Cbswork and the Bible

Post# 24271 03/28/03

"Someone gave this person some good intel. Aside from that, and the below is only one facet of the whole diamond, the whole Illuminati playbook is by the Bible. The codes are in there, the timing, etc.

They created the bible just for this epoch. Its their creation.

Regarding the oil. They already own it. Saddam is ILLUMINATI. It's a diversion. Every person slaughtered in terror feeds BAAL and a few other demonic intelligences now in full power here on earth. The more the terror and "shock and awe" the greater the power to the faithful. And they need it. All their ancient sources, rituals, and alignments are no longer providing the much sought after first ray energy, as channelled by the Black Sun rituals of the Thule.

It allows the USA and the UK, to move the entire military apparattus off-shore without everyone being suspicious. We're at war, don't you know...and all that. Something like 85% of all the combat troops will be overseas within the next week, something like that.

It allows some terror activity - thank you CIA - here and in the UK, France, and Italy, to be easily blamed on Iraqi cells and all the rest of the upcoming lies.

It allows the creation of Martial Law, which they need, cuz...hey...all our troops are overseas and we need it to maintain order WITH SO FEW TROOPS. Please! Help us Mister UN police agencies! Please send us 200 thousand russian, latvian, and bulgarian troops to protect our "homeland."