Ehud Olmert

Top Secret: Ehud Olmert's 9-11 Visit to NYC

by Christopher Bollyn 

4 December 2007

Ehud Olmert, the Likud mayor of Jerusalem from 1993 until 2003, made a secret visit to New York City on September 10, 2001 - the eve of the worst terror attack in U.S. history. What was this visit about and why has it been kept secret?

I found this information buried in a 3,000 word article in the Jerusalem Post about the Betar (Likud) football club from 2004. I confirmed it by finding an article in the Toronto press that Olmert had been at a Zionist fund raiser in Toronto on September 9, 2001. This is a huge story, but it takes some understanding of Olmert's ties to 9-11 to appreciate the significance of his secret visit to New York.  For those who are not aware of Olmert's close ties to the key players in 9-11, I recommend reading my article "Ehud Olmert's Ties to 9-11" from June 2006.

What is so telling about Olmert's complicity in the attacks is that he, and the entire New York media and political community, pretended that he was never there on September 10, 2001. Olmert was the mayor of Jerusalem at the time, and Jerusalem has been the sister city of New York City since 1993, the year that Olmert became mayor. In 1995, Olmert upgraded that status to a special "mutual cooperation" between the two cities. Yet the mayor of Jerusalem comes to New York City on September 10, 2001, unannounced and unreported, and has a meeting with several Israeli "businessmen" who have businesses in Deerfield and Delray Beach, Florida, and nobody notices?

Then, in the immediate aftermath of 9-11, Olmert never says anything like this: "You know, I was just in New York City a few hours before the attacks. I can't believe that it happened to the city that I just visited."

Why has Olmert concealed his 9-11 visit? There can only be one explanation. The public is not supposed to know that the extreme right-wing mayor of terror-plagued Jerusalem was in New York City just before the terror attacks that changed American history. Why?

There is no way that Mayor Rudy Giuliani and the New York police department did not know that Olmert and his gang were in town. This is the questions the Giuliani should be asked:  Were you, as mayor of New York City, aware that Ehud Olmert was in New York City on September 10, 2001?  When did you learn that Olmert was in New York on September 10, 2001? Did Olmert stay until the 11th of September? At what point did Olmert leave New York City?

We know that Olmert was in Jerusalem on the afternoon of September 12, because he attended a ceremony marking the terror attack at the Sbarro pizzeria that was bombed in August 2001.

Note: The flight time from New York to Israel is 10 hours. Israel is 7 hours later than New York City. If Olmert had flown from New York on the afternoon of 9-11, he would have arrived early the following morning in Tel Aviv.

Photo: Ehud Olmert, the extreme right-wing mayor of occupied Jerusalem, with Rudy Giuliani, the mayor of New York City at the Emergency Operations Center in New York on September 21, 2001.

Ehud and Rudy have put up a complete false fascade. Clearly, this information, that Ehud Olmert was in New York City on the eve of 9-11, is information that the public is not supposed to know. I will be explaining the significance of his meeting with the Levy brothers of the "Wings" stores of Florida and other coastal states in another article.

Not a single newspaper in New York, or the world, has reported about Olmert's secret visit to New York on September 10, 2001. Pray tell Mr. Olmert, why were you in New York City on September 10, 2001 and why have you hidden this visit from the public?