Aspartame Murders Infants - Violates Federal Genocide Law

By James Bowen, MD

Abortion causation
Birth defect production
Forms antigenic tissue, triggering immunologic attack, fetal wastage
Chelates metals, promotes heavy metal poisoning
Methyl alcohol
Phenylalanine [PHE]
Aspartic Acid
Formic acid
Aspartame, APM, is sold as NutraSweet and Equal and is in thousands of foods and diet drinks. At every point in the fertility process APM destroys, beginning with the gleam in Mom and Pop,s eyes: it ruins female sexual response and induces male sexual dysfunction. Beyond this, aspartame disrupts fetal development by aborting it or inducing defects. And if a live child is born aspartame may have heinously damaged the DNA of the baby, cursing future generations.
APM,s abortifacient properties are inherent in its structure. As the 3-cornered molecule is metabo- lized it releases methyl alcohol, plus phenylalanine and aspartic acid, both neurotoxins. The methyl alcohol breaks down into formaldehyde, then formic acid. APM methyl alcohol/formaldehyde poisoning, engenders a host of cumulative degenerative diseases and functional abnormalities. Isolated phenyalanine and aspartic acid are neurotoxic.
Formaldehyde is recognized as a potent adjuvant which causes foreign proteins to be recognized as antigens by the immune system, triggering immune responses to destroy them. Because of its adjuvancy formaldehyde is included in many vaccines. A challenge the mother,s body must overcome to carry a fetus is keeping the maternal immune system from identifying the varied fetal tissues as foreign proteins and destroying them. APM denatures fetal tissues creating an antigenicity stimulus enticing destruction by the maternal immune system. This termination of pregnancy can be so rapid that the mother may not notice a delayed period or she may miscarry almost immediately.
The ability of methyl alcohol/formaldehyde to create antigenicity, especially as combined in APM molecules is so great as to cause severe autoimmune reactions to the tissues deformed by formaldehyde polymerization, adduct formation. The immune system turns against the victim,s tissues: Lupus.
Beyond the danger of attack from the maternal immune system, APM directly damages the fetus. A good reference point is fetal alcohol syndrome: lifelong deformity, disability and loss of mental acuity in infants who survive maternal alcohol abuse. Even moderate use of beverage alcohol by the mother abuses the fetus and its future. Methyl alcohol is fifty times as potent an intoxicant as ethyl alcohol [beverage alcohol]. Formaldehyde is 5,000 times more potent. Assembled in the carefully crafted APM molecule these neurotoxins are about 20,000 times more potent than beverage alcohol.
Because of APM,s extreme toxicity even minute doses are destructive, damaging fetal nervous systems and related structures. Eyes and hearing come to mind. All tissues are similarly damaged as beyond its functional neurological intoxicating effects, methyl alcohol/formaldehyde is the strongest organic base in the living organism and is a polymerizing agent, turning tissue into plastic. From such poisoning there is no escape, it is obligatory metabolism by alcholdehydrogenase of methyl alcohol into nascent formaldehyde, occurring 75% in the cytosol [cytoplasm] and 25% in the mitochondria.
A SHORT LESSON on PROTEIN FORMATION: Proteins are usually four long chains [polypetides] of the 20 amino acids we get from food. Amino acids are structures of 10 to 27 atoms. [hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, one has an atom of sulfur] These 20 amino acids the are letters of the biochemical alphabet which spell out proteins, some of which contain thousands of amino acids. To support rapid growth the fetus requires lots of amino acids which the placenta supplies in 400% concentration. Amino acids in fetal veins are four times that in the mother,s blood. Natural foods are complex mixes of amino acids, no food is merely one or two isolated amino acids, as is APM.
APM is 50% phenylalanine [PHE] which is a nutrient when accompanied by other amino acids, however isolated PHE is toxic, especially for the fetus or infant. Dr. Louis Elsas, Professor of Pediatrics [Genetics] at Emory University, testified to Congress: "I have spent 25 years in biomedical sciences trying to prevent birth defects caused by excess phenylalanine. And therein lies my basic concern, that aspartame is in fact a well known neurotoxin and teratogen which, in some as yet undefined dose, will both reversibly in the adult and irreversibly in the developing child or fetal brain, produce adverse effects. Senate Hearing 11/3/87 Labor & Human Resources Committee
The 400% placenta-supplied concentration of isolated phenylalanine from APM causes mental retardation! The PHE in a plate of beans is absorbed in about 20 hours in competition with the other amino acids. The PHE in a Diet Coke is absorbed in a few minutes in competition with nothing. This is highly significant because amino acid biochemistry at enzyme sites is competitive and PHE out-competes all the others, which means isolated PHE from APM, in the fetal brain with no competition, destroys it!
I have a cerebral palsied grandchild because my daughter-in-law refused to listen and drank NutraSweet pop during her pregnancy. A nurse who headed a visiting nurses association in Nebraska has two cerebral palsied grandchildren from NutraSweet. Their mother said "Oh Mom, its that safe natural NutraSweet. Only when she delivered her second palsied child did she admit her life was devastated from trusting the FDA, the media, and the APM advertising by "ethical food, beverage and drug industries.
Another nurse, a close personal friend in Walla Walla, Washington, had a grandchild so cerebrally palsied by aspartame it will never lift its head from a pillow but merely stare blankly into space for its whole life. Their church eschews using large amounts of sugar, so the father came home and announced "No more sugar in this household! We,re going to use that safe natural NutraSweet from now on.
Heel-stick blood sampling is routine on newborns to screen for Phenylketonuria to identify infants with PKU so to protect them from the severe brain damage they can sustain from even a single meal of foods high in phenylalanine. Think of the damage to PKU infants by maternal APM consumption. Consider the shroud of tragedy that overcame the lives of these hopeful parents, then multiply their number by hundreds, by thousands, and find a better word than MURDER!
APM is 40% aspartic acid. This amino acid, when isolated, is excitotoxic, it excites neurons or brain cells, to death. Like formaldehyde, APM is a chromosomal damaging agent. The neurological dangers to the developing fetus are obvious. The chromosomal damage in the mother may be inherited by the fetus and since a female fetus contains at birth all the ova she,ll ever have, future generations are forever endangered by inherited chromosomal damage as well the damage to her developing ovaries from the aspartame her mother consumes during pregnancy.
So-called "health supplements made of isolated phenylalanine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid [glutamates as in MSG] and other dicarboxylic amino acid neuroexcitotoxins such as picinolates are marketed either as acts of blind ignorance or deliberate malice. They do the exact opposite of what they,re sold for, i.e. isolated phenylalanine can cause nerve transmitter disruption, brain malnutrition and neurotoxicity leading to impaired mental functioning, depression, headaches, and other reactions.
BRAIN TUMORS: As it breaks down APM creates diketopiperazine and with the intact APM molecule you have the two greatest brain tumor carcinogens discovered by science thus far responsible for the massive brain tumor epidemic we now witness. The methylated aspartyl radicals such as the N-methylD aspartyl radical, et al, are recognized as causative of about every known neuro-degenerative disease. To independently research these issues look up "The Proceedings of the First International Symposium on Phenylalanine Metabolism by Dr Richard Wurtman, head of Neuroendochronology at MIT. He has since for his own reasons become a defender of APM, but the record created by the world,s best minds on phenylalanine pathologies are in that document. Read Dr. Hyman Roberts, excellent books documenting APM causation of schizophrenia by its action in the mid brain and cerebral cortex. Websites:
CHELATION: [Chelate, from the Latin word for Claw, a chemical which seizes and holds other chemicals, often metals] Aspartame was kept off the market by the once intact FDA. A compelling reason the FDA rejected APM is its potent chelating activity, which rapidly picks up toxic metals and carries into the body even metals the body would normally refuse to absorb through digestion. The extreme lead poisoning danger to a child,s developing brain and organs is well known. Many metals NutraSweet carries into us are as damaging as equal concentrations of lead. The strongest evidence is what APM does to people. Consider this 3/23/00 report from B. Lynn. FDA will call this deplorable tragedy an "anecdote.
"My [then] 5 year old daughter was getting migrane headaches and vomiting. My sister-in-law, an RN, told me to get her off the diet soda. I have only seen two such headaches in the last thee and a half years, no vomiting. My mother, an avid drinker of Diet Coke suffered a stroke at 53. My aunt at 57 suffered a stroke. My nephew at four months was Dx with Infantile Spasms. My friend, after months of tests and pain was Dx with Fibromyalgia, drinks 5-6 Diet sodas a day.
In 1995 I suffered a miscarriage. 3 months later I conceived my son. He
was born with VACTERL Association. He had every anomaly in the association:
V Vertebra, he had a tethered spinal cord
A Anal Artesia [ no anal opening]
C Cardiac, open heart surgery at 5 months
TE Trachea Esophegeal Artesia. Esophagus attached to his Trachea
R Renal/Radial defects. He has a hypo plastic thumb and a horseshoe
L Limb defects One arm shorter, skeletal anomalies still being
They could never explain why my perfect pregnancy produced such a child. I sent this to some friends that belong to support group for children with anorectal malformations. The response will be emotional to say the least. We,ve all searched for an answer to what caused these horrible defects in our children. A better word than murder? GENOCIDE! There,s a Federal Law against Genocide: Criminal Code, Title 18 Chapter 50A, Sec 1091-3 It has no statute of limitations, & provides: Whoever , whether in time of peace or time of war, with specific intent to destroy, in whole or in substantial part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group as such--
(1) Kills members of that group
(2) Causes serious bodily injury to members of that group
(3) Causes the permanent impairment of the mental faculties of members
of the group through drugs, torture or similar techniques
(4) Subjects the group to conditions of life that are intended to cause
the physical destruction of the group in whole or in part
(5) Imposes measures intended to prevent births within the groups
Shall be punished as provided in subsection B
[ B says if death results: Death or life imprisonment & a fine of not more
than $1,000,000]
All five rules have been smashed by the aspartame/NutraSweet industry. We, the population of the United States are the Group. The sellers of APM poisoned foods and drinks knew in advance the havoc it would wreck on our nation,s health. That knowledge establishes intention. Test SC18862, submitted for APM approval involved feeding aspartame to 7 infant monkeys. One died; 5 had grand mal seizures, an 86% casualty rate, nevertheless FDA approved the poison so is equally culpable with the manufacturers. 75% of all complaints on food additives are on APM which FDA tallied into a list of 10,000 consumer complaints of 92 symptoms, including death, but you can,t get the list without a Congressman.
Note #3, mental impairment: APM depletes serotonin from which victims suffer manic depression, hallucinations, paranoia, rage, suicidal tendencies, anxiety and panic. Surgeon General Satcher said 22% of the population now suffer mental problems. APM is involved! I,ve shown how rule #5 is fulfilled by destruction of our unborn and living children. This law makes all producers and marketers of aspartame criminals. What will the justice department and the courts do to protect us?
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