Black Helicopter Crash In Bali.

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Post Black Helicopter Crash In Bali. 

A black helicopter has crashed just outside the town of Gianyar, Bali.

These shots were taken of the television screen as the story was being aired on Indonesian national TV:


It was reported to be owned by Bali Air; a private helicopter transport firm and there were two tourists on board in addition to the pilots; all miraculously walked away from the crash completely unscathed.

On the surface this would seem like an innocent mishap that turned out well for all on board but one or two points stand out.

The Bali Air logo that was filmed for television at the scene of the accident was embroidered on a freshly-pressed uniform without so much as a speck of dust on it; there was only one policeman present and about five token local villagers (where a minor motorbike prang routinely draws dozens of spectators) and the ‘tourists’ both seemed very relaxed and in a holiday mood.

Also; I thought helicopters were supposed to bear identification numbers like regular aircraft


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Post Re: Black Helicopter Crash In Bali. 
Great informative post Dan, I think it's a good idea to bring attention to these things so other people know what to look for. I believe all the gifting you've done is going to keep your island safe for many people for many years to come as well as many blessings for all.


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Post Re: Black Helicopter Crash In Bali. 
This reminds me of a couple of incidents that Carol and I feel are relevant.

When DB figured out that Carol was manipulating the stoplights on our return from the harrowing experience at Devil's Punchbowl, during our visit to LA with Ryan McGinty, he apparently extrapolated the technique and experimented with weapon-bearing, predatory aircraft that were overflying his home incessantly.  According to Ryan, who stayed with DB for the following week or so,  one of those choppers came down unexpectedly (crashed) across the valley and the event wasn't reported at all.

Another time, a gifter in Michigan, whom we became personally acquainted with,  told us that a chemtrail jet crashed, as she watched, and that was also not reported at all.  In that case I'm quite sure she had nothing to do with the crash.

It may be that the crash in Bali was reported because Balinese people were already talking about it.  Anyone who has lived on an island understands how fast news travels in that environment.

When I lived in Western Samoa I was schooled in the culture by several bright locals whom I worked with and they all said that some version of any morning story will reach through the entire country before sunset, sans TV and telephones.  They gave me several interesting examples.

Americans, on the other hand, mainly relate to society through TV sets and tabloids; they mostly watch the weather only on the Weather Channel so if the What To Think Network doesn' cover a thing, they assume it hasn't happened.

This is finally changing, though.

Anyone who studies HOllywood's creations has seen the FBI flying unmarkd black helicopters in films and TV shows for hte past six or seven years, even though black choppers are rarely seen in the sky, any more.  The CIA, FBI and other sewer rat agencies are apparently painting their choppers to look like commercial craft, now, because too many people get mad when we see black choppers overhead.  

Given that the New-Patriot-Acting Sicherheitzdienstshuetstafl  (Homeland Security) are so closely and blatantly styled on Hitler's SS haven't you wondered why nobody has seen any of these guys at all?  Maybe they're all dressed as harlequins now?  Do they need to learn English before they're deployed  throughout the populace?  Do we need to learn Russian, first?  Does this unlawful federal government know it's @$$ from a hole in the ground any more?

Reminds me. just a little,  of how HItler's boys, in the early days of his regime when dictatorship was more subtle, painted their Gestapo roundup trucks to look like circus wagons, complete with loudspeakers playing circus music to drown out the cries for help from inside. Later on, of course they didn't try to hide the Gestapo activity because people had been disarmed and were sufficiently scared of the government by then.

Fortunately, Americans won't disarm at all and this will probably spell the timely end of this predatory federal regime, even if nobody fires a shot.  See, with all their talk about terrorism and martial law, in the absence of both, they're going to have to put up or shut up or even the beer-swilling, flagwaving  PJ folks will stop taking them seriously any more; their old reign of terror will be defeated through apathy in that case--delicious! Wink

Actually, the process is happening in reverse in America:  Ten years ago the feds apparently thought that their genocide/enslavement strategy was going to succeed, hence their open intimidation of the populace in the form of swarms of omnipresent black helicopters, the foreign troops seen here and there across the continent and the incessant fearmongeing of the disinformation producers.

Now, more people are laughing at this goose-stepping American regime than are afraid of it

When Carol, Cesco and I went to the local shooting range with our little arsenal, by the way, we used up some 9mm and .45 calibre ammunition that was six years old and all of it fired.   I had actually  bought into the old federal scam that all ammo sold after 1994 had a shelf life of a year or so Cool and I'm very pleased to know that this is not so.

My dream has long been that this criminal federal government will be deposed peacefully and it looks like this is going to happen, sooner than later.  When Carol and I were swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago she was very happy that they expressed to her that they don't feel anxious about humanity's condition, any more.  Before, they always expressed anxiety about how things were going.  This was a wonderful confirmation of the positive trends that the other psychics are seeing during our international chat sessions.

When people will start casually discussing these things together the end of terror will be clearly in sight.   It really is that simple.