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[2010 June] 'I'm attracted to girls and like animalistic sex': Cameron Diaz shocks fans with graphic confession

Before and after

Before and after 'Cameron Diaz was replaced in 1994, not 1995 as many on TKIN believe. Throughout late 1994 and also 1995 & 1996 there were many "hybrid" photos taken of her. In fact, almost all of them from this period were hybrids of her and the "new" Cameron.'--- The Mask

Again, the authentic Cameron in a 1993 pic:

Now, a hybrid photo of Cameron/Fameron that appeared in the November 1994 issue of Playboy. Given that they usually print the issues several months ahead of time, this pic has to be taken no later than late summer/early fall of 1994. Since The Mask was released in late July of 1994, the replacement was already set by the time the movie was released. Cameron had about a year to be Cameron.

Another hybrid of Cameron/Fameron taken in 1995 or 1996:

Fameron=wide shoulders & narrow hips

Cameron=hips nearly as wide as shoulders, more of a hourglass figure, fuller figure

Look alikes


Hand sign (Satanic/horn)

Just a browse of her IMDB comment page shows you her change is obvious, it's just that all but a few will put it down to aging. Hardly scientific but I think interesting nevertheless.

Some thread titles, starting with the most illuminating:

IMO. She hasn't ben sexy since The Mask

Wow.....born 1972? I thought she as nearly 50!

Aging very badly...............

The sun has aged her

Now she looks like and old fugly alien

Only 38?

No Longer a sex symbol

Photos from Green Hornet premier are depressing

Looking so old - it's embarrasing

Halle Berry is 6 years older

Is she a white latina?

The first reply to this thread says 'White, blonde woman with blue eyes? Pretty clear she's not a latina.'

Cameron in The Mask

The OP in this thread asks:

'What do you think it is that made Cameron so attractive in The Mask as opposed to now? I watched the movie the other day and was trying to figure out what happened to her gorgeous figure. Was it just weight loss? My guy friend said she had a good amount of muscle mass plus a decent amount of body fat which is what made her figure so gorgeous in that movie but I'm just looking for other thoughts too'

The switch happened directly after The Mask, the replacement's first film was 1995's The Last Supper.

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