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Meet Carol Two Eagle

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Auntie Carol's been posting here as Pahinh Winh. I met her on a trip through North Dakota in May, 2004 and we've corresponded, since then. What first caught my interest about her is the way the sewer ret network in the state are trying their best to erase her on account of her potent advocacy of human rights. She's been selling good, basic zappers to wholesale buyers, lately, and is otherwise finding a good route out of the horrific, dirty-magic trap that the government people have created for her.

I want you to know her as I do.  She's a true genius with loads of psychic ability, traditional wisdom, several university degrees, diverse professional experience and well respected by tribal folks in the region; feared and loathed by corporate/occult politicians--you know, the parasitic ones who are temporarily in charge of what passes for government.

Watch THUNDERHEART, okay? Bear in mind that Sam Sheppard's character is not a 'rogue agent' but is a typical federal agent.

Stories are often the best form of introduction and she gave me permission to share the following:

About “Thunderheart” - my all-time favorite movie of its kind...The Feebs on the Rez are merely fronts or faces of the Federal government, from our perspective; & when we view the movie, that's what we see. One Feeb is all Feds, from where we sit.
In 1994, Les Davis, who Sam Whatzisname's [Sheppard]  character is patterned on, is termed a “living legend of the FBI' by his henchmen out here.. sat in an office in the police station in Kyle, SD on the Pine Ridge Rez with his gun drawn & pointed at me & said, “I could shoot you dead right now & no one would even flinch. I could kill you just like 'that'. I'm The Man, here. I have all the power. I control everything. You can't continue doing what you've been doing! It's not allowed! You give the People hope, & that's not allowed by The Program!”

I sat there perfectly calm & gazed straight at him & said, “If you shoot me, FBI, they'll flinch. They won't do anything, but they'll definitely flinch. As for you control everything.. make the wind blow. Make it stop! Make it change direction!” (We waited a few minutes while nothing happened..) Then I said, “No? Can't do it? Outside is too far for your reach? Then do it in here.” (Still nothing..) I said, “You don't have much power, let alone 'all' of it.. That's Takuskanskan's & we both know it. What this is really about is an attempt by you & your thugs to intimidate an authentic Traditional - me; on the premise that if you can do that, you can somehow decrease the power of Traditionalism & the faith of the People in the Holy Pipe. But even if you kill me, that doesn't mean you have power over me. I know for a fact that until a person's number is up, it's not; & when it is, there's nothing anyone can do about it. So if you kill me, all it proves is that Tunkashila truly does work in Mysterious Ways, & chose you as the instrument by which I get to go home. If you kill me, it means my shift is over; & I'm going home. Nothing more. And we both know that, too.”

Les Davis cocked the gun & put his finger on the trigger. I sat there waiting. He started to shake & he put the gun down & said, “With faith like that, we're doomed!” “It's what I pray for, FBI.”, I said.

Then he ordered me to “Get out of here! Go! Now! Just get the Hell out of here!” I refused, saying, “Not without proper paperwork, FBI. I'm not giving you the chance to claim I escaped so you can send your goons after me. You get me the proper papers & you turn me loose, because I'm not budging until you do.” He swore big time, but he got the papers..
Somewhere in all that, I jumped on his words”You lie, FBI. The colors around you say you lie; & the colors around a person never lie. There is no one who can make the colors around them lie. Now tell me about the Program!” And he did!
I've taken some Big Heat for my public statements that “Thunderheart could be shot on the Pine Ridge Reservation today.” Feds in my yard with drawn guns.. It's a Pipe Matter. The Pipe owns me; I'm merely Its mouth, hands, feet.. It's Keeper & Carrier.
About the founding fathers & integrity.. it would surprise me, too. George Washington was the new country's first media darling & he did everything he could to make that happen. Jefferson plagiarized from our Ways while owning slaves & after he wrote the Constitution, wrote the Indians “must” assimilate into the invader culture or be extincted. This pattern has held true for every founder I've looked for information on. Haven't looked at all of them, but the pattern has continued.. I agree about Adams [I'd suggested that he seemed to have personal integrity, also Franklin.  ~D]..
Our Prophecies said that we would suffer through 7 Generations at least once before things would even begin to turn around; & that's certainly been the case.. But with the election of a non-white male, a principal peg of several Nations' Prophecies has been pounded in place.. Our Prophecies have been around for thousands of years, remember.



I got the following from her more recently.  My fond hope is that more white folks will come to the understanding that the nature of all these federal agencies is essentially evil and not patriotic at all.  When enough white folks in North America wake up to tyranny I think it will end a lot faster and without much bloodshed--perhaps no bloodshed.  Any person of color already knows this about the federal government--learned from hard experience.  ~Don

  "The Program", by the way, is properly called "The Pine Ridge Program". It was initiated there in 1856, to try to "produce the modern Lakota individual; one who is predictable & manipulatable by BIA agency & other personnel".  It was "so successful" that in 1876, it was "expanded & extended to all US Indian Reservations, with the aim of producing the modern Indian person, one who is predictable & manipulatable by BIA agency & other personnel".  

The 1997 issue of American Anthropologist has a terrific article on it.  After it was published, & especially after I made gadjillion copies & mailed them all over everywhere, in & out of the "US", an effort was made by persons unknown, in a covert operation, to get & destroy all copies of that issue, & to intimidate the dickens out of the author.  The "persons unknown" failed, & I published that all over hell & gone, too; eventually resulting in " a visit" from a collection of Very Unhappy Feebs.
  As you can tell, I'm still thoroughly intimidated.  As I roll on the grass, wheezing & gasping from laughter.  You wanna really tee off a Feeb?  Laugh. (a) At all; (b) at them to their faces.  More later.  A C