A Recovered ET Device and Some Russian Jackboots Feb 6, 04

Pavel lives in Perm, Russia, which is just west of the Ural Mountains.  
Early last fall, he and his father were on their way to their ancestral village in the mountains when they encountered a UFO crash site in the forest near the narrow highway.   They stopped the car,  walked around the site and recovered an object that resembles a sort of dumbbell. Pavel took that home with him. 

 When Pavel tried to wash the dirt from the device he was unable to force it underwater.   

There were patterns of dots on the opposite ends of the device that gradually changed their configuration and  this rather worried him, so he hid it in his garage.   A radiation detector showed that the device wasn't radioactive, at least, but he was anxious to get it to someone who could at least tell him what it is.

After reading some of our journal reports on www.educate-yourself.org Pavel emailed me about the possibility of getting it evaluated here in the US, so we made arrangements with him to send it here via DNS, whose affiliate in the US is Airborne Express.

It was guaranteed to arrive here in a week but after a month we decided to look into why it hadn't arrived.  Since all the major private carriers are owned by the CIA I didn't expect it to come in a timely way but a month was a lot longer than they usually delay packages to us and Pavel had prudently not supplied a tracking number, since he was already sticking his neck WAY out just sending the thing to us.

Carol and I had sessions every night and she tracked it from its timely arrival in the US to a CIA lab at one of the Boeing facilities in Seattle.  We blasted the snot out of the tecchie who was charged with figuring out what the device is, then the Langley people who were flown in to take over from him and Carol was sure it actually reached our town but that the delivery guy got confused by our odd address and sent it back to Russia.  That happens sometimes with ordinary FedEx and UPS packages but they know the town better. We rarely see Airborne Express trucks here.

As you'll see, Pavel was imprisoned right after he sent the thing to us and they recently released him and dropped the charges.  Carol says that this is because the Russian gov't finally got their bloody hands on the device.    So much for Glasnost, eh? ;-)

Linda and Carol looked at Pavel's diagram and their visions of the thing were in concert: They feel that it's a weapon and also a sort of homing device, the changing dot patterns relating to the proximity of members of the specie of ET who made it, according to what they were seeing.

If anyone's in a position to receive our energy boosts, Pavel is, so please take a minute to send him some, okay?   I think that will be enough to turn his unfortunate circumstances around now.  We weren't terribly disappointed that the device never arrived here but we are very sorry that Pavel went through that ordeal and it's likely that if we had received it, he'd be dead now.

This is why we never try to second guess The Operators, who are the final arbiters in cases like this.  The Russian government is still monolithic and predatory, unfortunately, so I'm not even contemplating doing any energy reprisals for what they did to this innocent man.   I'm just glad they didn't torture and murder him.  

I think that any hidden plans that the Russian  gov't has for global conquest would have to rely on the countless thousands of Russian (ostensibly UN) troops on and under US and European soil right now but I think we can deal with that in a timely and appropriate way no matter what anyone in the Kremlin decides to do. 

I have a  strong hunch that the gov't there has distributed thousands of orgonite cloudbusters in an effort to end the London-financed HAARP drought/famine agenda for that country.  The presence of so much orgonite can't help but to raise the awareness and desire for freedom of the citizenry, so they'll probably be unable to get the population there to support any foreign military campaigns at any rate ;-)

Here's the email that  I got from Pavel today.  I hadn't heard from him since the day he sent the package in October.

~Don Croft


Hello Don!

You probably did not hope to hear from me?
It's me, Pavel. Forgive, that did not write so long. It was not on my fault.

Probably it is interesting to you, what has taken place. And so.
After I have come in post service, there for me already waited.
As soon as I began fill documents, people came to me and were presented, that they from militia.
I have arrested and have taken in a department for the further investigation.
There I was two days, then I have taken away in prison.

Long let's contact relatives, even the wife of nothing knew.
She has declared my loss in militia, and there have not told to her where I'm.

People from the governmental services tried to find out to whom I wanted to send a parcel.
I have told them, that wanted to send object in laboratory to Moscow.

I have told the truth about how I have found this object. They nothing know about you.

All this time I was  in prison, it is very bad to be there, to nobody I shall wish it.
I can't  talk anybody and call, even the lawyer did not give.
It seemed to me, that all is awfully bad!

They tried to present me some laws which I have broken,
infringement of the state secret and something else.
You imagine, on one of laws to me threatened 20 years of the conclusion in prison.

I even thought of suicide, only the idea on family and children of me has rescued.
All was finished. Case has not reached court.
I do not understand in legal system and laws, therefore is exact I can't to tell, why.

They have came for me, have told, that case is closed, because there is no structure of a crime.

They searched my house, interrogated my wife and familiar.
All was finished well, it could be worse.

When I have returned, have found, that I have dismissed from job.
Such news. The main thing I am alive, healthy and I am in safety.
I do not know what now to do, some friends have turned away from me.
I shall search for job.

How are you, what news?
How has Christmas?
I waiting for your answer.

With the best regards.