British Concentration Camps (Boer War)

[Red Cross put Dachau deaths at 18,000, Auschwitz at 53,000 deaths.  A report after the war concluded that 27,927 Boers (of whom 24,074, 50% of the Boer child population, were children under 16) had died of starvation, disease and exposure in the concentration camps. In all, about one in four (25%) of the Boer inmates, mostly children, died.]

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British Concentration Camps Boer War  Just over a century ago during the Boer War, the British were responsible for about 27,000 deaths of innocent women and children who were rounded up and placed in British concentration camps after burning them out of their own farms and settlements in (now) South Africa.

In 1900, Britain invaded the Boer Republics, stole the gold mines, turned the Western Transvaal into a “smoking desert” (in their own words), imprisoned 110,000 women and children in concentration camps where 28,000 of them died, then, after the war, they tried and shot 2 Boer officers for “misusing a flag of truce”! You’re wasting your time looking for justice in any post-war trial. They are simply a continuation of the war.  [Interview] CARLOS W. PORTER

Lizzie van Zyl, visited by Emily Hobhouse in a British concentration camp