of the Beach Boys. The song is extremely popular nowadays and is cherished worldwide. The only problem is that Brian Wilson isn't sure there is a God. When asked by interviewer, Andrew Schwartz, "Are you thinking about God these days?", Wilson replied:

"I think about God, yes, and I wonder if there is a God. And if there is a God, will God please help me through my hard trips." SOURCE, INTERVIEW: Backtalk with Brian Wilson

I find it utterly disturbing that any individual could sing about a God he's not sure exists. To make matters even more freakish, Wilson states...

"...I've gone beyond him (Phil Spector) now. I'm doing the spiritual sound, a white spiritual soundReligious music ... That's the whole movement.  That's where I'm going.  It's going to scare a lot of people ... That's where I'm going and it's going to scare a lot of people when I get there."

—Brian Wilson quoted in Jules Siegel's article, Goodbye Surfing Hello God!

Here's a guy who wants to produce religious music; but isn't sure if God exists. Interestingly, Brian Wilson in the quote above speaks of a "white spiritual sound"; which is a deviation from his "dark stuff" mentioned in the quote below. But, ironically, Wilson is still unsure of God's existence. I want you to notice carefully here that you can sing witchcraft or religious music, and still be totally void and ignorant of God and His Word. Wilson hasn't found God, he's found religion; and religion is the most godless thing on the planet. You need Jesus Christ Mr. Wilson; not religion.

"We were doing witchcraft, trying to make witchcraft music." —Brian Wilson quoted in Nick Kent's The Dark Stuff (pg.27.)

Everyone reading this article needs to be warned about the evil music of Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. Obviously, Wilson is NOT a born again Christian; but, rather, is a child of Satan (Ephesians 2:2). It is frightening when people, who don't even know if God exists, write "spiritual" music for the masses to listen to. Brian Wilson is of the world, and the world receives their own (John 15:19). Wilson is the enemy of God (James 4:4).

Spiritual Music or Witchcraft?

As quoted above, Wilson states...

"Music that is Godlike and loving gets through. I don’t have any power in this world, but I have spiritual power. I think God gave me my music and my talent. I’m trying to get across a feeling of spirituality; I think I have a spiritual influence on people." (emphasis added)

I have to agree with Mr. Wilson that he does have "spiritual INFLUENCE" over people, but it is certainly not for God. God may have given you the talent Brian, but you are using it for Satan's purposes. Godlike? What is "Godlike" about "California girls" or "Little Deuce coupe" or the professed "witchcraft" Wilson admitted integrating in their unreleased 1967 album, SMiLE? Concerning the album SMiLE, WIKIPEDIA states...

"Smile, which for many years was perhaps the most famous unreleased rock and roll album of all time (sometimes spelled with the idiosyncratic partial capitalization SMiLE, derived from the lettering on the original cover), was intended by its creator Brian Wilson as the follow up to The Beach Boys' influential 1966 album Pet Sounds, but was never completed in its original form. In an event unique in popular music history, the project was resurrected in 2003 and a newly recorded version was released by Beach Boys composer and leader Wilson in 2004. During the 37 years since its cancellation, Smile acquired a considerable mystique, and bootlegged tracks from the never-completed album circulated widely among Beach Boys collectors. Many of the tracks that were originally recorded for Smile were eventually placed on subsequent albums." -SOURCE

SMiLE was the result of Wilson's LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) ,"acid," drug highs. Interestingly, the modern word for "Pharmaceutical" comes from the same Old Testament Hebrew word "sorcery."  Drugs have been used by the Devil's crowd for thousands of years as a medium for demonic influence. It is common for people who have taken LSD to claim experiences with demons. Lest anyone should mistake Brian Wilson's self-proclaimed "spiritual" music as "Godlike," consider the following statements from Wilson himself...

"We were doing witchcraft, trying to make witchcraft music." —Brian Wilson quoted in Nick Kent's The Dark Stuff (pg.27.)

"About a year ago I had what I consider a very religious experience. I took LSD, a full dose of LSD, and later, another time, I took a smaller dose. And I learned a lot of things, like patience, understanding. I can't teach you, or tell you, what I learned from taking it. But I consider it a very religious experience." —Brian Wilson, Look! Listen! Vibrate! SMiLE!, (pg.167.)

"We smoked pot and hash when originally creating those songs [in the late 1960s]. It helped us get into the songs." —Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson and his music are of the Devil.  The "witchcraft" quote (from the 70's) is often downplayed by Beach Boys aficionados. The original interviewer (Nick Kent); however, seems to stick by the words he first transcribed.  Kent most recently used them in a 2004 magazine article.  And when the quote was brought up again in 2005, by TV's Charlie Rose, it prompted an awkward response by interviewees Brian Wilson and David Leaf, neither of whom questioned the quote's authenticity.  Brian Wilson has given interviews in which he has noted that through his music he has spiritual power in the world.  And it seems that with SMiLE Brian was going all the way and exercising his spiritual powers to their fullest. 

The "witchcraft" quote makes it clear that SMiLE was meant to be more than simply a musical recording. And the idea of a record album embedded with some kind of unknown
mystical power, and the potential of such power, might tend to scare some people. It might even scare the album's creator (i.e.-the "Fire" tapes incident is an example of the creator being scared by his music's mystical power).

Brian Wilson's Hero: Phil Spector

Concerning Phil Spector, Brian Wilson states...

"He’s been the number one influence on me musically." —SOURCE, INTERVIEW: Backtalk with Brian Wilson

Who is Phil Spector? According to (Notorious Murders/Celebrity Crimes) in an article titled I'M TOO EVIL, we read...

"Throughout his career, Spector embraced his public image as a 'mad genius,' but a more sinister image began to emerge as his preeminence as a hitmaker was challenged. Stories of his eccentricities found their way to the press, painting a picture of a demented recluse haunting his California castle.

Jeffrey Ressner in Time Europe reported that Spector 'took to running around his hilltop mansion in a Batman costume.' Spector allegedly kept a "glass coffin in his basement" and swore that if his wife 'Ronnie ever left him, he would kill her and display her body like Snow White's.'

In Mark Ribowsky's biography of Spector, songwriter Doc Pomus said that Spector would typically change his clothes four times a day and 'each time he'd have a different gun to match the outfit.'

Four weeks after Lana Clarkson's death, Spector told the London Daily Telegraph, 'I take medication for schizophrenia, but I wouldn't say I'm schizophrenic.  I have a bipolar personality, I'm my own worst enemy.  I have devils inside that fight me.' " (emphasis added)

"In a 2000 interview, Vanity Fair asked Phil Spector what his greatest fear was.

'That God won't let me into heaven because I'm too evil,' he said, 'and that the Devil won't let me into hell because he's afraid that I'll take over.'

Perhaps the most condemning charges came from Spector's two adopted sons, Donte and Gary Spector, who revealed horrors from the childhoods to the Mail in December 2003. 'For years, we were just caged animals to be let out for Dad's amusement,' Donte Spector said. Their father's abusive behavior toward them increased after his divorce from Ronnie Spector.

Donte claimed that as a child, 'he was forced to perform simulated intercourse with his father's girlfriend.' At the age of 9, he was blindfolded and handcuffed 'for her amusement.'

Gary Spector said that he was also blindfolded and sexually molested, told by his father that it would be a 'learning experience.'

The brothers concurred that they were held prisoner on Spector's estate where the windows in the house were secured with bars and barbed wire. 'We were locked in our separate rooms by our governess, let out for breakfast, then taken to school by guards,' Gary said." (emphasis added)

Would you credit such a demented person as Phil Spector, who openly admits to being EVIL, as being your main musical influence?  Your hero?  Phil Spector is undoubtedly a demon possessed man.  This fact, in combination with Wilson's confessions to employing witchcraft into his music, and the heavy use of psychedelic drugs to create his "spiritual" and "Godlike" music, are clear indications that Brian Wilson is controlled by Satan.  Ephesians 2:2 states, "Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience."  That "spirit" is Satan.  The Word of God teaches that Satan works "spiritually" through the unsaved people of this world; and ironically, they often don't even realize it.  Brian Wilson knows what he is doing, for he admitted so when he spoke of trying to create "witchcraft music," and also by deliberately going for psychedelic rides on LSD. 

Satan is so deceitful that he has convinced an older, and supposedly wiser, Brian Wilson, that his music is of God; but, it surely is not.  Brian Wilson's music may be of the god of this world, Satan (2nd Corinthians 4:4); but it is not of the Lord Jesus Christ, the God and Creator of the Universe.   The Beach Boys used to sing their music at the "Whiskey-A-Go-Go" on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood years back.  This was also a favorite place of the vile rock-n-roll band, Van Halen.  Is this a "Godlike" establishment?  There is nothing even remotely "Godlike" about Brian Wilson, the Beach Boys, or their worldly music.  Now in the final phase of Wilson's life, he says he wants to sing "religious" music; but he's still not sure if there is a God.  Talk about messed up!  Brian Wilson can still come to Christ to be saved; but it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle Jesus said, than for a rich man to be saved.  Truly, many people will one day burn in the Lake of Fire because of this world's wealth that prevented them from humbly coming to Christ for forgiveness and salvation.  "Ye must be born again" Jesus proclaimed in John 3:3.  This can only happen through the blood of Jesus Christ, which He shed for our sins.  We can receive Christ's free gift of eternal life by simple faith.  All we need to do is to believe upon Jesus as our Saviour, asking Him to forgive us and take us to Heaven when we die.  ADDING any works, religion, or sacraments to our faith is NO faith at all.

The Beach Boys and Satanism

In 1966, the Beach Boys came out with their album, Pet Sounds (album cover pictured to the right). Please notice the goats which they are feeding. This is no coincidence, the goat represents Satan...

"The horned and hoofed Greek goat-god, Pan, is one of the most important entities of Witchcraft.  Thor, the Norse god, was worshiped before the other gods of Valhalla. Some say he existed as early as the stone-age. Thor drove a great chariot, pulled by two giant, powerful goats. They symbolized thunder and lightning.

Medieval legends say that the Devil created the goat. Satan himself often appeared with goat's horns, and sometimes changed his shape completely into a goat."

-SOURCE (Encyclopedia Mythica)

Clearly, Satan is the spiritual power behind ALL rock music, including so-called "Christian rock." There is nothing even remotely "Christian" about rock-n-roll music. Rock-n-roll is a religion of immoral sex, drug abuse, and demonic powers summonsed through the music itself. Brian Wilson even admitted that he was trying to create "witchcraft music." The music of the Beach Boys may seem harmless, but it is as demonic as all rock-n-roll music. One of the greatest dangers is that young people idolize rock band members and want to become like them (following in the steps of their mentors).

If you think I am being ridiculous, then consider the fact that Paul McCartney did the same exact thing on his 1971 album, RAM.  Pictured to the left is Paul McCartney's 1971 album cover.  One may contend that there is a vast difference between a goat and a ram; but, if you research the subject of witchcraft, you'll learn that BOTH animals are extremely popular in witchcraft.  Look again at the definition from the Encyclopedia Mythica of a goat...

 "Medieval legends say that the Devil created the goat. Satan himself often appeared with goat's horns, and sometimes changed his shape completely into a goat." —SOURCE (Encyclopedia Mythica).

Oh listen friend, you have absolutely no idea how much Satan has infiltrated commercial music (including rock, rap, country, etc). Dolly Parton recently sang and re-popularized one of the most demonic songs ever written, Led Zeppelin's, Stairway to Heaven. How evil and demonic! It's nothing less than spitting in God's face! Johnny Cash sang two songs on his albums written by Satanist, Glen Danzig! Professed Christian bands like P.O.D. are Satanic to the core. Increasingly, the music industry is promoting Satan. Guaranteed, look up some of the older artists, who's music is still being playing on the radio, and you'll likely find some type of allegiance to Satan. Few people today would have ever guessed, even in 1000 years, that Sammy Davis Jr. was a member of the Church of Satan, but he certainly was. Sammy Davis, Jr. was inducted into the Church of Satan by Anton LaVey's wife Karla, and Michael Aquino LaVey...

"In 1973, in appreciation for his balanced approach to Satanism in the film 'Poor Devil', the Church of Satan made Davis an Honorary Warlock II°.  The award was presented to Davis on stage during one of his performances at the Circle Star Theater in San Carlos, California by Michael A. Aquino and Karla LaVey." -SOURCE (WIKIPEDIA)


Above: The original 1973 album cover of the Rolling Stones album titled, Goat's Head Soup.  The goat and ram head are greatly revered in Satanism and witchcraft.

Here's some more information on the subject...

Goat of Mendes -Origin of the Satanic Hand Sign?

"The Goat of Mendez is the god of the witches. (Mendez is another spelling of Mendes, a city of ancient Egypt where fertility worship - Baal worship — was practiced).  Masons admit readily that Baphomet is a pagan fertility god and, more importantly, that Freemasonry is a fertility cult religion. At any rate, this mockery of Jesus is a satanic symbol and figures prominently in Satan worship." Kerr Cuhulain (Occult author, police investigator, and friend of witches)

  baphomet pentagram

Did you know that the ram and the goat are synonymous with witchcraft and Satan worship?  The Baphomet or Satanic pentagram is pointed downward to accommodate the outline of a goat's head.

Image of Ammon (12kb)Some witches today claim that the goat head is really supposed to be a ram's head (which originated with the ram-headed god of Ammon in ancient times). The photo to the right is Ammon, the Egyptian ram-god, also identified with the Greek god Zeus. A ram (a non-castrated adult male sheep), has CURVED horns (as in the center photo above); whereas, as goat has a beard and STRAIGHT horns (as in the left photo above). BOTH symbols are utilized in today's Satanism, occult, and witchcraft circles. The Church of Satan uses the goat's head on their main webpage. The pentagram image is inherent to BOTH the goat and the ram. Whether ram or goat, BOTH animals are used to depict the works of darkness.

The photo to the left is the album cover from the Allen Parson's Project, Stereotomy. Clearly, the Satanic goat head is featured. Alan Parsons is among the most occultic and bizarre groups in rock-n-roll. Alan Parsons has produced songs titled: "Lucifer," the sacrilegious "Genesis Ch 1 v32" (there is no Genesis Chapter 1 verse 32), and their album "Eve." The Alan Parsons Project album, Eye In The Sky (and several other albums), proudly display the occultic Eye of Horus (also called the "all-seeing Eye" of Lucifer) on their album cover. According to Harpers' Encyclopedia of Mystical & Paranormal Experience (p. 197), the Eye of Horus "...has become commonly associated with esoterica and the occult."

Notice below on Ozzy Osborne's album cover that he uses the RAM (curved horns). Do you really think it a coincidence the Paul McCartney placed a RAM on his album cover? Clearly, the music industry has an infatuation with Satanic symbolism. 

On Ozzy's cover, the fans are all TOUCHING (caressing) the beast, just as McCartney is fondling the RAM on his album cover. Of course, the goat and ram represent Satan. Such affection is symbolic of one's fondness and allegiance to Satan. It is to no surprise that the Rolling Stones produced a blasphemous song titled "Sympathy for the Devil". Satan has successfully slithered his way into the hearts of America's youth through evil music.

The Freemasons worship the goat-headed Baphomet (pictured below), as their god of enlightenment. 

satanic goatThe Beast sits atop the world. The moons may also suggest that this is the Prince of Darkness. The moon is also an accurate metaphor for Satan, masquerading as a 'source of light'

It can only reflect the true light down upon those living in darkness, and it pales in comparison.

Satan is the god of this sinful world (2nd Corinthians 4:4) and as such demands allegiance from those who desire fame, fortune and power. In Luke 4:6 and 7 Satan said to Jesus... "All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. If thou therefore wilt worship me, all shall be thine." Although Jesus declined Satan's offer, wicked men and women have been accepting Satan's offer throughout history, worshipping the Prince of Darkness. It's simple... if you want to be massively successful in this sinful world, then you've got to sell your soul to the Devil. It's no coincidence that our highest politicians are all going around flashing Satanic hand signs. How do you think they got into power?

"Pet Sounds was Brian's response to The Beatles "Rubber Soul' " Andrew Walker, BBC NEWS

It's interesting that the Beach Boys made Pet Sounds in response to the Beatle's Rubber Soul. It makes me wonder if Paul McCartney's RAM, was a subsequent response to the Beach Boys, Pet Sounds. Regardless, it cannot be dismissed that Satanism is the backing force of all Rock-n-Roll music.

"We were doing witchcraft, trying to make witchcraft music." —Brian Wilson, quoted in Nick Kent's The Dark Stuff (pg.27.)

The Beach Boys' dark underbelly

August 7, 2008 | by Jim Allen

How many degrees of separation are there between the most squeaky-clean, all-American band of the 20th century and one of the most depraved, evil, psychopathic killers of all time? Zero. This fact and others are amply underlined on the new DVD The Beach Boys and the Satan, set for release on September 30.

Originally seen on German television, it details the way in which Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson got mixed up in Charles Manson's world and wound up bringing him into The Beach Boys circle (they even recorded one of his songs) in the days before Manson's homicidal tendencies went public.

It also unveils Brian Wilson's involvement with notorious Satanist Anton LaVey (pictured left), though unfortunately, no LaVey tunes ever made their way into the band's repertoire. [emphasis added]

SOURCE: The Beach Boys' dark underbelly

What was Brian Wilson doing hanging out with Anton LaVey, the founder of The Church of Satan?

Above: new DVD The Beach Boys and the Satan, set for release on September 30, 2008

"To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me." —Acts 26:18

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