Casa Pia child sexual abuse scandal

[2003] Portugal reeling over child sex abuse scandal  The opposition socialists, until now ahead of Portugal's ruling conservative Popular Social Democrats in opinion polls, are in shock after learning some of their senior MPs may be involved in scandal over sex abuse of boys in a state orphanage. The senior socialist MP Paulo Pedroso, number two in the party and a former labour minister, was taken from parliament by police and held for investigation three weeks ago on 15 counts of suspected child-sex abuse.

[2003] Ex-Minister held in child sex ring case  Socialist politicians have claimed they are part of a witch-hunt after the arrest of their official spokesman, Paulo Pedroso, on 15 charges of sexual abuse of minors following a phone-tapping operation by police. The trial of a top TV presenter, a former ambassador and a leading children's health expert on similar charges is expected to start soon.

[2002] Portugal's elite linked to paedophile ring

[2003] Barroso bombed-off to Bilderberg meeting?  Mr. Rodrigues is currently fighting off a paedophile scandal, following the arrest of Socialist MP Paulo Pedroso and claims, in some newspapers that the PS leader has also been accused of limited involvement.

[2003 Portugal] Party chief called to testify in Lisbon child sex scandal  Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues is the latest and most senior in a stream of politicians, diplomats and television talk show hosts to be implicated in a paedophile ring said to have preyed for decades on boys in a state-run orphanage.....Investigating journalists, helped by two former inmates now in their thirties, reported that "Bibi" had abused children for 30 years while working for Casa Pia. Former inmates said he was protected by public figures who used him as an intermediary to obtain boys for them.......The best-known detainee is Carlos Cruz, Portugal's most famous television presenter, and a friend of Mr Jose. Also in jail are: Hugo Marcal, Mr Silvino's former lawyer; Joao Ferreira Diniz, a doctor at the institution; Manuel Abrantes, the former director; and Jorge Ritto, a former ambassador to Unesco. All are accused of child abuse.