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[2016 July] Is Lymph Node Removal with Cancer Surgery Really Necessary?   “No published randomized controlled trial exists that demonstrates improved overall survival for patients with cancer of any type undergoing surgery of the regional lymphatics. We believe the presence of tumour in the regional lymphatics indicates the presence of systemic disease, and therapeutic interventions should be directed accordingly.”

[2016 Feb] Mastectomies Are Really Dangerous

Organ Removal for "Cancer Prevention"

"An Assessment of Orthodox Treatments of Cancer" by Don Benjamin

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[Cancer therapy] Lymph nodes dissected

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[2011 March] 'I'm a ladies' man who can never make love': Andrew Lloyd Webber reveals prostate cancer battle has left him impotent

[pdf 1979] IS THE CURRENT TREATMENT OF CANCER SELF-LIMITING IN THE EXTENT OF ITS SUCCESS? by Ernst H. Krokowski   It can no longer be doubted that under certain conditions diagnostic or surgical procedures can result in metastases. Analysis of metastatic growth rates has shown that from 30% (in hypernephroma) to 90% (in sarcoma and seminoma) of the diagnosed metastases were provoked by such procedures. This has been established by numerous animal experiments and clinical observations and necessitates a change in the currently held concept of cancer therapy. The previously applied and proven treatments by surgery and radiation must be preceded by metastasis prophylaxis. Three different ways to achieve such a prophylaxis are proposed.

"Taking a biopsy often aggravates and stimulates growth, and does not indicate how any secondary tumors have developed."  — Charles Mayo, MD, in Lynn Dallin, Cancer Causes and Natural Controls, 1983.

"There seems to be little doubt that cancer can be spread from the primary site to distant tissues. There are numerous ways that surgical manipulation could be responsible for this."— Vincent Vita, Director, NCI, and Steven Rosenberg, AID, NCI, Cancer: Principles mid Practice of Oncology, 1982.