Carol Bests Fu Manchu's Boy--in the Air ;-)

Don Croft
Carol Bests Fu Manchu's Boy--in the Air ;-) - May 10, 2006 10:04
Since October, Carol and some other psychics in the network have seen Chinese occult/military psychic predators--really-old school--taking the lead in interfering with some of the people in this network in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.

The fact that Homeland Security Abominations often show up, in the US, as subservient to the Chinese military has confirmed, at least for us, that China cashed in it’s untold billions of dollars’ worth of bonds by assuming control of the former US Treasury and its then-current owner, the London-based Federal Reserve Corporation. That was around the first week in November, 2005. We feel that the Chinese government were pretty stupid to fall for buying the Fed. It seems the same to us as a tourist in New York buying the Brooklyn Bridge from Ratso Rizzo. The only thing the Fed really controls is paper debt, based on the troubled sleep of the Pajama People who volunteer to pay the Fed’s corporate legbreaker, the IRS, every year on Extortian Day.

The HSA is headed by two foreigners: ‘former’ KGB and STASI. That fact’s been in a few papers and probably even on the What To Think Network ;-)

The dark masters who are apparently the top layer of the present-day world order dungheap, also the originators of Theosophy (the fake, failed, luciferic goosestep world religion) and all Western cults, satanic covens and patriarchal secret societies and who call themselves the Great White Brotherhood, seem to have a personal, vested interest in stopping the grassroot gifting network and since they can’t fathom concepts like ‘grassroot’ they interfere with a handful of people whom they believe control the movement. Their ancient HQ is apparently in the middle of the Gobi and their parasitic presence probably accounts for why that vast region is now a desert.

Fortunately for us, this global gifting network (which has grown almost entirely due to free access of information on the web) has been publicly characterized by the emergence of a number of open internet boards in which it gradually becomes politically incorrect to even mention Carol and I, yet the network continues to expand and mature. My own site, Etheric Warriors, remains relatively obscure for now, with only a few hundred regular readers who take what they need, then move on. Most of these (a significant number only read the posts in order to look for ways to sabotage, slander and discredit us) are probably active participants who don’t want to be members of any forum. I was never a joiner and most of the people who post here are the same way.

Most folks download the simple instructions on how to gift and they get busy empowering themselves and healing the world where they live. In other words, this movement has very little to do with Carol and I at this point, any more than driving cars has anything directly to do with Henry Ford or the ancient discoverer of the wheel and axle. Orgonite is as significant to the emerging paradigm as the use of the wheel was significant to a preceding one. We’re all too close to it, for now, to understand that fully.

I feel that if I don’t regularly report on the attacks a few of us have been sustaining, though, the bad guys will be emboldened and may even assume that they have the initiative. They feel humiliated whenever someone outs them, which is probably why we’ve all been so heavily programmed not to speak openly about tyrants’ specific ‘deeds done in the dark of night.’

Dr Reich made no bones about the fact that his lab was under assault from alien ships and that he invented the original cloudbuster to disable them and drive them off. He simply didn’t care about popularity or whether people thought he was nuts--what mattered to him was the integrity of his research and healing work. He and others saw the ships which were attacking him, then they saw them get destroyed by the cloudbuster. It’s always good to have witnesses or the consensus of reputable people.

EW is obscure for now, of course, but before long it will likely assume a key representative role and the surviving, solid public record for the network as the majority of people in the world become aware of orgonite’s potential. The care we’re all taking, now, to keep the standards of this board reasonably high will really pay off, then--grid willing. There’s no substitute for intellectual integrity.

In that light, I don’t expect anyone who hasn’t directly experienced some of the seedier aspects of surveillance, sabotage and harassment by the State to believe what I’m reporting in this post, nor do I wish ‘confirmations’ on anyone. Here’s what happened when Carol was on a flight from Seattle to Houston last week, though:

The doors of the plane had closed and all the seats were empty except the one right by Carol. She was in the window seat and a woman was two seats from her, by the aisle when Carol heard the passenger door close. A couple of minutes later, a Chinese man with salt-and-pepper, close cropped hair and a dangling, thin white goatee moved from the front of the plane, down the aisle and sat beside Carol. He had brand new, inappropriate clothes on, including expensive-looking athletic shoes (like street gang members wear), some baggy, nylon athletic pants, a casual jacket, zipped up and a black baseball hat with the Great Seal of the United States on it.

Someone, perhaps NSA agents, perhaps dressed him--a newcomer to our shores?--that way as a joke at his expense. I don’t imagine that the secret police who know about the transfer of all aspects and illusions of US sovereignty--MalWart-style--to Chinese fascists feel content with it and i wonder if even they recognize that as soon as Joe Sixpack realizes that he's paying Beijing (more outrageous than paying London?) on Extortion Day wonder how much more obvious it would be if he showed up in his military uniform and made that grand entrance.  i think  they call the narrow stage that models prance along, 'runways.'

When she first saw him at the top of the runway/aisle she got the impression from his aura that the guy was Fu Manchu himself, come to personally hurt her, and she was so astonished by the time he sat down beside her that she put her glasses on and leaned over to get a look at him from the front, which rather astonished the passenger in the aisle seat but didn’t seem to get his attention (always a dead giveaway that someone’s a pavement artist or would-be hitter). He seemed not to notice her or anyone else throughout the flight, except that he tried his best to make ‘casual’ physical contact with Carol. Carol felt that shouldn’t happen, so she fairly plastered herself against the side of the plane and kept her eyes on him while attempting to drill into his head.

Meanwhile, as Carol poked and prodded at his mind, he was focused, hard, on keeping her out. Ordinarily, Carol and any other psychic who has personal integrity avoids reading people’s minds just as religiously as you and I avoid getting bombarded with those obnoxious adolescents’ car speakers that turn vehicles, buildings and the ground itself into bass-note artillery. I’ve only known her to look into the heads of people who are attacking or surveilling us, though she always does it when she sees a cop these days. The clueless but eager among the police almost always report us to the feds and that irritates us a bit, so we blast them enough to make them forget what they saw.

He didn’t hold out entirely and Carol got a glimpse of his direct boss, ‘Fu Manchu,’ whom she and other psychics have seen as a genuine, old-style Mandarin aristocrat and one of the dark masters at the tip-top of the occult/corporate dungheap. These guys are perceived as being quite ancient and only partly human--slightly similar to the durable predator who sometimes calls himself, ‘Count Sainte Germaine.’ Note that the latter lost his public (channeled) momentum after May, 2003, when Carol and I gifted extensively at the power spots in the vicinity of Mt Shasta, especially Pluto’s Cave, where Ct.Ste Germaine’s confidants in the (Theosophical) Church Universal and Triumphant’s cynical hierarchy performed their human sacrifice rituals and buried the victims in shallow, fly-blown and stinky graves.

Soldier-boy psychic predator/hitman held up pretty well under Carol’s incessant energy assault but when the passenger door opened he was in the aisle like a shot and halfway to the door, long before that part of the plane had gotten their turn to leave.

Whenever Carol and I walk into an airport, by the way, the new Gestapo surveille us and mumble into their walkie talkies whenever we’re around. I’m going to get a ticket for a short flight this month to see whether I’m on their no-fly list. I think the only way to know that is to try to get on a damn plane. I really hope I’m not on that list but I’m on the American Gestapo’s official enemy list now so I’m not holding my breath.

Carol and those around her had gotten electronically and/or DOR-beam assaulted twice on that trip and the second time one of our close associates in that part of the country also got severely attacked that way. After several impromptu chat/healing/blasting sessions involving four of us that week it became evident that disabling the assailants got relief for several others, too, in the network who had been similarly under assault recently.

So, on Sunday I brought a list of the most severely traumatized people in the ‘front row’ to the chat session and the psychics discovered that most of them experienced relief a few days earlier when we smacked some draconians who had assaulted these two. The draconians were on the job at that level (before, the attacks were on single individuals) simply because the human hierarchies had been unsuccessful at killing or stopping any of us.

The attacks suddenly increased after we sort of stumbled onto the existence of a global network of ancient, underground devices that had apparently been set up--at the dawn of humanity’s presence here?--to ensure that the earth’s energy would remain stable and supportive of humanity. The psychics see them as constantly rotating, stone wheels, each over a huge crystal.

Apparently, about six thousand years ago the current world order, with a lot of help from ‘out of town,’ were able to reverse the direction of the wheels’ rotation after banding the underlying crystals and to pirate the resulting deadly orgone radiation (transmuted earth energy) to fuel their parasitic, global agenda. This may have been when the Gobi region turned from cities and farmland to desert.

It seems likely to me that this patriarchal world order started in China/Mongolia and Babylon simultaneously. The rest of the planet remained fairly balanced until much more recently and, before the travesty, humanity apparently enjoyed countless millennia of relative harmony. I have the impression that the temporary inconvenience of global tyranny has been our preparation period for assuming a more dynamic paradigm than global harmony: world unity. Carol and I feel sure that the dolphins are already instrumental in leading humanity into the maturation of our own specie, which is characterized by genuine unity.

On Sunday, the psychics saw the draconians drawing power from one of the wheels, which we corrected. In that case, the wheel is in India and its pirated energy was being used to fuel the draconian effort to interfere with a gifter in Kenya. We had fixed three closer wheels (Madagascar, Mozambique and under the sea between those two) a couple of weeks before so we assume that the one in India was the closest.

Africa was the last continent to fall to patriarchy. Maybe Africans will gradually lead the rest of humanity away, by example, from the old, schizophrenic, occult/corporate paradigm. That perhaps-inevitable process, alone, might account for why the old world order has tried their best in recent decades to accomplish genocide on that continent with bioweaponry, HAARP-induced famines and wholesale slaughter after failing to douse their cultural vitality with a few recent centuries of slavery, missionaries and communism.

I’m constantly aware of the fact that most people have never seen non-human species or even spaceships, so when I discuss offworld predators I feel like I’m parading around with my fly open and being lumped in with an amry of disinformants and their goofy sycophants who state stuff like this as authoritative fact. I’ve occasionally seen alien species and spaceships in 3D and what I’ve seen jives with what a lot of others have seen, so at least my conscience is clear.

An old trick of the What To Think Network parasites is to induce folks like Carol and I to feel isolated from the rest of humanity but the internet, especially an invitation-only format like EW, is finally breaking down that ancient, mass-hypnosis agenda. Mass hypnosis is a form of intoxication, like alcololism or pot addiction. PJ folks are essentially drunk and aimlessly wandering from being constantly bombarded by disinformation, in other words. They’re conditioned not to listen to any advocate--except ‘the devil’s,’ of course--so they flock like lemmings to even more insidious, irrational dogmae like Theosophy if they manage to break the bonds of their childhood mind control protocols. What a sad, lifeless existence they have!

I mentioned that we’re all too close to orgonite to see its historical significance but one of the aspects of that is the way many or most people who gift never seem to get past the impression that we’re making up some or most of the brand new way we’re seeing the world. Often, the only thing that keeps us interested in gifting is seeing the physical changes improvements the atmosphere and noticing the astonishing effects orgonite is having on the people around us. We continue to feel isolated and almost guilty about the small pleasure we get from reading other reputable people’s reports of similar experiences and observations.

We take the recent, renewed efforts of draconians to interfere, around the world, with some of the people in this network as a very good sign that the human predatory agencies--even the greedy Beijing buttheads--are losing their focus and leadership at an accelerating rate. The dolphins have been showing the psychics new ways to permanently disable the draconians, too, and to destroy their craft and weaponry.

Having said all that it’s important for me to reiterate that this should be read as simply my subjective report, not as authoritative information. I mainly want something in the record and to expose the folks who have been attempting to savage a few people in this network, here and abroad.

 The last few times we nailed Fu Manchu privately and in the Sunday chatblast sessions he screamed in frustration.  i think that's why he sent his personal boy to try to harm Carol up close.  Carol sayas that Fu Manchu is furious that nonentities like us could get go him so easily.  Dr Dirk's fire elemental friends particularly enjoy having their way with that old fart.  The Hopi tell that the white race are the guardians of fire and there isn't anyone whiter than the Doc, who lives in Amsterdam.

 This was Carol's first trip (alone) since October that she wasn't poisoned by feds, by the way. it's a lot easier to recover from an energy assault than from a poison attack, apparently.  The feds did try to intimidate her.  Once, when she was sitting in a Starbucks in Spokane, getting PayPal orders from our site, one of waiting feds in the parking lot came in and ordered a coffee.   I was on the phone with her when she mentioned it and we both blasted the jerk, who immediately turned around and stared at her for a long moment, then walked out without getting his drink.  This one apparently wasn't human and was both a fed and working for the draconians who were trying to kill Carol and our friend that week.  

I'm not aware that both agendas have interlocked like that, before.  We always watch for signals of changing agendas.  We still feel that the dark masters--not the dracs or reptiles--are in charge of this world's horror show; the draconians in this case being 'fellow travellers,' which is a term communists used to designate predators they worked with but didn't control, yet.

There's a lot happening around us, folks, that never gets a mention or even a hint on the What To Think Network and this is exactly what we need to be paying attention to.