Benazir Bhutto
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How and Why the NWO Took Out Benazir Bhutto - 30th December, 2007
Research: Kathy McMahon, Report: Fintan Dunne

In the end it was her Harvard education, as much as anything else, that
got Benazir Bhutto killed. It formed a prism through which she viewed her
own dynastic political ambitions. Self-interested idealism was her undoing.
It was ruthlessly exploited to lead her to a predictable death. She was
carefully groomed to be a politically expedient sacrificial lamb.....



and heres an article about the utter chaos that Pakistan has become embroiled in.

I knew from the start that this was a CIA/ISI stunt to destabilize Pakistan.  This might be "Plan B" since the Bilderbergers apparently don't want the u.s. to nuke Iran. That doesn't mean Israel or the u.s. won't nuke Iran. Its just that the Bilderbergers won't provide support from the other countries.  It was the u.s. that deliberately turned a blind eye to Pakistan's nuke weapons program.  Per the terms of the U.S. - Pakistan treaty, the u.s. was supposed to cut off all aid to Pakistan if Pakistan was proven to be developing nukes.  U.S. Aerospace corporations have a lousy habit of selling "dual use" technology to other countries that can be used for military purposes.

If you received these articles already, I apologize for that.

This is a good analysis of the likely aftermath of the Bhutto rubout in Pkakistan.

Of course the corporate media squacks "al Qaeda did it" which is yet another sick joke because  Pakistan's Interservices Intelligence (ISI) which is controlled by the CIA (The CIA director APPOINTS the Paki ISI director. You read that right.) financed and trained thousands of "Arab Afghans" in the fight against the soviets at the behest of the CIA.

Many of these arab afghans are not native to Afghanistan but trained in terrorist camps there.  "Arab Afghans" refers to the tens of thousands of muslim warriors recruited by the CIA, ISI, Saudi Intelligence, Jordanian Intelligence and French Intelligence going back to the late 1970s to perpetrate terrorism at selectged targets.
This goes back to the "Safari Club" headed up by French Intelligence SDECE officer Alexander DeMarenches which combined the efforts of Jordanian, Egyptian, Moroccan, Saudi and French Intelligence efforts at creating muslim terrorists ostensibly to fight against soviet or communist bloc targets.  Many of these arab afghans were trained in radical islamic studies at "Madrassas" or religious schools in Pakistan which was financed by Paki ISI and Saudi Intelligence.

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