Send More Energy Through Patrick Swinney, Please!

Sherry, Patrick's wife, just let me know that there's been a positive development in Patrick's appeal!   The crooked Alabama judge has just rejected the appeal without allowing the hearing to take place, which is the same as saying, 'I'm afraid to let this get onto public record!'

The Alabama Attorney General ('top predatory prosecutor' for those outside the US) was apparently consulting with the judge before this decision was made.

Patrick's proof of innocence has automatically been sent to the Alabama Supreme Court, where a public hearing will get even more attention ;-) and if they're abyssmally stupid enough to refuse it, the case will go to the US District Court.  Every step of the way, Patrick's case is getting more chutzpah, of course.

Here's another case of the old world order cutting off it's rosacious nose to spite its face, folks!  It's exactly the same as Alan Greenspan telling the world last week that 'The Federal REserve Corporation has too much power!' and the executive branch of this fake US government are eating each other's entrails over the current debacle in Iraq.

I think that the only people who now support this fake federal government are the drunk and deranged and they're not an asset.

It's just going to get better and better from now on.

We're seeing Patrick's case as a lynchpin to collapse the vast American Gulag now, so please give him your best effort!  At least one terrific blast through Patrick, okay?  He's in high spirits, by the way.