Did you know that Tony Blair is a cousin of the Queen of England? (And therefore a cousin of the George's Bush)
A curious tale, full of intrigue, and one that matches the mysteries of other 'statesmen' of recent times such as Hitler and Clinton
Anthony Charles Lynton Blair is the son of Leo Blair, a barrister and a Tory. Leo was the son of Charles Parsons and Gussie Bridson. Charlie and Gussie were a musical-hall 'turn' in which Charlie took the stage-name of Jimmy Lynton. Gussie, Tony's grannie,  was the daughter of a well-heeled, Lancashire family who were relatives of the Earls of Strathmore, the Queen Mother's family.
Tony's illegitimate father, Leo Parson's was fostered out to the family of a Glasgow shipyard-worker, James Blair, which is where the new name comes from.
Former diarist for the Daily Express, Evening News and Evening Standard, Compton Miller, writes in his book, "Who's Really Who," :
"Pragmatic "Bambi" is the most top-drawer PM since Sir Alec Douglas-Home."
Perhaps prime-minister, Blair's real name, Parson's may go some way to explain his sermonesque, clerical style.
Blair is a committed Christian so he always turns the other cheek, does not judge others and loves everybody. Does not tell any lies, is completely open and honest and will give away everything he has to help anyone less fortunate than himself.
Whilst he has been in office he has redeemed his creed's spat with the money-changers. Heartily sorry for Christ's rampaging attack on their tables he has shovelled mountains of dosh their way whenever the opportunity has arisen. Oh, and he has nothing to do with killing anyone.
I find it more than interesting that Blair's probable real name of Parsons is the same surname as the Hell-Firer, G.M. Freemason, Earl of Rosse. But why should his real grandaddy's alt-mon, Lynton be so important that it has been carried through the male line?