Bernard-Henry Levy

[2012 May] Bernard-Henry Levy; The Ugly Jew by Sami Jamil Jadallah  Mr. Levy of course takes credit for the Libyan revolution and for having made the Libyan revolution possible through his close relationship with the former French president Nicolai Sarkozy and his close associations with many Zionist oriented leaders in Europe and in the US who decided to get NATO involved. Adding insults to injury, Mr. Levy compares the uprising against the criminal Qaddafi with that of the march of Zionism against Palestine and its ethnic cleansing program. How can any Libyan accept such an insult, I do not know?  Mr. Levy does not miss a chance to argue that only foreign military interventions in the Arab world can bring democracy to the people. It seems Mr. Levy believe in killing Arabs first before they learn democracy.
    .....Of course Bernard-Henry Levy always introduces himself as “friend of Israel” and that he is. He is a loyal dedicated Israeli loyalist masquerading in French colors, not so different from the likes of Alan Dershowitz, Daniel Pipes, Elliot Abrams who dedicated their lives and their positions to Israel-First.
.....Mr. Levy who argued for military intervention in Libya is arguing for the same in Syria, stood silent, with no sense of moral shame or respect for humanity when his friend” Israel” leveled Gaza with its ground and air attacks with cluster bombs and phosphorous bombs that destroyed tens of thousands of homes, scores of schools and hospitals and deliberate targeting of families in their own apartments with its tanks.