Brian Jones

On July 3, 1969, the body of Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones was found in a swimming pool at his home in Hartfield, Sussex, England. His death was ruled accidental drowning. He was 27. Jones was a blues historian who kept the group focused on their early musical direction and is considered by many to have been the Stonesí original leader. Nearly 25 years after his death, someone confessed to murdering Jones. In April 1994, Frank Thorogood confessed, on his death bed, to murdering Jones. Witnesses have corroborated Thorogoodís story, claiming that Thorogood and two others held Jones underwater in the rock starís swimming pool until Jones had drowned. Four eye-witnesses, Nick Fitzgerald, Richard Cadbury, Anna Wohlin, and Linda Lawrence kept quiet for years because they were threatened either by Thorogood or his accomplices. In 1999, Wohlin wrote a book, The Murder of Brian Jones, where she describes how Jones was murdered and how Thorogood coerced her into remaining silent. [Book 2004] Rethinking John Lennonís Assassination. The FBIís War on Rock Stars By Salvador Astucia, April 2004

BRIAN JONES, July, 1969, London. One of the original members of the Rolling Stones. Unique musician, helped the group get started, under control of drugs by 1966, took LSD that caused personality changes and depression. Seemed to have brain damage and disintegrated. Compared his arrests and planted grass to the treatment Lennie Bruce had received, forced to drop from the group. Keith Richards, of the Stones, said, "Some very weird things happened the night Brian died. We had these chauffeurs working for us, and we tried to find out. Some of them had a weird hold over Brian. I got straight into it and wanted to know who was there and couldn't find out. The only cat I could ask was the one I think who got rid of everybody, and did a whole disappearing thing so that when the cops arrived, it was just an accident. Maybe it was. I don't know. I don't even know who was there that night, and finding out is impossible. It's the same feeling with who killed Kennedy. You can't get to the bottom of it." "Mick Jagger" Tony Scaduto [1976] OPERATION CHAOS The CIA's War Against the Sixties Counter-Culture by Mae Brussell

Famed historian A.E. Hotchner, in Blown Away (Fireside, 1990), a book about the Rolling Stones, published interviews with the four eye-witnesses, all close friends of Brian Jones who had observed the forced drowning of the rock star at Cotchford Farms. The accused killer of Brian Jones even confessed on his deathbed - testimony acceptable in most courts of law (See, Murder Claims Raise Doubts over Rolling Stone's Death," Independent, April 4, 1994, p. 2). Anna Wohlin, one of the eye-witnesses, published The Murder of Brian Jones (1999), complementing Hotchner's conclusion that Jones had been murdered.  Get Up, Stand Up ... for the CIA: Dr. Lowell Taubman's Counterfeit Analysis of the Origins of Bob Marley's Cancer  By Alex Constantine