Blasting/Gifting one's own filthy corporate workplace!

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New postPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2005 1:35 pm    Post subject: Blasting/Gifting one's own filthy corporate workplace!
This is too good not to share with others, K Wink because so many people who read EW work for corporations, all of which are filthy from the top down and inside out.

You're the first real etheric scrapper I've met who didn't just opt to bail out of a corporation, so good for you! I believe that you're breaking brand new ground right now with the gifting/blasting effort.

I'm sending you some boosts, too, and if you will email a little targetting intel to me tomorrow I'll see whether I can get some substantial group support on Sunday for your coming battle on Monday, otherwise we can all just send the energy through you.

I'll also post your followup report as a public service Wink




I will send you a report. Everything is breaking up as of today. The house of cards is going down. The genuine people have banded together [like a 'Survivor' 'game' which evolved] and the place is going to blow as early as Monday.

This is tremendous reality to watch in action. I thought I was going to have to be the lightning rod and "channel" for everybody's "stuff" and had been positioned that way. NO - everybody is standing up for themselves and honesty and justice and the culprits are going down.

A lot of synchronicity in motion right now. I am sure some/all of this was as a result of the heavy gifting work on and in the building that was done with this in mind. And gifting which included the town and surrounding towns FIRST in a ring pattern (drop a pebble approach).

The first woman's office we gifted in the building (a Mason Eastern Star silkie) resulted in her boyfriend's string of felonies for all sorts of weapons and strange stalking. Boyfriend went back to wife! causing other girlfriend to get upset. You see? It just forces them out into the light.

Well, same thing is on the blocks for Friday [today] and Monday. Justice will out. I am so excited. Also I have been blasting 4 times a day (following cbs recommendations) with special blasts for boss and boss and receptionist having the affair. Overkill? Don't think so. Smile

Gosh, Don. I think the confirmations are coming fast and furious now. I hope I will be up to the task of writing it up when the time comes. It will be the parasitic reptoid workplace politics COOKBOOK. Yes, and yes to your words below "parasitic reptoid politics" They say it all and so does "they can easily turn that around now". Because yes we can! Hallelujah! Thank you Don.

Your friend, K

PS The lovely Costa Rican journal from Carol had me a little teary eyed and very inspired. Every human needs to "go there" as soon as they can muster contact, immediately setting aside hindrances to the idea that they cannot.

and PSS Yup, I know all about the new agers and just mentioned Almine (in another email to you a while back) because the people hypnotized by her BS believe her to be the 'female Drunvalo'. Female witch and worse is more like it. I actually felt uncomfortable giving all those new age books away several years ago - they should have been burned, but there was an open burning law in effect where I lived Smile Cheers! K
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