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Carol’s Costa Rica Trip

Dolphins and whales have always had a very special place in my heart. Every time I went to the Oregon Coast I tried to get to Depoe Bay or Newport so I could go on a whale watching tour. One time when I was out in the ocean a group of 8 grey whales came right up to the boat that I was in. One of them that was floating right beside the boat rolled on her side so she could look directly at me. The feeling I got from that experience was unbelievable. I don’t even have the words to explain how much love I felt coming from her. From that moment I was hooked.

I had been trying for a few years to find a place where I could swim with
the dolphins. Most arrangements for that are very expensive and there are no guarantees that you will actually get in the water with the dolphins. In November, 03, Linda and I went to Key West to go on a dolphin tour. We hired a boat and actually found a few dolphins but the captain of the boat would not let us get in the water because it was too murky from a recent storm. Linda and I decided to do some research to find an affordable tour, some place where there was a better chance of getting in the water with the dolphins.

Every place we looked at was too expensive until we found Delfin Amor Eco Lodge, “Dolphin Love” in Spanish. Delfin Amor Eco Lodge is located on the Osa Peninsula, which is the southern most tip of Costa Rica, on the Pacific side. There are never more than 12-14 people there. So it is uncrowded and intimate. There are 6 screened in cabins. You look out the front of your cabin at Drake Bay and the Pacific Ocean and behind the cabins is the rainforest. It’s remote, intimate and very affordable. I thought to myself: This is the one.

Delfin Amor’s website is

We paid for the trip three months in advance and timed our visit to
coincide with the calm weather season. From the moment that we made the arrangement I have been under etheric attack. Someone, for some reason, didn’t want me going on that trip. The constant attacks were aimed at my kids, my business, my marriage, and my health. And all along the dolphins were visiting me in the etheric realm, telling me how important this trip was. There was a feeling of urgency from their communications.

About 2 weeks before the trip I told Don that we needed to make some
orgonite gifts for the dolphins. We had bought some new spherical, silicone
molds a couple of months before and these were perfect. I made small big
secret coils around a Herkimer for the center of each orgonite ball and then chose the other specific gemstones and Don made the gifts for me. These were perfect. I knew the dolphins would love them and they did, as you will soon read.

This was the best and most rewarding trip I have ever taken. I knew it
was going to be very significant but I didn’t know how important, yet. I
believe the attacks were designed to give me a heart attack, so they could
stop me from going. I’m only 47 and pretty healthy so I knew the way I
was feeling was not natural. I couldn’t even climb the stairs at home
without being out of breath and having to sit down. It was horrible. They
were really working on me and there was nothing we could do to stop the

I even thought that I may not come back from the trip, it was that bad. I
have always been a very healthy person. This was the worst Psychic attack I have ever experienced. They were not only attacking my physical
health, they’ve also been attacking my kids, my marriage, and my business, though it’s gotten easier since I returned from Costa Rica.

The latest incident: they framed and then arrested my daughter, Jenny, on
Christmas Eve, planning to charge here with a felony. She has been in jail
all weekend as I’m writing this (Dec. 27). I am sitting here in the waiting
room of the courthouse to see what they are going to charge her with.
When she’s in court, I’ll go to work on the county prosecutor, who has a
wide reputation for doing evil for fun and also for the feds. Sitting
directly across from me, as I’m editing this report, is a FBI agent,
dressed in a black uniform and a buzzcut. He’s trying to intimidate me, like that’s going to do this fool any good. These FBI guys all look like
Gestapo thugs. If the CIA sent someone he’d probably have a pony tail and a friendly demeanor.

I was here on Saturday afternoon visiting my daughter in the jail, which is
on the top floor of the Benewah County office building, along with the
Sheriffs Dept. The courthouse is on the second floor and the county
offices are on the ground floor. After I came out I started gifting but
after I hid the first 2 gifts I looked back at the door and 3 deputies
had followed me downstairs to the street. They were standing out by the
side door pretending not to watch me--idiots. I decided to go gift the
prosecutor’s home, so I went up there, did that with another HHg and some TBs, then came back to finish gifting the county building. By the time I came back there was no one outside, so I surrounded the place then drove 70 miles back to Moscow, Idaho, where we live.

This dolphin report must be very important for the readers. To me it was a life altering experience which I will never be able to forget. Apparently the feds and the other parasites don’t want me to share it with humanity but there is no way they’re going to stop me.

The dolphins have been coming to me in my dreams since July and. I knew I had to go, one way or another…

Day 1:

We landed in San Jose, Costa Rica, on a Monday night. We spent that night in a hotel near the airport.

Day 2:

The next morning we boarded a small, 12 seat airplane and flew into a very small, rough landing strip cleared from the jungle. There was a jeep
waiting for Linda and I. We rode through the jungle and crossed 2 small
rivers (no bridges) and then found ourselves on the beach. We then got on a small boat and motored down the coast. About half an hour later we pulled up on the beach in front of Delfin Amor Eco Lodge. We then went up the small hill to the Lodge and settled in. It is a very remote, surreal
location on the edge of the rain forest, with a great view of Drake Bay and
the Pacific Ocean. When we got there we were welcomed by Sierra, the owner, and some of the staff.

Linda and I settled in and then decided to go down to the beach. We walked up a path along the ocean and found another secluded beach, went for a swim and just laid there on the beach and soaked up the sun and the surroundings. After about an hour we decided to walk back to the lodge. There is only one path along the beach. We walked for about an hour and suddenly realized that we somehow missed the obvious sign that marked the path that led up to the lodge. Neither of us could figure out how we could have missed it (very strange!). The path up to the lodge is very well marked and even has an arch way. We decided to walk a little farther because we both thought, ‘There is no way we could have missed it!” A little further along I thought to myself , “I wonder if someone or something had hidden the path from us.”

We stopped and talked about it, then decided to turn around and head back the other way, thinking, “We had to have missed it somehow.” Right after we turned around I heard something in the jungle. I felt a Jaguar watching us. Jaguar magick is very strong in Costa Rica. I asked Linda, “Do you feel that?” She stopped and stood very still. She felt the big cat too. The Jaguar had felt the shift in the energy the moment we stepped off the boat. It was like he was expecting us, in fact. He magically intervened so that we would get lost in the jungle, just so he could check us out. It was mainly the orgonite that he was interested in. Don and I had a related magical experience with several neighborhood cats during a risky gifting mission recently and a mountain lion and her cub lived in the garden behind my house in St. Maries, Idaho, several years ago for eight months so this wasn’t new to me.

The different tribes of Indians, including the ones in that forest, honor the spirit all animals, plants and even stones. I think they’re closer to this realization than anyone else.

We felt absolutely no aggression from the big cat, just intense curiosity.
Neither one of us were afraid at all, even though at the time we were about an hour’s walk in the jungle from the lodge. We decided to get back then. It gets dark really fast near the equator after the sun goes down. When we got back we saw that, yes, the trail was very well marked. There is no way we could have missed the turn up the hill, through the archway, to the lodge if it weren’t for the jaguar’s intervention. We went on up to the lodge and after dinner we turned in.

Day 3:

We were awakened by the screeching of the small white faced monkeys.
They love to tease the dogs and the two mackaws in residence there. They come every morning about 6:30 -7:00am. This is the morning we are headed out in the boat to Cano Island to go snorkeling. We spent 4 hours snorkeling. It was great. We saw small manta rays, small sharks, barracuda, all kinds of different fish. It was beautiful. Big schools of fish. The sea life near the island is very plentiful. There were even octopus and eels. It was great. Then we landed on the Island for lunch. Roy, our Costa Rican guide, told us that Cano Island was used by the local Indians as a burial ground. What I got when he was telling us this story was that it was more like the place they would bring prisoners to kill them. I saw people being brought here alive and then killed. There was a trail that led up to the ritual killing site. It took about 45 minutes each way to hike up there. I chose not to go. I didn’t feel like it was someplace I needed to go on this trip. Next time I come back here I will bring a special gift for that site. No one in our group wanted to hike up there so we just settled in for

While we were on the beach having a late lunch, someone found a boa
constrictor sleeping in a tree close by. That was pretty cool. Then Roy,
who is also a marine biologist, told us about the sea snakes there. The
sea snake is the most poisoness snake there is. One bite from a sea snake can kill 400 people. There is no antidote for it either. But the good news is that, sea snakes have very small mouths. So it is extremely hard for them to bite you. They would have to bite the tip of your finger or maybe your earlobe. We did get to see one swimming through the water. They aren’t very long and they don’t swim really fast. Maybe they could if they were after prey. After our lunch we snorkeled a little while longer and then headed back to the lodge.

There was a guest who got there the day before we did. Every night after
dinner she would have to use the computer. Was she reporting to someone after each days outing. Yes! She didn’t seem like a typical CIA agent but I believe that is just what she was. She got there the day before us and then left with Linda and I, which is no coincidence. It never failed: every night after supper, Jerry would show one of the videos taken by the professionals at the Eco Center and then told her she could use the
computer for the internet as though it were a pre-arranged deal. It is so
strange and the satellite internet connection is very expensive for guests.
A lot of their film footage has been used in Jacques Cousteau’s programs,
the Nature Channel and other well known media outlets.

There is no electricity in the villages along the coast here but there are
a lot of cell phones. The locals have to bring their phones to the lodge so
they can charge their batteries. The lodge has a big generator for

Day 4:

The next morning we got up and noticed that a cruise ship had arrived
during the night in the Bay. It was just sitting out there. This is not a
place you would ever see a cruise ship. That’s the sort of thing you would
see on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. Some one came in during breakfast and said he had been on a morning walk and saw about 8-10 of what appeared to be assault boats moving up the nearby river with a bunch of very pale Europeans on them. German ‘tourists?’ Why no tans?

Today is our first Dolphin tour. I was so excited! I put 6 of my orgonite
gifts in my bag for the boat, and off I went. We got in the boat and headed
back out towards Cano Island. We found our first pod of dolphins out close
to the island. Spotted Dolphins, about 20 of them. I decided the first day
out I would drop a ball each time I saw a pod of dolphins. The second pod
was pretty large, about 50 or so. This time I dropped 2 balls. A moment
after I dropped the balls I looked back down at the water and I could see a bright light coming up from deep under the surface. I nudged my friend
Linda and motioned for her to look at the water. I wanted to see if she saw
it too.

She looked at me strangely and said, “What is that?” I told her I just
dropped 2 and she was amazed. After we left this spot I noticed there was
something very large following us through the water. It was a huge ocean
guardian. It followed us for the rest of the day. We then headed out to one
of the dolphin feeding grounds. There weren’t any dolphins there so we
decided to have lunch. After lunch we headed back. Since it was one of
their feeding grounds I decided to leave a ball there, too, for them.

On the way back near to the Island we found another large group of spotted dolphins. We started boating in a circle to see if they would interact with us. I put down another ball. The dolphins were all over us. They were even surfing in the wake of the boat. It was so cool. They were swimming off the bow too. They were everywhere around us.

They were reacting very strongly to the orgonite. Roy decided that since
they were interacting with us so strongly that we should try getting in
the water with them to see if they would interact with any of us up close.
The water was very dark in this spot. Roy said it was about 1000 feet
deep. I got in the water with my mask and snorkel on. I was swimming around with my arms tight against my sides. If you do this the dolphins don’t feel threatened by you. I didn’t get to see them but I could hear them just under me. After I got back in the boat when I reached into my bag to get another ball for them and I noticed that my last ball was gone. I re-counted and, sure enough, I had only put out 5 balls and the sixth one was nowhere on the boat. I knew that somehow it was taken and put right where it needed to go, probably by the ocean guardian who was following us.

When I was done gifting that day I had made a big circle in the bay with
the five balls. I couldn’t wait till the next time out to see what the
difference would be with that circle of orgonite in the bay. The next time
out I will drop the other six. The energy in the ocean right there had
changed dramatically already. I could feel something phenomenal coming, I just didn’t know what it was going to be yet. The anticipation was overwhelming….. We headed in for the day. Tomorrow we are scheduled to go on a hike in the rainforest.

Once, during a gifting mission in San Diego, California, I dropped one of’s Ocean Oblations into the clear water from a dock and it
disappeared immediately. Several others have had this experience while
ocean gifting and have also seen the water guardians.

Day 5:

Today we go to Corcovado Rainforest National Park, about an hour’s boatride from the lodge down the coast. When we beached the boat at the entrance to the park the group of “tourists” from the ship were there. Roy told us that we were going to let them head out first and then we would go in the reverse direction around the single trail. The hike was a big loop through the rainforest. The Germans went one way and we went the other direction. We never met up with that group, though there was only one trail. It was so weird. Where did they go?

The humidity and heat in the rainforest is so high that you can’t walk very
fast. You just have to take your time. We saw a lot of monkeys, white faced monkeys and howler monkeys. We saw a 3 toed sloth, and some really beautiful butterflies. The trees there are 250-350 ft. high. They even have what they call traveling trees. They grow new roots about 8 foot from the ground that reach down and connect to the ground, then the tree drags itself sometimes up to 15 feet across the ground over their lifespan. They drag themselves over to get to the light. It is one of the strangest, most remarkable things I have ever seen. After the hike through the rainforest we went to the covered area to have lunch.

We had lunch and then Roy told us there was another trail we could walk up. There is a waterfall at the end and you can swim in a fresh water pool
there. So away we went. It was on this trail that I came face to face with
one of the main German/Vril guys from the ship. All of a sudden he was
standing in the path along with 2 women. He held out his hand to me, to
help me down off of the large step I was standing on. I took his hand and
immediately got a visual of what he was. He was one of the Vril leaders
from the ‘cruise’ ship. By the way, when a real cruise ship anchors off
shore there’s constant boat traffic, taking tourists too and from the
shore. The only ones to leave the ship were this group of Germans.

The 2 women who were with him were Vril psychics and we didn’t see any of the rest of them after we arrived at the park and they marched off along the loop trail. Where was the rest of their group? I believe there is a portal there in the jungle. What I psychicly saw is that the group was
walking up the narrow path and disappeared, one by one, as they filed past a certain spot, like walking through a door. But there was no door, just jungle.

When I first saw these 3 they acted surprised to see me, probably because I should have been dead or disabled from their attacks. Now I knew why it was hard for me to hike through the jungle--they were beaming me the whole way. I had barely made it that far. I couldn’t catch my breath and I was having chest pains. I wasn’t wearing my Harmonic Protector because we were out in an open boat and I wasn’t expecting this kind of trouble. I knew, while it was happening, that someone was attacking me but I was so worn out that all I could think about was just being able to make it out of there. The rest of the group had to wait for me at every turn. Right after I saw these Vril, about 3 more turns farther along the trail, I fell and sprained my ankle pretty badly. I kept going, though, and all I could think about was that cool pool at the end of the trail. Let me tell you, it was well worth it! I could barely walk but man, did that water feel good!

On the way back down the trail, not far from where we were swimming, Roy pointed to a spot down by the stream and he told us that there are a pair of alligators who live there. I’m glad he didn’t share that info. before I got to enjoy that nice cool dip.

After all of this, I was wishing that I had been able to bring more
orgonite to counteract what those Vril were throwing at me. That night
after dinner I spent a lot of time blasting those Vril, as you can imagine.
I was even blasting them in my dreams. I wasn’t going to let them stop me. The next morning the cruise ship was gone. It must have left in the middle of the night and real cruise ships don’t leave at night.

Day 6:

This is the day of our second Dolphin tour. In this tour package we get 3
days out in the ocean with the dolphins. I couldn’t wait to get out on the
water to see the difference in the energy after the first ocean-gifting
day. It was amazing! The water was so calm--more like a lake than the

Today, Roy decided to take us way out. We went about 40 miles from shore. On the way out we found 3 sail fish just floating near the top of the
water. Their back fins are very high and long. It was very strange, I
didn’t know they would float like that in one place. We also saw 5 big sea
turtles floating on the top of the water, sunning themselves….. And then,
there they were--we found a huge pod of Rough Tooth Dolphins!

This specie of dolphins are very rare to see. They are one of the oldest
known dolphin species, too. It is said that the Rough Tooth Dolphins will
go out of their way to avoid human contact but that’s definitely not what
we experienced on this day. Could it have been the orgonite that I put out
a couple of days ago? I dropped 5 special orgonite balls the last time out
and today I have 6 more…..There had to have been over 100 dolphins or more in this group. I gifted 2 balls because they were reacting so strongly to us and our boat. They were everywhere we looked. So finally Roy stopped the boat. He decided to let us get in the water with them. I got my flippers on and mask and snorkel and away I went. They were really close to me, I could feel them and I could hear them, but I couldn’t see them. I had a really hard time in the water as I had sprained my ankle pretty bad the day before on our hike through the rain forest. It was really hard for me to get back to the boat. We all got back in the boat and went on a little farther to get close to this large group. As we were trying to catch up with them about 8 dolphins surfaced. They swam in a line like synchronized swimmers. The second time this group came up I saw a huge fin in the center of the line. The fin had to have been 4 times larger than the other ones.

My mouth dropped open and I turned to one of our two guides, Simone, the Danish videographer, and I asked her, “Did you see that huge fin?” She was looking as shocked as I was. She came over on my side of the boat and we both watched for it to come up again and it never did. We both had seen it. The dolphin in the center of the line had to have been at least 3 times as big as the other dolphins, HUGE….

We boated alongside the pod for a little ways and they started playing with
the boat again so Roy stopped to let everyone in the water again. I
couldn’t get in this time, as my ankle had swollen to twice the size that
it is normally…Linda and the other 7 got into the water. I watched as a
line of about 6 dolphins swam right toward Linda. As they got right to her
they then dove under her. I bet she could have reached out and touched
them. Linda looked up at me in the boat and motioned to me, “In through the crown, out through the 6th.” Roy asked me, “What does that mean?’ and I just told him it was sign language.

This is when I thought, “If I can’t be in the water with them I will just
channel my energy through Linda,” so that’s just what I did. I got into an
altered state, then I sent my awareness through Linda, in the water. Once
I made contact through Linda I could see dolphins everywhere. They were swimming all around us in the water. Going round and round us. It was like they were cradling us. Then there was one who swam right up and looked at me, then dove really deep, I couldn’t see it anymore. As I was trying to see it I saw what looked like a pillar of light coming from really deep in the water. And then in the middle of the pillar I saw that dolphin swimming up. It was unbelievable. The dolphin looked like he was illuminated as he swam up to about eight feet or so beneath me. He just hung there in the water. I started pulling energy in through my crown chakra and sending it out through my heart. The dolphin communicated with me telepathically and told me I was doing it wrong. He told me to bring it in through my crown and out through my third eye (sixth) as Linda had indicated. I did that, then the dolphin said to follow him back down to the bottom, physically. I told it I couldn’t because I was afraid. I asked if he was the huge dolphin that I had saw before and he told me, no, the big one was their leader and that this one was his messenger.

Linda and I were having the same experience with this messenger but we were each getting individual messages through this dolphin. Linda, in the
water, saw this one coming straight up from the bottom and hovering just
beneath her the same time I was seeing it etherically from the boat. We
were both invited to follow him down to meet the big one.

He started telling me a lot of personal things: He said that I need to stop
allowing myself to get caught up in the unworthy things of life and that I
was here for a much bigger reason. He also said that I was only using a
very small part of my gifts and said that he would be helping me with that
if I would allow him to do so. Of course, I said, ‘Yes!’

He told me how sad the dolphins were that most of humanity were holding
themselves back in their spiritual evolution, especially in this critical
time. He said that the humans are caught up in trying to hang on to the
things in their lives that they no longer need. If we would just let go of
these things the dolphins can help us so much…

The dolphins so want to help us advance; each and every one of us! He
showed me a few of my friends that were caught up in this trap because he wanted me to see some examples.. These friends are so dear to me, and I want to help them so badly, but, it is their lives, their lessons, and
their own spiritual evolution. Until they agree to let go, there is
nothing that can be done. Letting go of everything we know, every thing we hold dear, for a higher purpose, is a very hard thing to do. Even the best psychics have a hard time with this one from time to time. It is very
important right now to the dolphins to wake up as many people as they can. There is a very strong sense of urgency around this for the dolphins.

Then he went on to tell me that the safe place to be was in the water, with
what was coming. He showed me a picture of what was coming….At first it
looked like the water was rising and then he showed me how the ocean was washing away the land under a shelf of basalt. The sand washes away and the land sloughs off into the ocean. This all appeared to be in slow motion. This means it is not going to be an abrupt change. As he was
showing me this I looked up the coast from where we were to as far as San Francisco and it was still sloughing off. I then came back to him and he showed me that North and South America were no longer going to be connected and that the coast all the way up past Seattle was going to
be gone. The coast was going to be a lot further inland….I asked for a
time frame, and he just told me ‘Soon, soon,’ and then he reaffirmed what
he had said before: The water was the safe place to be.

He also told me that the dolphins and whales were trying very hard to
communicate with humans now and that I must try to facilitate this process. They desperately want to help us. They want to wake up as many people as possible right now. The time is crucial, he kept telling me that.

He also showed me how the US Navy and other agencies are trying to kill
them all off now, because the dolphins and whales so desperately want to
help us humans. What he showed me was heart wrenching. How they are being tortured by the sonar and by the different radio frequencies that the Navy is using on them.

This meeting seemed to go on for hours but it was in the space of about 15 minutes, then all of the sudden I could hear Simone and Roy talking and Roy yelling at the guests in the water to tell them which way to swim so they could find the dolphins. Soon, every one else got back in the boat. Linda was the last one in the boat. We made eye contact and she said wait until I tell you what happened. I nodded at her and we started back for the lodge. When we got back to the lodge, I couldn’t even talk to anyone. I just went back to the cabin and was still overwhelmed with what I had seen and experienced. I just sat there with tears streaming down my face. I had felt so much unconditional love from the dolphins and it was so moving that they wanted to help us humans so badly that I couldn’t hold it back any more. After awhile, when Linda came back, I started to tell her what I saw. She was shocked, and she told me that what I was telling her was almost exactly what she had experienced. Everything was the same except our personal messages. That was confirmation for both of us.

The Dolphin messenger also tried to express how thankful all of the ocean
creatures were for orgonite. The ocean is one target area that we gifters
haven’t explored much yet and right now I feel it is very important to gift
as much as possible out there. I don’t know if we can alter that scenario
of earth changes or not, but we can definitely make it a lot easier process
to experience. I think that we have already taken a lot of the power and
possible devastation around it away, thanks to all the people around the
world who are gifting…

Day 7:

Today is a free day. I caught up on my journaling. I wanted to rest my
ankle so next time out in the boat I would be able to get in the water.

Day 8:

Our last day out with the dolphins. I felt a very large presence out in
the bay this morning. We’ll see…. Today there are about 12 people
going out on the dolphin tour….They told us this morning that we were
going out in 2 boats. Linda and I were hoping that we could go out in
the small boat with Roy. We didn’t want to go out in the other boat with
all those people. When we got over to the main lodge we saw the lists.
Linda, myself and three other guests were on the small boat with Roy.
There was a young couple from Belgium and a woman from France in our boat. It was a very small group, which is very good. I had 2 orgonite balls left. I gave Linda one for her bag and I had one for my bag. Linda and I were talking about going to gift one of the active volcanoes in Costa Rica when we got back to San Jose. She was thinking she was going to save her ball for that….

After we picked up the French lady, we started looking for dolphins. We
usually see dolphins as soon as we get into the boat, but not today. Next
we went out to Cano Island, there are always a few out by the island,
usually the spotted dolphins. But no luck--we didn’t see anything. I just
knew this was going to the best day yet with the dolphins, so what was
going on?

We then headed from the island out to sea. We went to all the usual feeding grounds and places that we had seen the dolphins before but had no luck. Then all the sudden, over the radio, one of the fishing boats told Roy there was, of all things, an Orca…So we headed out there and sure enough there he was. Roy told us there hadn’t been an Orca here for about 2 ½ - 3 years. I knew right away that the orgonite had drawn him in. It was so cool! This is why we didn’t see any dolphins. They had all headed out when the Orca came in because Orcas eat dolphins. Most people call an orca a whale but orcas are a dolphin specie—the largest one. There was only one Orca here. Roy said the others were probably further out.

We boated along side the orca for over an hour. It was so cool. I started
trying to communicate with the orca right away. I used the technique that
the dolphins had shown me our last time out. The orca was so big, so proud. Definitely, the king of this realm. I communicated to him how honored we were to be in his presence. He told me that he was here to pay his respects to the ones who brought new energy to the water (that would be Linda and I). The other boat was there, too. That one had Sierra, the owner of Delfin Amor, on board. The orca stayed closest to our little boat because he knew we had more orgonite gifts and he wanted one.

The orcas come up for air about 3-4 times in a row and then they dive
really deep, and are down for 10 -15 minutes before they surface again. It
was like he was playing hide and seek with us that day. One time when he
went down for a long dive I used my ‘dolphin etheric sonar’ and found him. Roy was standing up in the boat looking for the orca with his binoculars. I tapped Roy on the leg and I said, ‘He’s right over there, Roy.’ A few seconds after that Roy turned to look in the direction I had pointed and up popped the orca. He turned around and looked at me with the most astonished look on his face. I did this to him for about 4 more times and then he finally asked, “How are you doing that?!” It was so funny; he just couldn’t get it…

This went on for about an hour, then the orca headed back out to sea. Linda was so thankful for the interaction with the orca that she took out the ball she had been saving for the volcano and dropped it in the water. It was so cool! The moment she dropped it the orca instantly made a U-turn and came back, right toward us. When he got almost to us he dove straight down. WOW, what a thrill that was! I looked at Linda and her eyes were as big as saucers. Then the orca went back out to sea. The other boat kept following the orca but we decided to stop and have our lunch.

After lunch Roy looked at me and asked, “OK where are the dolphins,
Carol?.” I shut my eyes and did my dolphin-locator technique and told him,“They’re over there, just off the southern most tip of the bay.” Then I
had Linda do it and she got the same spot. Roy looked at us very strangely and said, “We’ll check out one other place first.” I think we made him a little uncomfortable but he’s a really good guy.

So we went back over by the island and there were no dolphins there. There were, however, a mama Humpback whale and her calf. Roy got on the radio and called the other boat to tell them the whales were there. The other boat was almost back to the lodge. Boy, am I glad I wasn’t in that boat! They gave up way too easily that day.

Anyway we spent a little while with the mama and baby and then Roy said,
“OK we’ll give your spot a try. Are they still there?’ he asked. So I
checked and I said yes and away we went. When we got to the spot it was
amazing. There were about 1500 dolphins. The water was literally boiling
with dolphins. They were feeding. Everywhere we looked there were spotted dolphins. Some were playing with the boat: swimming alongside, surfing in the wake in back of the boat and also swimming and jumping out in front of the boat. They were there to give Linda and I a proper send off. They were ecstatic about the orgonite and they were showing how grateful they were for the gifts. It was overwhelming to see that many dolphins in one spot. There are no words that can even come close to expressing how it made me feel.

We were there with them for about an hour. We got in the water one more
time. The water was alive with the sounds of the dolphins. I tried to
express to them how grateful I was for their existence and their love for
mankind. It was time to get going then so we got back in the boat and
headed home. About half way back to the lodge there was a big sea turtle
floating on the surface so Roy stopped the boat. The sea turtle was only
about 20 feet from our boat. I was standing up and looking over at him. He looked up at me, swam over to the boat, on top of the water, and then
looked up at me again as if to say, “Thank you,” and dove down. He was so close to me I could have bent over and touched him. When he swam over to me, I looked down at him and said,”You’re welcome, old man!” The whole trip has been full of these overwhelming moments and I feel so blessed.

At that moment Sierra asked us from shore, over the radio, where we were. It was getting close to sunset and she was starting to worry. She asked Roy what was delaying us and he told her, “You won’t believe what has been happening out here!” Then he told her we were on our way and would be there soon. We were almost back to our beach when the biggest, most incredible rainbow appeared over the ocean. There had been just a hint of rain that day. It was one of those story book moments that most of us only read about or see in movies but today, several times, we had lived those moments and I will remember it for the rest of my life. I am definitely not going home as the same person who arrived, that’s for sure. I’m still having contact from the dolphins now as I am editing this story. They tell me that all I have to do is ask and they will be here. What a comforting thought!

When we got back on the land, I realized that I was vibrating like crazy. I
didn’t know what to think. I got back to my cabin just as fast as I could.
I lied down, ran my energy and tried to center myself. This was like
nothing I had ever experienced. It was like activating kundalini, only, about 100 times stronger…. Linda had gotten back to our cabin before me and she was lying down on her bed. I told her what I was feeling and asked her if she felt anything like it. She said, yes…I asked her what she was doing, because nothing I tried was making it subside. So she showed me a technique to align the right and left sides of the body. I did this and it toned the vibration down, some, but it didn’t go away by any means.

We felt like we were under control enough to be able to have dinner and
talk to people. We had dinner but we couldn’t stay and visit. I wanted to
get back to our cabin so I could see if I could figure this out. I went to
bed early. I was lying there, trying to relax but the moment I shut my eyes I was connected to the orca again, so I asked if he could tell me what was going on. He told me that he and the roughtooth dolphins had activated 5 more strands of DNA in both Linda and I and that once we integrated these we would be given a 6th strand automatically….This was their gift to us. What a gift!….I don’t know how I was able to sleep that night. I felt as if I was laying on one of those vibrating motel beds at high speed. WOW!

Day 9:

Today is the day we leave for San Jose. We got our bags packed, settled
our business with Sierra and headed down to the boat for our trip back.
I felt like I wasn’t even walking. It felt more like I was floating everywhere I went.......We got into the boat and headed back north along the coast to the place where the jeep was waiting for us to take us to the little jungle airstrip. When we got there we had to wait for about a
half hour for our little airplane. Linda and I and one other woman (the
harmless CIA spook) got on the plane. The pilot told us that we were going to make a stop at another little town along our way. We were up in the air for about half an hour when we started making our descent to another little jungle airstrip. Thank grid, this one was actually paved--well sort of….

That runway is bordered on one side by a big cemetery. We came to a stop and I asked Linda how many people were getting on. She counted in Spanish, and told me, ‘Five.’ This was a small, 12 seat airplane. You practically had to crawl in on your knees and I’m a little claustrophobic.

As the other passengers were boarding Linda and I were sitting near the
front of the plane. A young man said he wanted to sit in the front seat
and started moving forward. When he passed by I smelled the stench of
rotten flesh. The moment he sat down, poor Linda dove right over his head to try to get to the pilot’s door to get fresh air. This airplane has 3
doors: a door on each side for the pilot and copilot and one in the back
for the passengers. I was hyperventilating and just could not catch my
breath. I really had to concentrate in order to calm down.

The pilot got in then and all I could think was that once we were up in the
air there was no way to get fresh air. I closed my eyes to try to get a
grip and then all I could see was a giant human head. It filled up the
whole plane. A dead guy out of the cemetery next to the airport had
attached himself to this poor kid while he was standing there waiting for
the plane. Our experience with the dolphins had left Linda and I sort of
‘wide open psychicly.’ This guy had to have been someone very powerful
in the community because his spirit took up the whole plane--every bit of
space and air. That’s why Linda and I could hardly breath. I couldn’t even
open my eyes for the remainder of the trip, because every time I did I was totally overwhelmed by this spirit. I DID NOT want him attaching to me so I pulled in my aura and did my protection. It was the most horrendous half hour flight and I was so glad when we got back down on the ground.

The crew and the workers at the airport were looking at us as if we were
crazy because Linda and I fought to get out of the plane so that we could
get to fresh air….They were thinking, “Crazy American tourists!” I could
hear it as if they were saying it out loud…really loud!

We had a day and a half to spend in San Juan. The owner of the hotel, that morning, got us a driver to take us out to see a huge herb farm nearby which he thought Linda, the herbalist, would really enjoy. It was really neat.

We wanted to go to Arenal Volcano and Tabacon hot springs but the owner of the hotel told us there was no way we could get to Arenal and back in one afternoon. We asked the driver who took us out to the herb farm and he said, “No problemo!” He was the nicest young man and he spoke English very well. We had one orgonite ball left and we wanted to put it in one of Costa Rica’s biggest volcanos. And that is just what we did.

Day 10:

It was a 3 hour drive, each way, and we were even able to spend 3 hours at the hot springs resort at the base of the mountain. We looked for the
perfect spot for the orgonite and found where the volcanic water for the
hotspring was coming up out of the ground. That was the perfect spot, so we gifted and then went down to enjoy the hot water. “Hot” water was right! It was so hot we could barely get in it. We found a cooler spot up near the top where we could get in the water. As I was sitting there in the water I tried to make some sort of contact with the volcano to see if it liked the orgonite. An ethereal woman approached me and told me that the volcano was very distressed because of the number of people who came to the hot springs and that this is why the water was so hot….She also told me that what I gifted there was greatly appreciated but the volcano would need a lot more orgonite to fix the imbalance caused by humanity. She told me that the entire volcano, which has been belching lava and fire, would need 8 more gifts around it: I estimate four earthpipes and four holy handgrenades. I’m hoping that some gifter in Costa Rica will get in touch with us, and will do the honors soon. Otherwise, when I go back I will take care of it….It would be a lot better if someone native to the country does it, though…. Mt Arenal has the same unstable energy signature as Yellowstone did before we gifted it recently. Mt. Arenal needs the orgonite really badly right now.

It was about 8pm when we got back, so it is definitely possible to do this
trip in a day from San Juan. They are so laid back here, most people just
figure that it is too much to squeeze into a single day. You have to hire
your own driver or rent a car, though, if you want to do the trip in one day.

What a great trip! I have been home now for about 2 weeks and I’m still
getting impressions and visions from the visit with the dolphins. My
psychic abilities have grown a lot more, too. It makes me a little
uncomfortable, actually, because it’s hard, still, for me to go out in
public. I really have to work at not hearing everyones’ thoughts these
days. I guess this is just part of the process of integrating the Dolphins’
gift to me.

WHAT A GIFT. I give thanks everyday…

~Carol Croft

I was recently sent this bit of info. I thought I would share it with you.
It is further evidence that there is definitely something big coming…..
Even the whales are mysteriously progressing/evolving…