May 2005 Trip to Hawaii

Carol Croft
May 2005 Trip to Hawaii - June 18, 2006 19:53
May 2005: Trip to Hawaii.

Itís the first morning on the Kona Coast in Hawaii. I was drawn here because I had heard of a bay here that you could swim out from the beach and be with the dolphins. There is a whole community that lives near this bay, totally devoted to the dolphins. 

I got in late about dusk and turned in early. The next morning I got up and went out on the balcony to have my tea. A good friend of mine, Linda, came on the trip with me.

We were sitting there drinking our tea and we noticed how weird it was to look out at the ocean. It was nothing like I thought it would be. Looking out at the ocean was like looking at a picture of the ocean. I couldínt hear the sound of the water and there was no movement. It was like the energy was stuck or void. Neither one of us could figure it out.

There is a mountain right behind the hotel. There seemed to be something big there holding down the energy. 

After tea we had to drive back out to the airport to exchange our rental car. As we were driving back out to the Kona Airport we noticed that there was a rather large area where the energy seemed totally dead, void of good or bad energy. Even the ground seemed dead.

 I had brought quite a bid of orgonite with me. I didnít think I was going to have to get busy thefirst day though. I thought, that, because it was an Island, the ocean energy would have taken care of any negative energy, but I guess I was wrong. So on the way back from the airport that day I gifted a few places along the way. Then I gifted an area right down town in Kailua-Kona.

3 Tbs were placed in strategic placesWe didnít do a whole lot this day because our first dolphin swim was the next day. We were going out with John Coast. He use to work with Joan Ocean. I think he still does from time totime. He is a very mild mannered man. Very in tune with the dolphins. His favorites are thewhales though. So, on Saturday morning, we boarded his boat and started south down the coast. 

We soon found a good sized pod. We got in the water with them. They were very interested in us. They swam right up to us, around us, beneath us. I was so blown away by their closeness with us that I totally forgot to take any pictures that first day. When I got back in the boat I gifted 2 orgonite dolphin gifts to them. One thing I keep going back to is, that they were so close but there was little or no dolphin noise. There was a presence in the water. A large dark shadow. I still havenít figured out what it was. It may have been a good sized ray. The water was really deep but extremely clear. 

After they started going further south John asked us if we wanted to go see if we could find some pilot whales. So we started out away from land. We never found any this time so we started back to the marina again. The water here is such a beautiful color. The deeper water is cobalt blue and then it progressively gets lighter and lighter blue as the water gets shallower. It is so mystical.

 The message I was getting from the dolphins this day was to be ourselves, live in the

moment. Hold love in our hearts. To be strong in our power as individuals so that we can

truly help the whole. If we hold this power in a loving way, we will be fine.

 Itís Sunday morning and we were told we should go see Mauna Kea, a 14,000 foot

dormant Volcano on the northern part of the Island. At the top of the volcano are the

largest Observatories in the world.

 We got out our maps and on one of the maps we saw that there was a big Army base:

Pohakuloa Military Training area. I knew right away we needed to gift it. So with our supply

of orgonite gifts in the trunk, we were off.

 Before we got there I started gifting tbs. After the 2nd one I saw, psychically, these little

dark skinned guys with tall head dresses of some kind, dancing and jumping around. They

reminded me of pygmy people. I told Linda what I was seeing to see if she knew who or

what they were. She told me they were Menehune. They are a type of elemental here.

They were jumping up and down with joy. After the third gift their joy, for us being here,

was so intense that the tears just started streaming down my face. It was such an intense

feeling of joy.

 I gifted a total of 9 tbs and 1 hhg on the way up to the mountain The road to the

mountain goes right through the northern part of the base. :) There were signs along the

way warning us of involuntary vehicle searches. I gifted one of these signs with extreme

reverence. :)

 Right before the turn to the observatory there were two little owls that flew in front of the

car. I knew they were showing their approval....I gifted them a tb too.

 When we got up to the first observation point on Mauna Kea we found out they wouldnít let

usproceed without a 4 wheel drive vehicle. We did get up to the 9000 ft. mark though.

 The Hawaiians thought of Mauna Kea as Heaven, or where the Gods and Goddesss lived.

The island people would take the umbilical cords of their children up the mountain and

throw them into the lake up near the summit. This was for luck and well-being of their

children. (Protection)

 The island people are very upset by all the big observatories on the summit. There is a big

deal going on to block any further construction or desecration of the native holy site. I had

one hhg and 2 tbs left. It felt so good to leave them here on the mountain. It is too bad

that I couldnít leave them at the top of the mountain, but this would have to do.

 We stayed on the mountain till the full moon rose. At dusk the people who work at the

visitor center roll out big telescopes so you can look at the different constellations and

such. They were very helpful and very knowledgable. It was pretty neat. When the moon

rose it looked like it was rising from below us. I have never seen anything like it. It was

beautiful. I was in awe.

 Then we started down the mountain. We got about 20 miles from Kona when we were hit

by the huge release of energy from the mountain. It was like a reservoir letting go. It

swished through, taking every bit of energy I had. Linda fell asleep in the passenger seat

and I barely made it back. I was so tired I had to go straight to bed. I have never felt such

a release of energy. It was amazing.

 The next morning I got up and went out on the balcony with my tea and there was an

unbelievable difference. It was like night and day. Everything was so alive. There were

birds singing , there was a very nice breeze. I could smell the beautiful fragance of the 

nearby flowers. Everything was so alive. So much different than my experience on the first

dayhere in this exotic place. I was so amazed by the difference.

 Our next day out with the dolphins was a dolphin swim with Joan Ocean. She is a very

focused,but very kind person. She told us about the whalfin. The new orca and dolphin

baby on Maui.They have a captive Orca in a pen near the dolphins. One of the dolphins

was going and visiting the orca at night when no one was watching. Who would think a

dolphin would go anywhere near an Orca? Orcas usually kill dolphins. Not this one,

apparently. Orcas are the largest species of dolphin, after all.

 Anyway we went out with Joan Ocean and Captain Vido. We saw huge pods of dolphins. We

got in the water a couple of different times. These dolphins are so different from the

dolphins in Costa Rica. This experience is completely different. It is a much deeper

experience. I feel like this is the next stage of my personal dolphin initiation. Schooling if

you will. I am definitely up to the challenge. Iím soaking it up like a sponge. I feel like I

canít get enough.

 I heard once that from the moment of birth, humans are looking for that pure love. The

love of the creator, the love that they came from. This I would think comes very close to

that. I gifted 2 balls on this boat ride too.

 After our dolphin swim we headed up to Sky Island Ranch, which is Joan Oceanís Ranch.

We spent the night there, we didnít see much of Joan until the next morning. I wanted to

have a little confab with her about my experiences with the Sasquatch, but she was on her

way out early. We spoke breifly at breakfast. She was headed out early with, Jack

"Kewaunee" Lapseritis. M.S., the author of "The Psychic Sasquatch and their UFO


 He has been living on Maui with a group of sasquatch. Very interesting. When I got back

from Hawaii I bought his book so I could learn more about this interesting guy. I have

always had a fascination with the Sasquatch.

 One of the girls that work at Sky Island Ranch told us she was headed down to the bay

andshe told us she would show us the way. We quickly got ready and followed her down to

the bay...Kealakekua Bay is not far from the ranch only a short 15 minute drive. We got

down there and as we were walking over the rocks, couldnít believe our eyes. There were

dolphins all over in the bay.

 We were so excited to get in the water. It is not your typical

beach. It is very rocky and a little tricky getting in, somewhat intimidating with the waves

crashing in but we were so excited about getting in the water with the dolphins that we

hardly paid notice. I was swimming out and I got really tired. So I put my face down in the

water to rest. In salt water when you are snorkeling, if you get tired you can just put your

face down and float, to rest....Anyway I was just laying there resting, trying to catch my

breath. When my breathing finally eased I started to look around. I could hear the

dolphins,so I knew they were close by.

 I turned my head to the side and to my shock, there was a

dolphin laying in the water next to me. One on each side of me. I was flabbergasted, to 

saythe least....They told me that it was O.K. I didnít have to hurry that they were right


 They were very proud of me for taking care of myself. It was so, emotional for me I

had to refocus my breathing again. I couldnít believe they were so close to me. I could

have touched them with little effort. What a great first connection to make with them.

 I swam farther and there were so many of them. First you could hear them and then they

would come into view. They were making laps in the bay coming close by the swimmers.

They would come by and look at us and some of them had leaves that they would catch on

their flippers. They would come by and drop their leaf right in front of me. It was like they

were asking me to come play. I tucked one of the leaves in my swimming suit so they

would see that Iknew what they were communicating. I could feel their sonar on my skin. It

was like a thousand tiny kisses. Like imaginary bubbles hitting you skin, ever so gently.

What an experience!

 After I got out I put in 2 dolphin gifts in the bay, as a thank you. We didnít want to leave

the bay but we had made plans to stay at a friend's Bed and Breakfast. So we had to head

to the other side of the Island, over to Pahoa. I had dowsed the map to see where to gift.

I had brought a lot of orgonite with me to gift the perimeter of the island. I wanted

to get down to South Point but it was getting dark. I knew this was an important spot and I

was upset when it was getting so close to dark. So I dowsed it would be O.K. to gift a

couple of HHGs up at the top of the road, rather than to drive all the way down to the

point. I knew I would be back and could do it thoroughly then. So we pushed on.

 We had stopped in Naíaleha, for drinks and a snack. I noticed there was a Rock and Gem

shop next door. I went into the store. The store owner watched me come in. She was doing

a healing on someone. When she was done, she looked at me and said come over here,

you need some work too....I tried to get out of it. I told her I didnít have time. She

wouldnít take no for an answer.

 She grabbed my arm and sat me down on a huge smoky

herkimer, the size of a small chair. She started rubbing my head.with a stone. I had a

headache so at first this felt good. After a minute or so I felt there was something wrong.

It didnít feel right so I insisted that she stop. I literally had to force my way up and walk

away from her. She had implanted me. When I got back in the car the whole side of my

head was numb. I put my zapper magnet on my head right away. It gave me some relief.

 Whittington Beach was next. I had dowsed that I needed to put in a Dolphin Ball here. I

ended up putting in 2 of them. When I got down to the shore I rubbed the ball on my

head where it was still a little numb and I asked the dolphins to help me with the implant.

I threw the ball as hard as I could. Then I threw the second ball in as a thank you. When I

left here the numbness was goneso apparently the dolphins had helped me to neutralize

the implant.

 We got to Len Horowitzís Retreat Center / B&B. He had asked me previously if I could

come and take a look at the energy there to see I could do any thing. He had been having

some troubles with the previous owner. I walked around the house and I immediately saw

a big wall of energy. I gifted 2 HHGs down near the steam vents and 4 tbs across the back

of the property.

 I was told the reason for the wall was that some sort of desecration had

been done to the land. I asked Len about it later and he told me that he had a land crew

in and that they had cut down some old sacred trees before he could stop them. I also put

a dolphin ball in one of his small pools in the back.

 We spent the night and made use of his natural sauna. He pipes in steam right out of the

steamvents on the property. It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it if

you ever get to Hawaii. Lenís place is called "Steam Vent Inn" you can find it on line.

 The next morning when I got up I went out to take another look. I saw that the property

needed more work, it still didnít feel finished. I felt there needed to be more orgonite

down in the back and off to the right. Len started telling us about that there was a spot out

there that he called the Grand Canyon. It was a sink hole from the volcano.

 As soon as Isaw it I knew it was a place of human sacrifice. It reminded my friend Linda of

"The Wheel of Sacrifice."in N.M. I immediately threw in 2 Tbs ....We had Len say a prayer

for his land. He needed to claim the property for his own, and to let the nature spirits living

there know that he was not there to destroy anything but to help heal the land.

 Len told us he had bought the property from an Illuminati Guy. There is the 666 symbol

burned into a beam upstairs in the house.. This property is on the 19.5 north latitude line.

A very powerful line on the earth. Along this line there is a lot of alien activity. There is

easy access along this line for off worlders....After he told me this I knew what we had to

do: we needed to put an HHG on each corner of the property.

 So we proceeded to the Southeast corner of his property. I put down another HHG. And

then we went to do the front corners of his property. We put another on the N.W. corner.

Every time we put down another one Len would say a little prayer for the land. We then

proceeded walking down the highway looking for the N.E. corner marker post.

 We couldnít find it. We walked past it we thought. I checked in and knew we were

being interfered with. They didnít want Len to reclaim his property for the GOOD. Len

thought we had to have missed the marker post, so we turned around. Len was looking

closer at the brush looking for the marker. All of the sudden I was spun around and

knocked down to the ground. I rolled over and sat up and as I did I looked over and sure

enough there was the marker. It was just a little ways in and under the brush.

 We wouldnít have found it probably if it wouldnít have been for me being knocked down.

Len was amazed.... I just told him this sort of thing always happens to me....... So we put

down the last HHG and sealed off his property....It felt a lot better after we were done. We

went back to Lenís house and he gave me some salve for my scuffed up knee and we

continued on our way.

 We headed up to Hilo...There is a HAARP array North of Hilo on Hwy 19. So, of course I

couldnít resist gifting it. I also gifted 2 of Andy Schwarmís [] Dolphin Balls

and 1 of mine at Laupahoehoe Point Beach Park. We continued on our way then. We

wanted to get back close to the bay by night fall.

 Along the way we gifted about 5 more HHGs. And a few more Tbs. We had completely

circled the Big Island with orgonite. We got back shortly after dark.

 We had 2 more days with the dolphins in the bay. Each day was better than the last. The

dolphins come so close to you. There was an elder dolphin who kept coming up really

close. He would swim right in front of me and I would have to stop so I didnít run into him.

He would come right up and look right into my eyes. He gave me so many insights. This

was a phenomenal trip.

 It was on this trip that the dolphins gave me the added stone to put in the Harmonic

Protector. I went home and started making them this way and changed the symbol on the

front to the 3 circling dolphins. The dolphins communicated to me that I needed to add

this additional stone to help people progress even faster. They told me it was time for a

big shift. The three circling dolphins is a symbol for the Celtic goddess, "Nehalennia" She is

a protector of travelers, so I thought the symbol was perfect. We are all travelers on our

own path in this lifetime.

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Carol Croft
Second Trip to Hawaii March 2006 - June 18, 2006 20:29

Hawaii Trip

 Everything is so alive here this time. Itís so much different from the first time we were ere.

We got off the plane and went over to the car rental company. I was standing outside with

the baggage and I saw sparkles everywhere. The Menehune were dancing around the

bags. Theywere so glad we were back.

 Before I left on this trip I kept getting that we had to make sure we took care of Pele this

time in Hawaii. Here is a link to the story of Pele:

We had to go gift the volcano this time. So I made a special orgonite gift for her.

I made a matching one with a frequency box that would be left with Len Horowitz. Ryan

McGinty made the frequency box for me. Len asked me on my last trip to make a special

orgonite gift for him for the steam vents on his property. He lives at the foot of Mt Mauna

Loa. Not far from his retreat center you can see the lava coming down the hillside from the

volcano. Quite a sight at night. 

We went down to the bay the first day we were there and the water was really rough, to

rough to get in. The dolphins werenít there anyway. So we went over to a place called Two

Step. The sea turtles are there most of the time. I had gifted this place the last time here

with 3 dolphin balls. I could not get over how much this magical place had come alive. The

coral was so pretty now. Beautiful purples, yellow, orange, green. It was amazing. And so

many fish!   I was so amazed by the wonderful confirmations I saw there this time.

 The next day we tried the bay again and the dolphins were still not there. Weird....Our 

hosts had told us that the Nature Conservancy People were doing a year long study on the

Bay. On the impact the swimmers in the bay were having on the wild dolphins. It is really


The people who go there to swim with the dolphins, do it with such unbelievable reverance.

How this organization is going to prove that anything in the bay can be harmful to the

dolphins is beyond me.  The dolphins come right up to the people swimming in the bay. It

is so obvious that the dolphins want the human contact otherwise they wouldnít come into

the bay to begin with. Itís not like it is the only bay on the island they come into.

 Since we werenít going swimming in the bay today we decided to go into Kona and get

some lunch at our favorite little fish and chips cafť. When we got there it was gone. To bad

because it was a great little cafe.  Earlier we had been in a little shop and we asked the

owner which Whale Watching Tour was the best. She told us her favorite one left from the

middle of Kona.

 So while we were in town we went down to the dock and they were going out in about an 

hour.   We went down and took a swim to cool off and waited for the tour. The friendly

store owner had told us the guide on this particular tour was very knowledgable about the


 We got on the boat and headed out. I had 3 gifts in my bag. It was pretty cool-- we didnít

go out very far and we found some humpback whales. A ways out from us, a humpback 

jumped right out of the water, and fell on his side with a huge splash. It was amazing, how

a whale that size could bring practically his whole body out of the water like that.  

WOW.....And then another one came out of the water. It was so cool!

 The whales were right under the boat. It was a large party catamaran. The whales were 

singing under the boat. Their song vibrated through the whole boat. It was amazing.

I have never experienced that before. I have seen them from boats before but never

heard them, not like that.

 I left 2 gifts then and later we found some more humpbacks and I dropped my last gift. It

turns out that the whale guide was one of the Nature Conservancy people too. Oh man, he

was spouting off about how dangerous it was to swim with the whales and dolphins. Told us

stories of whales landing on boats and how dolphins bite.  COME ON!!!!! Other than that it

was a very enjoyable excursion.

 On the way back to our B&B it finally dawned on me that we werenít going to get to swim

with the dolphins until we took care of Pele and the volcano. So the next morning we

headed up to the volcano.

 I made sure I had my orgonite gifts for the volcano in the trunk and away we went. We

had looked the map of the island that morning and thought it would be fun to go to the

green sand beach. It was on South Point.  This is a place I dowsed the last time I was here

and got that it needed to be gifted.  Last time though it was getting dark on us and I had

to gift up near the highway and leave it at that. We didnít have the time to drive down to

the point then.

 We got there and turned down the South Point Rd and I remembered this was a place I

hadnít gifted enough last time. I had got that this was an important place to gift and I was

upset we didnít have the time to gift it right, the year before.

 Fate had brought us back to this spot to finish the job. We were driving down to South 

Point and I saw some HAARP towers up ahead so I started tossing out some Tbs and then

the closer we got I saw a Weather Ball on a short platform and a big dish antenna right

next to it. The weather ball and dish were barely high enough to see. They were trying to

keep them hidden. I triangulated them with 6 tbs. Boy did that feel good to

finish up what I had started the year before.

 We continued down to the Point and parked the car. It started pouring and we decided to

wait out the rain and go see how far it was to the green sand beach. We started walking

out the path. It is beautiful there inspite of the rain and clouds. We walked for about Ĺ an

hour and it started raining again pretty heavily.  So we found a little

sheltered spot to sit.

 I went out on some rocks where the surf was coming in. It was so magical. I was sitting

there and the surf was pounding in on both sides of me. I was sitting there tuning in to

see what we needed to do next. I opened my eyes and looked up.....huge waves were

coming in on both sides of me. They were higher than where I was sitting but I wasnít

getting wet.  They were coming in around me but just not right where I was sitting. These

waves had to be about 6-8 feet. So cool, so magestic... I gifted this magical spot with 3

dolphin balls.

 By the time we got to the volcano it was getting dark. We stopped at the visitor center and

a very nice gentlemen guided us to a B&B... The next morning we went up to the caldera. I

got that we should gift 13 tbs around the rim and then Pele showed me where to gift the

special gift for her. The volcano was not what I thought it would be. I was ready for the 

energy to be very intense and it was very grounded.  Very calm..... When I put

down the special Pele gift it was like the volcano just sighed and the gift was drawn into the

volcano. It was so peaceful there. I said a little prayer for the volcano and for Pele and

then I stood up and turned around CW 3 times to seal the prayer into the land there.

Then we proceeded on down the other side of the volcano to Pahoa, where Len Horowitz

has a retreat center. I needed to deliver the orgonite gift that Len had requested on my

last trip. He wanted a device that could be hooked up to the love freqency, 528 beats per

second. The device I made for him was an exact replica of the one I left at the top of the

caldera. The only difference with Lenís was that the "Cesco Coil" inside the matrix of the

device was wired up to a frequency box that Ryan McGinty made for me with the 528/Love


 Len wanted to put the device in the steam vent area of his facility. Len is doing a lot of

work which envolves putting this frequency into water.  He has a book that has just come

out, called "Walk on Water." It is a book about putting the love frequency into water to

affect a change on the planet and the people. It is the same as what we are doing with

putting orgonite into the water/oceans. He is working with Dr. Omoto with water tech.

 O.K. Now that we have taken care of Pele and the volcano, we finally got to be with the

dolphins. The next morning we went down to the bay and sure enough there they were. We

got ready and started swimming out. I kept listening for the dolphins but I couldnít hear

them.  I was swimming out and stopped to rest. I was looking down on the bottom. I could

see some crabs on the bottom.

 All of a sudden I saw a group of about 7 or 8 large fish. At first I thought they were

dolphins but then I noticed they werenít dolphins at all, they were tiger sharks, about 4-5 ft

long. When I realized they were sharks I felt their energy come up to the surface to check

me out. I immediately pushed their energy back as hard as I could.  They swam right

under me near the bottom and they just kept going past me. I started swimming again

toward where the dolphins were. I knew they wouldnít come near the dolphins.

 The next day we talked to a girl about the sharks and she told us they sometimes come in

when there is a storm and the water is a little murky. She told us the trick is, to not swim

out alone. Make sure you swim out to the dolphins in a group of 2 or more. Then the

sharks wonít bother you.

 The first dolphins I saw was a mama and a baby. She brought her baby right by me as if

to introduce us. It was so neat. If I wanted to, I could have touched them. You should

never touch wild dolphins. They have a type of slime on their skin that protects them from

disease. If you touch them it may make them vulnerable. This encounter was different for

the fact that the dolphins werenít making any noise.

Next, a group of about 17-20 dolphins came by. One of the young ones was almost

completely white. It really stood out in the crowd. One of the dolphins told me to be still.

So I stopped swimming and was just laying there in the water with my eyes closed. I heard

them say "just listen to your breath and be still". They came by about 5 times while I was

floating there. They seemed sad to me. Note the lack of chatter.... They were sad about

the conservancy people being there. The fact that those people were there looking for a

reason to stop the dolphins' interaction with humans.

 In the bay you just swim out and float there. The dolphins will come up to you. They want

the contact. They really like us humans. You can feel the overwelming love coming from


 It was kinda funny, when I got out of the water and was walking back to the car I saw one

of the nature conservancy people up near the cars. She was holding her camera and the

tears were streaming down her face. She had just had a life altering encounter with the

dolphins. It will be interesting what they come up with when their year long study is done!

 The next day when we got up I was under attack. I could barely get out of bed. My lower

back was giving me fits. I could barely ride in the car. We got down to the bay and I 

realized that I could probably get out to the dolphins but I didnít think I could get back

into shore in the strong current with my back the way it was. So Linda went out without me.

She filled up her camera and then came back to shore to get my camera.

 It was excruciating having to just sit there and watch the dolphins playing and jumping out

of the water. I wanted to be in the water with them in the worst way. When Linda came in 

from swimming with the dolphins a large group followed her in close to shore. They were

being so protective....

 I was hoping my back would be better in the morning so that I could go out with them on

our last day there.  I boosted my attackers with all of my might and also did a healing on

my back that night.

 The next morning, I was better. My back was still sore but not near as bad. What happens

is your attackers will look for a weakness and then accentuate it. I have a lower back injury

from the past that bothers me from time to time, usually when I am stressed or tired. But

was going swimming today, no matter what.  When we got down to the bay the dolphins 

were waiting for us.

 We got ready and started swimming out. I had decided to just take my time, for my

backís sake....I got about half way out and decided to stop and rest. I was laying there in

the water and all of a sudden I felt about 4-5 thumps on the heal of my flipper. My first

thought was that I must be in someoneís way. So I looked up and there was no one there.

Then, all of a sudden I felt a shiver of energy going up my body. And with that shiver was

a flipper of one of the dolphins.

 The dolphin had thumped on my heel with his nose and then was swimming

up the side of me. Her fin slid all the way up my right side. And then she swam in front of

me, looking back at me to see if the healing had taken. I had just gotten an amazing

healing from this wonderful, loving creature. Afterwards I had no pain and havenít had pain

in that area since.  After this amazing experience I continued swimming out with so much

more energy.

 I got out with the rest of the swimmers and I was watching the smaller white dolphin. She

was like an angel. She stopped in one spot near the bottom [50' depth in very clear water]

and was just hanging there, vertically, in the water.  There were 4-5 other dolphins that

came in then and they swam up from  around her in a double helix/DNA

pattern and toward us. It was so cool. Then the white dolphin just swam away.

 Iím still trying to assimilate everything I got from this experience. This is the reason for

the delay in getting my story out. I wanted to hang on to the experience as long as I


 Then a huge group of about 25 dolphins came right at me.  I had a dolphin ball in my

suit and I dropped it right in front of the group. The ball never even reached the bottom. It

literally disappeared. They took it to where it was needed, Iím sure.

 Our film was used up in the underwater cameras so we started for the shore. This is always

the hardest part, saying goodbye for the last time. I told them I would be

back soon.  They followed us most of the way back to the shore again. It was like a grand

procession. My wish is that humanity will find this kind of compassion for each other. The

world would be such a better place..... I really think it is starting to happen. We will then be

living in heaven on earth.....I CANíT WAIT!!!!!!!

 Iím working on writing down the insights the dolphins gave me.  When I have it done I will

post it here. Do what you want with it.


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Don Croft
No Subject - June 19, 2006 08:51
Carol told me about all of this, before (except about the newage nazi in the crystal shop who implanted her ;-) but when I was helping her get this posted it was though I'd heard it all for the first time.

I harp on folks, here, to just candidly report their observations and insights, as well as their nuts and bolts gifting reports and I probably drive a few to distraction, now and then, with my persistence. I apologize for that and Carol probably just showed you why this is important right now.  She didn't beat your brow in the process, either. I should have that much finesse.

She's as reticent as anyone else about saying what she knows and we've all been conditioned by sociopaths, over the years (including our own parents and siblings, in most cases) to prefer silence to ridicule but nobody's going to ridicule anyone here and I get lots of confirmations in email from our readers that this board effort is appreciated, alive and useful to them.d I've never gotten a substantive, unpleasant criticism about Etheic Warriors.

I don't mind admitting that Carol's posts in this thread have more substance than all of mine, over the years, put together.  YOu can probably see by now why there wouldn't be a gifting/cloudbuster/predator-blasting network if it weren't for her.  I'm deeply grateful that she finally decided to write these reports down and post them and I think she's just been bitten by the posting bug, so get ready for more, folks.

A year ago, concerted efforts were made by several cynical and misled people to not only prevent Carol from telling you what she knows but they overtly tried to drive me from her, too.  They wounded her heart in the process because she had given some of them her trust.  Those folks are long gone from EW and she's out of their sniping range by now.  I think this thread is her vindication for their slander campaign, then.  Enough said on that count and I won't gloat.

I love this woman more every day and life just keeps getting better and more interesting for me, thanks to her.

When we came to Florida I assumed, based on Carol's experience in Costa Rica and Hawaii, that it was to get acquainted with the dolphins in order to demonstate how easy that is now.  She thought it was pretty funny that I would make an assumption like that, since one can't second guess cetaceans.  Really, we mainly came here to demonstrate how one can neutralize HAARP and the sewer rats' energy piracy in general by simply distributing orgonite intelligently in the ocean and other waters. Ocean gifting is the next, much larger scale phase of ending tyranny healing our world and it will depend on fewer people, unfortunately for me. I want everyone to share all of the fun and responsibility but that's not up to me.  As a consolation, I finally figured out that there's no end to the benefits one can create and discover by distributing orgonite even in a single village or region. It's much like developing one's own character: we're never actually done with the job ;-)

We see dolphins on almost all of our ocean gifting sorties but it may be that we'll only get acquainted with them, here, by the time we move on in the autumn.

I'm hoping we can mix it up in the water with dolphins at least once when Jeff is with us.  A week of HAARP busting and sea gifting in the Bahamas for the three of us ought to do the trick next month, grid willing. I think Jeff is already nominated for anchor watch then, sleeping on the boat while Carol and I lounge in a tent onshore each night.  I wasn't bitten by sand fleas when I was marooned in the Bahamas, five years ago.

 ~Carol's Old Man