Alvin K. Hellerstein  Michael Bernard Mukasey  Tevi David Troy (formerly Troyansky)

The Conspirators' Unbreakable Bond

by Christopher Bollyn 

20 September 2007

As expected, the nominee to be next Attorney General of the United States has a long history of obstructing justice, preventing discovery, and covering up the evidence of Israeli involvement in the terror attacks of 9-11.

Photo: President Bush with the nominee Michael B. Mukasey

The fact that all the crucial 9-11 lawsuits have been handled by two Zionist judges from the same synagogue could be considered a coincidence were it not the case that Israeli agents are prime suspects in the "false flag" terror attacks and an Israeli-owned passenger screening company is a key defendant in the 9-11 tort litigation.

With so much evidence of Israeli involvement in 9-11 in plain view, however, the judges' intimate connection with the State of Israel can not be discarded as mere coincidence. It should rather be viewed as evidence of the on-going, high-level, and well-planned cover-up.

The Zionist judges controlling the 9-11 litigation have acted like the Israeli bulldozers after the massacres in the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra, Shatila, and Jenin. Like judicial bulldozers, the mission of these orthodox Jewish judges is to bury the evidence of Israeli involvement in the "false flag" terror attacks of 9-11.


In what might otherwise be seen as coincidence, the two presidentially-appointed federal judges who have presided over the most crucial 9-11 cases are both orthodox Zionist Jews who attend the same Manhattan synagogue and support its Talmudic yeshiva. The federal judges Alvin K. Hellerstein and Michael B. Mukasey, the nominee to be the next U.S. attorney general, are both members of a Zionist congregation, the orthodox Kehilath Jeshrun synagogue of Manhattan, and are active supporters of its yeshiva, the Ramaz School.

A yeshiva is an orthodox Jewish school affiliated with a synagogue where Talmudic interpretation of Mosaic law is taught. In an orthodox yeshiva, the Talmudic interpretation of the Torah is based on rabbinical teaching that completely changes the meaning of Mosaic law. Talmudic interpretation effectively negates the meaning of the Ten Commandments, as the late Israeli scholar Israel Shahak pointed out in his book on Jewish supremicism, Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years.

To an orthodox Jew, Shahak wrote, Talmudic scholars interpret the commandment "Thou shall not kill," to mean that a Jew is proscribed only from killing another Jew. Non-jews, on the other hand, are fair game and can be killed like animals. The rest of the Mosaic law is interpreted likewise concerning treatment of non-Jews, according the Shahak's book.

Unbeknownst to most Americans, the key judges who have overseen the most important 9-11 lawsuits and Michael Chertoff, the Asst. Attorney General who directed the non-investigation of 9-11, are all members of this racist and un-American religious sect. They, like the other key officials involved in the 9-11 conspiracy, were all raised and educated in this tradition.

The judges, officials, and advisors involved at every critical point of the 9-11 conspiracy and cover-up are all Jewish Zionists dedicated to the State of Israel. This is how Zionist agents have been able to cover up the truth of what really happened on 9-11.


The Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun is a Zionist synagogue, according to its mission statement. It defines itself as a "modern Orthodox" synagogue, which is "deeply committed" to "an unbreakable bond with the State of Israel and its citizens."

The orthodox branch of Judaism is a minority sect making up about 10 percent of American Jews. This minority sect, however, wields immense power in the government and courts of the United States.

The Kehilath Jeshurun congregation has a long history of shaping the Zionist agenda. In the 1920s, for example, it hosted orthodox Zionist conferences where plans were discussed to bring all the Jews of Russia to the southwestern United States. "Our identification with the State of Israel and our fellow Jews extends well beyond the more conventional UJA/Federation, Israel Bonds and tree-planting campaigns," the congregation's mission statement says and indeed it does.

The Kehilath Jeshurun congregation acts as an agency of Israel on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and some of its members occupy positions of power within the government of the United States. The "modern" orthodox congregation also has a long history of calling for segregation and separation of Jews from Christians and Christian influences in the community. Like other orthodox Jews, the congregation is opposed to Reform Judaism, the largest branch of Judaism. Orthodox religious expression is the only form of Judaism that is recognized by the State of Israel.

As a religious sect based on race, intermarriage between Jews and Christians is anathema to orthodox Jews like Chertoff, Hellerstein, and Mukasey.


Like most Zionists, the parents or grandparents of Chertoff, Hellerstein, and Mukasey are from the largely uncivilized frontier region between the Russian and German spheres of influence known as the Pale of Settlement. The Pale of Settlement refers to the expanse that reaches from Lithuania to the Black Sea, a region between Prussia and the Russian Empire of Catherine the Great, who created the Pale in 1791. The Pale existed until 1917 and is occupied today by Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, and Lithuania.

The areas around Brest-Litovsk, Grodno, and Bialystok had large concentrations of Jews and were hotbeds of Zionist activity in the late 1800s. Jews outnumbered Christians in some of the towns, such as Grodno, an old Lithuanian city. When Catherine the Great annexed this western region, she banned the Jews who lived there from coming to Russia. These Jews were primarily descendents of the displaced Khazars who had converted to Judaism in the 8th Century.

In the Pale of Settlement, the Khazar Jews, generally referred to as Ashkenazi, usually lived in communities separated from the non-Jewish people they lived among.


Michael Bernard Mukasey and his wife are members of Kehilath Jeshurun, the orthodox synagogue that is connected to the Ramaz yeshiva. The Ramaz School was started in 1937 by Rabbi Joseph H. Lookstein.

Lookstein served concurrently as principal of the Ramaz School in New York and as president and chancellor of Bar-Ilan University in Israel, where he was chancellor from 1958 to 1979. This illustrates the intense Zionist character of the Ramaz school and synagogue.

Mukasey attended the Ramaz School and graduated in 1959. His wife, the former Susan Bernstock Saroff, was a teacher and headmistress of the Ramaz Lower School. Both of Susan's children, who were adopted by Mukasey, attended the Ramaz yeshiva.

Mukasey, the nominee for attorney general, attended the Ramaz yeshiva and reportedly "remains heavily involved in that community." That "community" would be the orthodox, Zionist, and Israeli community of Manhattan.

In 1948, according to the Ramaz school's website, children of Israeli diplomats on "special missions" began enrolling in the Ramaz School. These Israeli students attended Ramaz with Mukasey, who speaks Hebrew.

Isaac Herzog, the son of Chaim Herzog, the former president of Israel and head of the Israeli military intelligence, attended the Ramaz school in the 1970s. Isaac Herzog was government secretary under Ehud Barak and is currently a minister in the Israeli government.

Mukasey will be the second Jewish attorney general, if confirmed. Ed Levi, who served under President Gerald Ford was the first. Mukasey was nominated as a federal judge in New York in 1987 by President Ronald Reagan and became the chief judge in 2000.

Mukasey was elevated to Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, succeeding Judge Thomas P. Griesa, on March 12, 2000. Mukasey remained in this position until August 1, 2006. As chief judge for New York City, Mukasey was well placed to control the entire legal process concerning 9-11.

"From 1967 to 1972, Mukasey was in private practice, where his clients ranged from right-wing lawyer Roy Cohn to the Daily News," the newspaper reported. "He then switched sides and joined the Manhattan prosecutor's office, where he forged a life-long friendship with future Mayor Rudy Giuliani."

In an article entitled "Local Rabbi Thinks Michael Mukasey Perfect for AG Job," the Daily News reported that after President Bush announced his intention to nominate Mukasey, the FBI called on his rabbi in Manhattan.

"Rabbi Haskel Lookstein said the G-men wanted to know if there was anything in the 66-year-old judge's background that could scuttle his nomination," the Daily News reported. Lookstein reportedly told the agents that Mukasey was "a mensch."

"There's nothing wrong with him," the rabbi said. "He's as close to perfect as you can be. And that's the way he was at 15."

Very little is known about Mukasey's family background. There are very few articles that mention the name Mukasey prior to 1960. The Mukasey name is a Jewish surname from a place named Lachowicze, in the region of Brest.

Judge Mukasey's wife was the headmistress of the Ramaz Lower School in the 1990s when he was handling the case of the first "false flag" terror bombing of the World Trade Center. This case was primarily meant to prepare public opinion for what was planned for 9-11.


At the beginning of the trial of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, the sheik's lawyers filed a motion requesting Mukasey recuse himself from the trial. The motion argued that Mukasey's allegiance to Israel created a bias against the Muslim defendants. Mukasey dismissed the motion as "utterly irrelevant."

"A strongly-biased Zionist judge," is how Dr. Edward W. Miller described Mukasey in his 1997 article about the trial of the blind sheik. "Mukasey is a committed Zionist, a long-time supporter of Israel," Miller wrote. "His wife is also a Zionist."

"Sheik Rahman was denied the lawyer of his choice by Judge Mukasey, and when he asked the court to permit an expert to explain the practices of Islam to an ignorant American jury, he was refused this due process. Eventually, on January 17, 1996, Sheik Omar Abdul Rahman was sentenced by a Jewish judge of strong Zionist leanings to imprisonment for life plus 65 years."

"After receiving his lifetime sentence," Miller wrote, "this elderly, sick and blind sheik, standing before the Jewish judge, spoke quietly and at length in Arabic. "He pointed out the on-going 'historical junction' at which 'the spiritual power of Islam was confronting the military/material juggernaut of a Zionist White House.'

"Sheik Rahman continued, debunking the prosecution's theory that he heads an international terrorist organization. He emphasized that he was sequestered in a jail in Cairo in the early 1980s at the time the so-called 'international terrorist group' was allegedly being formed.

"Judge Michael Mukasey was visibly irritated by the Sheik's remarks, and interrupted the scholarly cleric repeatedly and rudely, finally remarking that 'religion has nothing to do with the case.'

Source: Miller, Edward W., "A Political Prisoner In the U.S.: Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman," The Coastal Post, March, 1997

A lawyer who tried a case before Mukasey described him as "Dour and condescending; imperious and egotistic."

"I seriously doubt whether he has the 'people skills' that the DOJ needs in a new AG," the attorney said.


Alvin K. Hellerstein, who has presided over all the 9-11 cases brought by victims and relatives of victims, is also a trustee and sponsor of the Ramaz School on the Upper East Side, where his children also studied.

Hellerstein has been president of the Board of Jewish Education of Greater New York and serves on a taskforce for the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance, which addresses the needs of Orthodox Jewish women who want a divorce.

Hellerstein's wife, Mildred, and Audrey Lookstein, the wife of the rabbi of Kehilath Jeshrun, are Zionist colleagues and senior officers of an Israeli organization named AMIT. Mildred Hellerstein is listed as being a National Treasurer of AMIT, an organization dedicated to fostering "religious values and Zionist ideals" in the Israeli children in its schools and programs in Israel. Lookstein has been vice president of AMIT several times and was chair of AMIT's national board of directors in 2006.


Tevi David Troy (formerly Troyansky), Deputy Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Service, is another graduate of the Ramaz School. Troy was the policy director for Sen. John Ashcroft (R-MO) in the late 1990s before he was appointed to be Bush's first Attorney General, an appointment Troy enthusiastically supported in his article "My Boss the Fanatic" published in the New Republic. Ashcroft now has a consulting business and earns much of his money by representing Israeli military companies. In 2006, Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) was reported to be a major client of the Ashcroft Group, LLC.

Prior to his May 2007 appointment as Deputy Secretary of the DHHS, Troy was Deputy Assistant to the President George W. Bush for Domestic Policy. In August 2003, Troy was appointed to serve at the White House as Deputy Cabinet Secretary and Liaison to the Jewish community. An orthodox Jew, Troy is the son of Elaine Gerson Troy and Bernard Dov Troy, the former "Executive Director of the Jewish Educators' Assembly in Manhattan." Troy is the grandson of Thomas and Pauline Troyansky, Russian Jewish immigrants who came to the United States in the early 1900s.

He is married to Kami J. Pliskow, the daughter of Dr. Raymond and Vita Pliskow of Tacoma, Washington. Raymond studied medicine at the University of Michigan. The Pliskow family, a Russian Jewish family that immigrated to the U.S. in the early 1900s has its own interesting history of terrorism. Barbara Pliskow, a former instructor in psychology at Wayne State University in Detroit, attempted to hijack an American Airlines Boeing 727 on September 24, 1971 armed with a gun, dynamite, and other explosives. She was reportedly attempting to hijack the flight on behalf of the "Black Liberation Army" to free imprisoned members of the Black Panther Party.

Pliskow was charged with the capital offense of attemped piracy of an airliner. Because the engines of the plane had not been started, however, Pliskow was not prosecuted under the federal skyjacking statue.