Bilderberger society

[2011 June] Swiss Banker Unmasks Bilderberg Criminals   Several secret services from abroad, mostly English speaking, gave orders to fund illegal acts, even the killing of people thru Swiss banks. We had to pay on the instructions of foreign powers for the killing of persons who did not follow the orders of Bilderberg or the IMF or the World Bank for example.....You have the inner circle who are into Satanism and then there are the naive or less informed people. Some people even think they are doing something good, the outer circle.


The express purpose of the Bilderberger Society was to regionalize all of Europe. This goal was revealed by Giovanni Agnelli, the head of Fiat and one of the leaders of the present day Bilderbergers. Agnelli stated:

"European integration is our goal and where the politicians have failed, we, the old world elite, intend to succeed."

George McGhee, the former U.S. ambassador to Germany, revealed that "the Treaty of Rome, which brought the Common Market into being was nurtured at the Bilderberg meetings." In other words, today's European Economic Community, which is soon to become a political reality, on December 31, 1992, is indeed a product of the Bilderberg Group.

 Aristotle Onassis died in 1975. His son and heir to his throne died in 1973. My inside information about the Onassis family being one of the top 13 goes back to the 1960s and 70’s. Is the family still powerful? One big clue that they still wield power within the Illuminati is that Stavros Niarchos, Aristotle’s brother-in-law, is a powerful Bilderberger. The executive committee of the Bilderbergers are the equivalent to 9° of the branch Illuminati. Is the Onassis family still one of the top 13 Satanic bloodlines? I do not know. The answer lies in doing genealogical work to find out what the core satanic bloodline is that curses through the Onassis family.Bloodlines of the Illuminati  8. Onassis