Busting Signal Jamming With Orgonite

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New post Busting Signal Jamming With Orgonite 
  Feb 2010
The NSA or some such criminal syndicate likes to block our wireless internet signal in the house.  The receiving dish is on the hangar and when I first set up the two Lynksis repeaters (?) between the dish and the house we got a good signal and easily got online, every time.   I have to do two to four hours worth of email every day and I prefer to do it in the house so I can be around my wife more during the day.

So, of course they started jamming the signal pretty soon after we set up the connections. We've been here almost three years and got the dish and the Linksys connections within a couple of months after we moved here.  They started jamming a week or so after we set up the Linksys.

When Chuck was here in August we perfected the droppable earthpipe.  He got the notion that if he deployed six we'd made onto the right area we might stop the jamming.  He picked the a mountain that's between Lake Pend Oreille (site of the perhaps very ancient underground facility the US Navy operates) and Carol got the impression it was a good choice.  By the time he landed my plane we had a signal in the house, again.

After a couple more weeks the signal was jammed, again.  This time, Carol dowsed my GPS map and when I arrived over the spot I saw a large, forest-green metal building in the middle of the woods that had no windows or obvious doors.  There was a very short structure with electronic/electrical gear on it on the edge of the very small clearing the building sat on.  She had recommended 13 towerbusters in a circle around the spot and fortunately nobody was around and there were no houses in the area.  There was also no convenient landing spot when I spiraled down to 500 feet above ground level to be able to see, well, what was under me. I was kind of relieved to climb up to a safer altitude after that Wink

When I got home the signal had returned.  That was about three months ago.  Fortunately, our marriage is strong enough that these irritating vicissitudes at the hands of the parasitic world order's poisonmongers don't drive a wedge between us.
I already posted about these two sorties but I'm mentioning it again in the context of what I did, yesterday, on a whim.

Speaking of marriage sabotage, in the year before we went to Florida to bust up the HAARPicane infrastructure, there, we were swamped with attempts to drive us apart.  They were hitting us from every conceivable angle and then some.  At one point, after her dad had a debilitating stroke, I felt compelled to move in with him to help him learn to take care of himself again (and to be sure he used the zapper enough Cool ) and in those two months Carol and I lived 80 miles apart and saw each other rarely.  The NSA and CIA were all over that neighborhood on the outskirts of Spokane and during her visits we'd take walks and she'd point out the houses where the feds were squatting to be close to me. Signal jamming was deployed then, too, and gifting these federal hovels enabled me to be online every day after jamming episodes.  The worst of the jamming was done from what looked like an abaondoned, very decrepid recreational vehicle, about two blocks away and parked on the street in front of an allegedly abandoned house.  When we walked by it with orgonite, ready to toss, a man came down the steps, within earshot, and said to someone, inside, 'Here they are.'   We tossed orgonite under the wreck and of course it was gone the next day and I got my signal back.    

After that, they didnt't jam my internet connection any more for the few weeks I remained there.

I'm hoping that they'll stop doing that, here, eventually.  I love to sit in my stuffed chair with my feet up and slog through email and Carol's usually nearby in case we want to talk.

Yesterday I dumped a bucketful of towerbustes into one of the streamlined compartments beside the cockpit of my little plane and headed over to Farragut State Park to lay a line of orgonite from south to north as an intended shield against any jamming effort that may be coming from that direction.  The Park to our east is most likely a cover for a very big extension of that base under the deep lake east of that. The park is between teh lake and us and the edge I gifted is about four miles from our house.  For good measure, I also laid a line running east to west, about a mile north of the house.

When I got home I didn't immediately get a signal in the house but in the few minutes I watched the Linksys repeater in the window facing the hangar, in our living room, I noticed that the red light phase (means no signal) was getting more and more intermittent. When the blue light phase lasted longer than the red light phase, I was finally able to get online.   That was yesterday afternoon and this morning I got on with no trouble, here in the living room.

If they start jamming us again I'll see if there's something else I can do about it.   I know how much parasites dread exposure.  That awareness, and acting on it, is a better weapon than guns against this tyranny, I hope you know.  Think of all the orgonite we've deployed in our little area just to take care of this minor nuisance.   Here's an indicator of how counterproductive their predatory acts are becoming, now.  More orgonite is always better and this place is mighty sweet by now.

The runway is really wet, with big puddles all over the place.  There's a high spot near our house that's long enough for me to take off and land without going through a puddle but yesterday I didn't put my flaps down enough to get off in that short stretch, so I went through a puddle and my windshield and goggles were splashed Wink .   I landed neatly in that little stretch on the edge of the runway, though. I'm looking forward to marking a line in the spring and practicing taking off and landing on the line so I can use remote roads for operations when Carol and I continue reversing the American desert in earnest next fall.  Ixma in Mexico plans to collaborate with us from that side.  Let me know if you want to participate, okay? Its going to be tons of fun.