Romanian Cloudbuster!
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 26, 2004 8:34 am    Post subject: Romanian Cloudbuster!
I just got this from Ed, who lives and busts towers in Japan and knows Big Lar there:

Hello Don,
It's been a while since we communicated, though I've been reading all
your postings at with great interest. I've also tried writing
to Carol a couple of times, but am now pretty sure she never got them.

I've just come back from Romania, where I've been going every year for
the last several years. I decided in 1996 or 7 that Romania was where
I'd make my stand for Humanity, and have been helping people there in
small and not-so-small ways ever since.

In the summer of 2003 I noticed the spewplanes laying their trails
West to East all day, so I gathered up all the materials to make a CB.
It was quite a struggle getting resin there. It comes in 3 parts in
Romania and one of the parts was sold separately in a different
factory. I had to criss-cross that huge factory complex, gagging on the
heaviest toxic fumes I've ever experienced to get a signature here, a
stamp there, a receipt here, etc, etc. The Communist bureaucracy was
still very much alive. It took hours to procure one liter of that third
ingredient. I finally got all the ingredients and made up some nice
devices, including a CB that went to work on the trails immediately,
first curling up the ends of the trails and then disappearing them.

This summer, I went back to Transylvania to happily see that no trails
were sticking and the skies were intensely blue. But I went to the
southern part of Romania, Wallachia, on a trip to the Delta. There was
crud, whiteout, the works. So I tried to gather up all the ingredients
again to make another CB for the South. I went back to the same
factories to buy what I needed. They were very suspicious to see me
again. They said the last time was for sample purposes and that this
next time would have to be done through authorized business-to-business
ties. Not only that, but the other factory refused to sell me the
other 2 ingredients without a thorough, half-day grueling interrogation
about why I needed the stuff. I made up something about my
fiberglass-bodied sportscar needing extensive repairs after a crash.
This summer's procurement efforts were twice as hard as last summer's,
but as I was traipsing from factory to factory, I noticed the sylphs
above seemingly encouraging me.
i finally got it all together, and made another 6-piper CB and a nice
one-piper, plus various TB's, HHG's, EP's, and water pipes. I'm happy
to report that the second CB is on site in the South right now doing
it's thing 24/7 and so are the other devices.

My Romanian friends were very excited and proud to hear that two of the
most important fighters for individual freedoms in the US right now
come from Romania, Lilly and Constantin. Thanks for those great
postings from Las Vegas.

I'm back in Japan and am in frequent contact with Big Lar. There aren't
many of us doing this stuff here. The ratio of agents to foreigners
here in Japan is much higher than Stateside. The guy I told you about
that sees dead spirits and whom I went with to shrines and temples,
burying TB's, is bad news, according to Carol. He'd tried to compromise
Big Larry after I made the mistake of introducing them. I had to dig up
my CB and move it because he knew where it was. I can feel the
presence of other agents interfering with me too here. I can see how
so-called friends are keeping us back, dumbing us down, obstructing our
progress. One Canadian friend said to me, "I don't want to be infected
with your disease." (The disease of waking up).
"We shall no longer hang on to the tails of public opinion or to a non- existent authority on matters utterly unknown and strange. We shall gradually become experts ourselves in the mastery of the knowledge of the Future."