Will the last one to leave this CIA board please turn off the lights?

8 March 2004

Now that Mark Davey’s got everything in order on boards.ethericfreedomfighters.com I’m going to start posting there exclusively and  stop posting on this board and I hope you’ll do the same now.

Hopefully, he can just put something on the opening page of this CIA-owned board that indicates the move but if not, be assured that when this proboards site is overrun with all the 80 or so CIA and MI6 agents who are no longer allowed to post anything on the legitimate orgonite boards it’s because Mark will have been unable to do the deed properly.  Don’t be disheartened by that; rather consider that ensuing,  debilitating flood of subterfuge as one more shadow/light contrast confirmation of what we’re all doing, then hold your nose and get registered on the new site.  If you’re fascinated by the stink of decay and stick around here after the move, shame on you! ;-)  You’d be better of paying two bits to see a dead whale on a flatcar.

I experienced some hacker rat interference when I went to the new site but it was surprisingly easy to stop them, probably because they can’t get easy access to a private server.   

You need to know, now, that there’s a ‘hundredth monkey’ effect showing itself in this informal global network lately.  The more a few of us strive to master the new offensive devices, the easier it is for anyone else to overcome these predators and parasites.  Have you noticed that all you have to do now when you’re getting assaulted by psionics, EMF, or psychic predators, even by the offworlders, is to just get mad and direct your anger at them and it stops?  This only started happening very recently, after the latest psionic and   poisoning offensive by the CIA,  MI6 and their offworld and reptilian cohorts.

Don’t confuse the present lull with final victory, by the way.  Those desparate fools are simply licking their wounds and looking for a new way to try to harm us.  The fact that the harder they try, the more dramatically they fail hasn’t apparently occurred to them yet.  This is a function of orgonite, by the way:  the stronger the DOR source, the more orgone this material will put out.

McGinty has taken us to the next level beyond the Powerwand, for instance, and he and I are seeing that we don’t need to be physically holding the devices any more in order to use them effectively.

Sensei Dennis has developed an even newer device, after months of meditation with some oriental swordmasters, that may even eclipse The Cannon, and so forth.

The nice thing for all of us inventors is that the new stuff in no way negates what went before and I still use my powerwand even though it’s been in Africa for almost a year ;-)

The clear objective is to do it all with no devices.  It seems obvious to me that orgonite and all the related tech are for our training in order to move humanity to a higher state of awareness, freedom, responsibility and effectiveness.

Danion Brinkley once noted that the internet and cellphones are intermediate steps for humanity on the path toward mass telepathy and many of us are now in contact with benevolent ET and earthly entities who mainly and even exclusively communicate that way.  There’s a step that will move us beyond ‘speaking’ with them through our instincts to talking with them directly and some have already taken that step.  The fact that these few EFFers  aren’t discussing it much is evidence of their personal integrity, plus  shyness.

Carol and I found a bit of radium, apparently, stuck to our bathroom floor.   I saw it glowing in the dark one night,  picked it up and put in on a piece of tape, then after Laozu Kelly and Carol both determined that the bit of glowing stuff was putting out a Huge Amount of deadly orgone radiation, I stuck it to a Holy Handgrenade in our bedroom.  After a few days the radium (?) no longer glowed in the dark, nor does it put out any DOR at all now.  So much for halflife, eh? ;-)

Cbswork told us that a section of Venice Beach in LA had been irradiated so severely that everything there is dead.  This was apparently done from an aircraft or satellite somehow in an effort to force residents to leave so that the US Navy can grab their property and complete a facility there.  We’re waiting to see how much gifting will be required to counter those effects and bring the plantlife back, though of course the radiation is obviously being ‘renewed’ after every gifting mission.  This is a very special case, of course.  LA was the Illuminati’s favorite DOR test bed until LAARP snatched it away from them.

~Don Croft