1st Manmade HAARPICANE of the season

1st Manmade HAARPICANE of the season - June 10, 2006 13:07

 Coincidently arriving to sw florida just as the Crofts finish gifting the Gulf.

Let's see how well the the Death towers are able to ramp up this storm now that

most of the towers have been gifted.

It's not a HAARPICANE yet, so this will be interesting to see how much more wind they can get out of it as it tracks thru florida.

My hunch is "they" want to test the busted towers and ramp them up as much as they can, so if this storm doesn't increase to hurrican force winds, we WIN and their

billions of dollars worth of death towers are now JUNK !!!!!




No Subject - June 13, 2006 07:53

 you are absolutely right eric. they are running a test. here's why we know this. tropical weather this time of year follows the time honored pattern of originating out of the azores near the north-west african coast. dave emmett is usually the lead edge of incoming storms.

 this  haarpical depression prematurely named alfonzo or alphonzo is actually the third in a series of gulf tests. the first two were over by texas earlier in june. did anyone hear of these? i did and i also heard dr. frank of the haarpicane center publicly announce that the second of these two texas trial runs was being"ABORTED"! he used the word aborted on tv you guys!

 yesterday as i looked at satellite pictures of haarpical storm alpha i clearly saw three hexagonal cloud shapes about 40 miles in diameter laid on top of oneanother like a row of dimes towards the center of circulation which was right over the area we had just gifted on the northern leg of the massive west coast gifting sortie. three equal burns in the atmosphere, each burn about fourty minutes long, judging from wind velosity. they did not increase the storm intensity at all. the thing has all but disappeared by today. their tech isn't working anymore in gifted areas. it's as plain as day ... or satellite images in this instance


No Subject - June 13, 2006 20:21

 corrections: velocity and alberto, not alfonzo

NO Manmade disaster this time - June 15, 2006 20:06
Right on, Jackson.

Alberto was certainly a CONTRIVED storm and did lose it's direction and force because of all the orgonite out there near Tampa , the bay and inland.

I followed the tracking of it and it went ashore above Tampa and without much destructive force.

I guess they know now they will have a hard time creating this season's HAARPICANE's and

directing them towards the Gulf and the west side of florida.

I'll bet you one fed agent photo  the next ARTIFICIAL storm works the east side of florida

rather than the gulf side .

I say bring it on towards Manhattan and Martha's Vineyard, they will be real embarrrased then when their HAARPICANE doesn't do diddly.



P.S. 100 or so TB"S into the Ocean off Cape Cod the last few days .

louis onder
Operation Hurricane Shield - June 15, 2006 22:17
I hate to be the one who breaks the news to the American public that 911 was not the last big episode involving coerced domestic terrorism, but so be it. As a matter of fact, the wildfires, hurricanes, chemtrails, and drug trafficking fall into the same catregory. But due to the fact that it would take many volumes to cover all of these related subjects, I will try to stay with the main topic (after a few comments) about hurricanes in this post. One thing I will touch upon is the fact that certain people whose relatives hold the highest political offices around the world and most of all control the money decided hundreds of years ago to develop (America) the worldís mightiest and free-est nation to itís peak and systematically destroy it (after 3 world wars) and create a one world government. This plan is now entering itís apex as many of us have awakened to this fact and decided to thwart these plans and maintain our freedoms, etc. They said they would burn America and from itís ashes the satanic phoenix bird would rise signaling the birth of the New World order. The wildfires prove they are burning America. But this is where come in. We are proving that we can heal our environment with orgonite and produce balanced rainfall and stop their wildfires. We have also proved that we can stop major tornadoes and hurricanes from the eliteís weather weapon technology. The recent Tropical Storm Alberto is proof of this fact.

This tropical storm kind of reminds me of a blown engine that spews (oil) liquid everywhere as it shuts down and comes to a quick halt. We have a people down in Florida including Jeff Mckinley, Eric Carlsen and others  who have worked very hard to nail the coffin shut and prevent these environmental disasters along with the main man Don Croft who has been gifting the oceans and this work alone will help ensure our freedom and safety in this country for a long time. I look at the oceans as the life blood of the world so nothing is more important than gifting the oceans. I cannot do these wonderful people justice with words but I will say they are all world-class humanitarians helping to keep our world in balance. I have several friends helping me who I will not name, but their efforts have worked wonders for the state of Alabama and some of the surrounding regions. The fact the hurricane Alberto actually tried to SQUEEZE between Alabama and Florida speaks volumes to me! Maybe theyíll change itís name to COLONBERTO because it acted more like a bowel movement than anything else. This storm got the wind taken out of itís sails by ORGONITE long before it could obtain hurricane status than it petered out! Yes my friends, we have made history again by working together because itís the only way! I just got some good news that FEMA has many members that gift with orgonite as they travel, and many of them even gifted New Orleans when they were sent after Hurricane Katrina hit. This may very well be the reason why their activities were delayed in the beginning because their higher ups were notified. Imagine how many other locations the members of FEMA may have gifted by now. This only proves that our numbers are growing by infiltrating the very organizations that have been working against us. Can you say synchronicity?

I am so glad to be living in the most thrilling and wondrous period in the entire history of this planet!

"There is never a dull moment in my life thatís for sure."

"Iíd hate to be GW Bush or swinging Dick Cheney when they give them a review of their of progress for the year 2006."

"I hear they have yet to break wind outside of their own bathrooms."

But Iíll bet they both know how to spell HAARPICANE!


No Subject - June 26, 2006 11:39


  and now ladies and gentlemen, the fourth tropical swirl of the season: http://www.orbit.nesdis.noaa.gov/smcd/opdb/aviation/loops/realtime/hurrvis_loope.html

  it's beginning was on the same day we ran a nautical gifting run up the great florida coral reef from the underwater jesus statue  at john pennekamp state park at the southern end of key largo all the way to hollywood, fla, some sixty miles of rough seas.

 don has refered to that trip on other threads herein this site.

 if the map included works for you , you can clearly see the impotent remnants of yet another FAILED attempt at haarpishly trying to 'get it up' here in the penisnula state.

 as predicted by our long-range rexnad system, the season is indeed off to a merry start with  the four playful haarpical swirls so far.

  the national weather disservice announced days ago that they were watching a haarpical disturbance 200 miles east of the bahamas last  weekend, right after our trip. here you can see the lovely swirling directly over our heads gently. our passive orgonite system was the operative factor and we enlisted no help from our giant friends.

 when you look at it systematically, swirls have been tested in the western gulf ,central gulf, eastern gulf and now the bahamas. shall we predict jacksonville ocean area next or go down to yucatan? 



John PennyCamp - June 26, 2006 12:45

 I put orgonite in the drink and in the brush at John Penny Camp on 2 different trips there over the last couple of years !

I guess it needed more :)

Great job you all are doing.

I want a haarpicane to come up to the Vineyard, so I can show you all how much Orgonite I have out in the ocean around here :)


Been to the Cracker Barrel lately ?

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No Subject - June 26, 2006 16:44


  yeah, man!  carol and i have seen your handywork down there. outstanding!

  the trips we have taken are about five miles out along the reef edge. since you busted the towers we  are setting up a line that surrounds florida which is that far out to sea. we are now thinking and testing if orgonite is not indeed amplified in water, and large fields of it working synergistically.

 from the harrpical swirl attempts so far i am personally betting that our theory is true.

 now as far as getting a storm up to you in boston to test your oceanic orgone field... ask the national hurricane center(sic) if they will accomadate you. seriously, send them an email asking for a swirl. i bet you  they won't be able to get one there either.

 eric, why don't you plan on coming down here later when things pick up (if they do) and hang with us and enjoy the fruits of your labor? we may need to move some stuff around just to watch the effects.

No Subject - June 26, 2006 16:52


 p.s. eric... speaking of cracker barrel... you were right in your prediction of where the next swirl would be (east of fla.). so who gets to put up the agent picture?

Don Croft
No Subject - June 29, 2006 06:43
One nice thing about following our instincts is that it ties us into some finer sychronicity than the sewer rats can manage. I'm often puzzled by the excessive force of some of their reprisals after we do a seemingly mundane job, like laying that line of TBs for sixty or so miles along the shore from Key Largo to North Miami ;-)

I wasn't too suprirsed when the feds sucked 40 gallons out of the boat's gas tank the night before we gifted the bioweapon dump off the coast NW of Tampa, then wounded Carol the next day (she's doing a lot better by now)--90 or so miles of gifted red tide coastline that trip. The SWAT cops at the boatramp as we finished up seemed a little over the top

What Louis did along the Alabama and Mississippi coast showed some dramatic positive effects during last year's vindictive World Odor Terrorist assault and Dr Group and crew have put a lot of orgonite into the Gulf in the vicinity of HOuston, I was recently told, so maybe that's what caused the HAARPies to 'abort' the earlier HAARPicane attempts over there.

I assumed we were coming to Florida for the dolphins but it was clearly rather to defeat HAARP in the region, though we see dolphins just about every time we go out.. South Florida, Yucatan's north coast and Cuba is apparently their chosen corridor for HAARPicanes from the Azores and into the Gulf of Mexico. DAve Emmett's efforts in Barbados are clearly seen in the fact that the HAARPies now try to generete the fake storms in the Western Caribbean, rather. I think that their efforts to initiate HAARPicanes in teh Gulf and in the Bahamas shows desperation and they're waking up some PJ folks that way.

Busting HAARP in Yucatan is do-able but though STeve and Dean busted some towers in Cuba as tourists I think anyone who focused time and effort into disabling the extensive coastal HAARP network in WEstern Cuba would possibly end up as one of that Jesuit lapdog, Fidel the Terrible's, permanent guests. I don't think I'd stick my neck out that far. 

The AZores are loaded with HAARP transmitters, by the way, and it would be great if someone would spend a week there and bust them all. I got that report from a visitor to those islands. Taking a CB along would probably slow down that incessant wind, too. It's said that the wind always blows pretty hard, there.

I always thought Carol and I would return to Andros Island in the Bahamas to look for that underwater ATlantean ruin on the edge of the Tongue of the Ocean, a couple hours southeast of Kemps Bay but ithe purpose of our visit (Jeff's coming with us) is probably to bust the gargantuan, very remote HAARP aray that's on nautical charts, mainly--that's an hour or so east of Kemps Bay on a calm day. The three towers, a mile or so apart in an east/west line, are on the Gand Bahama Bank, a huge area of fairly shallow wate surrounding Andros and the Tongue of the Ocean. The underwater base, 4,000 feet down, is close to the edge of that Bank, near the location of the three towers. Service facilities are on Andros and I notice that all the details were digitally altered on Google Earth so that no bases at all are seen--kind of weird, since I've visited a couple of those bases by boat and on foot. The military people who work there get pretty nervous when anyone comes around but they don't put up fences and they dress in civilian clothes beause they're pretending that their work isn't secret. The Bahamians all know the score, of course ;-)

We haven 't been out on a calm day, so far. Every time we go out, HAARP sends us nasty sea conditions. Jeff travelled 150 miles north in March to gift the nearest functional weatherball in that direction in order to get us some relief but it didn't change anything so I'm wondering if they're doing this from space, perhaps with their parasitic alien friends' help. In Reich's day all weather warfare came from spaceships and from atmospheric A-bomb detonations in thirteen states. I bet you thought that all took place in New Mexico and Nevada. By the early 1970s, HAARP was well established throughout the world--I bet you didn't know that, either. Nick Begich' pofessional obsession with that big, experimental array in Alaska and STan Deyo's claim that weathe warfare is conducted from Alaska, Latvia, Australia and one or two other massive HAARP arrays are misdirects, of course. I doubt you can go anywhere in the world, on land, and not see HAARP arrays dotted across the landscape.

We're resigned to having to plow thru bone-crushing headseas at 12mph to get across the ever-turbulent Gulf STream to bust the HAARP facilities on Grand Bahama Island, first, and get our cruising pemit for when we return to Bimini and Andros Islands, later. AT least it's proof positive that Carol adn I didn't invest in pleasure boating when we came here ;-)

The dolphin pod that greets people near Bimini are back in action since STeve Baron gave them plenty of orgonite last fall, at least, so maybe we can swim with them on our way to Andros to gift that big, underwater base and the HAARP behemoth. There will be surpises, too, of course--there always are. We'll probably finish ringing South Florida with orgonite before we go; we're almost done and the fun stuff is left--gifting the rest of the reef along the Keys and gifting from the ferry which runs from Ft Myers to Key West.