Reports from Users of the Don Croft Cloudbuster & HHGs

Gert Botha
Namib Desert, Namibia, Africa
October, 2001

I started building my Cloudbuster because I was not going to be allowed any rest before doing it . . . This is literally - "they", whoever they are, in the end invaded even my days, not only my dreams . . . As just about all the material needed for one built to Don's specs, have to be imported (and hence very expensive), I used "whatever came handy" - for instance, I used both aluminium and copper pipes, both of different dimensions. For the orgone generator part, I also used crystals from around the house, as well as the "waste" from a metal lath - all kinds of metals.

On the same day (even minute!) I finished the CB, the present sandstorm started acting very strangely - instead of blowing non-stop from one direction, it suddenly blew from all directions in turn. On testing it, I found that a kind of 'vortex' eventually formed around the CB (which was pointing straight up). Outside this vortex (with radius 300 meters) the wind was still "normal"; also interesting, was that this vortex was clock-wise . . .

For some weeks I used the CB to try and battle the frequent sand storms, but not always with success - it often just changed direction with few degrees. At wit's end, I consulted my 'guides', with the result that my CB is now parked, pointing due south, at 30 degrees from the horisontal. Since that time, we have not had any serious sand storms . . .

But then, one day, about two months after "parking" the CB, the rains came! (This is something quite special: It Very seldom rains this early in the year in the Namib. And then only one or a few showers, and then it's gone. This time it was quite widespread, and lasted several days . . . (Bear in mind that the Namib Desert is probably one of the driest on earth . . . We often have rain only every twenty years or so . . )

And then, last night, more rain! Extraordinary! today the clouds are still around, and it sure looks like they mean business . . .

Another Report from Gert

Some time ago, I, out of the blue (! :-) just had the "urge" to, every day, go and wet my CB (with a hose pipe ;-). A few days later, it started raining . . . :-O Slow as I always am, this took me a few days to digest - a few days ago, I started doing this again, and Voila! - last night we had some more rain . .

Another interesting point - the CB is parked, pointing due south, about 30 degrees from the horisontal. And the most rain is falling ! due south of us . . . This is where we always notice the first lightning, and the heaviest concentration of clouds . . . . Not that I mind - right now, I'd prefer to sit on a little 'greasy' spot - most of our boxes are still in the open . . . And where it has been raining the last few times, is south of us, in the Namib Park. It is a very large protected area, with quite a lot of game in it.

Report from Teri on the Cloudbuster and Chemtrails

Wed. Oct. 3 ....At 2 p.m. today I went outside & saw chemtrails all over the sky. Four long trails at the south side of the horizon, and one trail right straight over the middle of the sky. They must have started around noon time as I see they have already started to spread out over most of the sky. I can see a thin white covering, but can still see some blue sky thro it. At 4:30 the trails did not seem to be "sticking". At 6:30 I went outside & the three jets were still out there trying to make the trails stick. I saw 4 or 5 trails at each side of the horizon extending in an east to west direction, but not sure at which point they started as I did not stay out long. The sky in a large part of the middle was still more blue with very pale white spread out trails over it. Still I could see a good amount of blue right thro the pale "canopy". I would venture a guess & say that their chemtrails were maybe 40% or less effective.

It was certainly not anywhere near the 100% mark of which they always like to achieve. At 7 p.m. I went outside to look again. The three jets were still there trying to make the trails. I was surprised as
usually the jets are gone by that time and the sky should be a "milky gray" , but it wasn't. It was twilight now & would be dark at 7:30. I saw now that the trails had a PINK color to them. In some places where there was a pale covering there was pink too, but the covering was not a good strong one. It appeared weak. In a very large section of the middle of the sky it was still more blue than pink or gray/white. No gray haze was observable.

I had gone out at this time now. I only went five miles down the road. I was at a bar with a friend. At 9 p.m. I took a walk outside & looked up at the sky. I just saw stars and not one chemtrail or chem cloud. At 10 p.m. I did the same & still saw clear sky and stars. What happened to all the trails they worked so very hard to lay down ?!

A funny thing transpired. One cannot look up at the sky without OTHERS doing the same! There were people on the deck and the guys asked me what I was looking at. I just said, "Clear sky - that's very good". I walked back into the bar. I had to bite my tongue. I decided it would not be a good idea in a small town to let people know what I was up to. I felt so very far removed from these people and how I wished I could "relate" to them.

At midnight I came back home. The sky was clear & full of stars just like at the bar just a few miles down the road. In conclusion I would say that for all the "spraying" they did - they did not accomplish much. The trails only spread out a small amount, very thin, and then they just vanished. It was so very amazing to see. Even I was very surprised to see that they did not stick!

Oct. 5th, 6th & 7th.....Not one chemtrail on these days. Not even night time as I stay up late & I go outside to check when I let the dog out. Friday was cloudy all morning with real clouds. There IS a
difference! It was overcast, but appeared to be real clouds. At 3pm it started to rain. It rained all night until 5 a.m. It was a good medium rain.....Saterday late morning & early afternoon. Saw real clouds - big & fluffy. Some white & some darker. About 80% cloudy. Saw blue sky in between and not one chemtrail or chem cloud. By 6 p.m. it was 90% overcast. They still appeared to be real clouds ....Sunday....big white fluffy clouds late morning & early afternoon. It then became more overcast, but I saw real clouds & not chem clouds. I noticed blue sky between the big white clouds. I have not seen chemtrails or chem clouds in these three days.

Report from Teri on the Cloudbuster

I had made the CB the third week of September. I didn't know that I was supposed to use one inch pipe. I used three quarter inch pipe. So I added the 4 ft. extensions to it. We have had a drought
here for almost three years made or rather I shall say "chemtrail" made! So I stood the CB up and just left it in a corner of the yard. I waited & waited. The air was so very dry. The ground was so dry that it had almost inch wide cracks in it which went down almost 10 inches. In fact when I went to drain my large pool I put the hose near one of the cracks and every single bit of water went down the cracks. It was so dry that nothing pooled up on the top ground.

Don said it takes 7-9 days for the CB to build up energy. Well, on the 9th day it rained, and it rained & rained! It rained real good for three days straight. It rained so much that my old farmer neighbor next door who helped make the templates for me said, "Maybe ya oughta turn them pipes upside down now!"

He has a rain gauge and said it rained three and one half inches in the three days.

Tue. Oct. 9th....Some real clouds in sky. No chemtrails at all. In the evening the stars were out in full swing.

Wed. Oct. 10th....Some real clouds in the day. At 4 a.m. I went outside & noticed something very strange. There was a GIGANTIC ring around the moon! Another strange thing was that the moon appeared "blurry" as tho my glasses were dirty or I had bad eyesight. I had never seen the moon "blurry" before. I saw two jets laying chemtrails at this early time in the morning. It looked rather strange like "fingers" across the sky. I had not seen that effect before either.

I went to sleep & just before noontime I went back outside to check. They must have been laying down chem-trails all morning. By 3 p.m. it was 90% overcast due to them. There was very little blue sky. The sun was hazy and covered with their "chem clouds".

Now it gets a bit more interesting. At about 5 p.m. the overcast was not holding too well ! More blue sky was starting to show and more sun was coming through ! The sky was now only about 50% covered with chem clouds. Without a CB this would not happen so soon. I know, because I have been watching the sky for 2 years now. At 8 p.m. I saw that the stars were out which was a very good sign ! Without a CB I have noticed that the stars do not show until about 11 p.m.

Thurs. Oct. 11th....It has been overcast all day & all night. I am not sure if it is a "real" overcast or a "chem" overcast. I would guess tho that they are real clouds as it is now almost 4 a.m. and it is still overcast. If they were a chem cloud overcast it would have all disapated by now & the stars would be out. I could be wrong tho.

Cloudbuster keeps Unwanted Insects away from Plants!

Hey Gang, Professionally i am both a botanist and horticulturist, and among other things i collect rare and unusual plants. Among my favorites are a group of tuberous Aroids (Philodendron and Calla relatives sometimes different kinds refered to as devils tongue, snake lily, voodoo lily) that send up a really weird funnel shaped flower every few years...they are that most of the different kinds (there are hundreds) for at least a few hours one evening produce the most powerfully dreadful smell you could ever imagine, like having a rotting musk-ox briefly in your back yard. Now where i grow them is in a special garden just for them as far away from our back door as possible, which is only maybe 20 feet from the C.B.. Normally, the FETID (beyond all get out!) smell temporarily draws gazillions of these certain large brilliant green flies. They swarm all over them.

Yesterday morning, i stepped out the back door and was knocked down (there was nearly spewage of another kind...) by the ungodly stench. And our back door is at least 50 feet from the evil little garden, as well as being around and on the other side!! So i bravely went over there, and there were 2 beauties in full bloom......they sort of bloom unexpectedly. But there were NO flies, not a single one of any kind! And normally there are bunches of other kinds of flies/bugs there too, but for the 1st time not a one..

It must be the anti-parasitic qualities of the orgone field, as nothing else has changed there, except for the C.B. Has had no effect on the good bugs tho, as there are lots of great tropical butterflies all over the place, just as usual, and they do infact seem to lately having a preference for fluttering all around the C.B. I in fact breed them intentionally by growing the plants their caterpillars feed on (mostly passionflowers). Just wanted to share that w/ ya'll. mark