Cbswork talks about the Reptillians


Posted 10/24/03 by Cbswork  at EFF Forum - "Friend reports reptoids" thread

"A very near and dear friend of mine (M2 met him once in Ojai, when we were out "saving" the world last summer with about 100 tbs on mulholland) a few weeks ago, related this Thompsonesque tail.

"Dude, I took some acid with ******* and we were out at the fair, walking around the people. I turned around and all around me, about every tenth person, was these...LIZARD people. Totally freaked me out, dude."

He will never take LSD again, he swears. Good.

But, like HUnter Thompson, the dose he had taken was so strong, it temporarily rent the etheric web in certain places and he SAW a sliver of reality.

This kind of thing happens all the time. Psychologists dismiss it as drug-induced psychosis. As usual, they are quite clueless."

Post# 52716 12/17/03 Cbswork

"...Rent BANDITS and Watch a reptoid in action. Kate BLanchett, or whatever her name is. She was one of the women I met last year, in Malibu.

There is a quick scene, fraction of a second, where they let her shapeshift on screen. This is and was a cue to the faithful. They are, indeed, coming out.

Sharpen your swords, gift often..."

Post# 53156 12/23/03 Cbswork

"Cate is a reptoid, and here's another, Sherry Lansing, head of Paramount.

Why not make them all public.

I am looking at the monday, december 5th picture of the Calendar Section of the LA Times, and there's Sherry - very reppy preggy - standing with David Spade, with her Gucci gear on and that red mottling on her face you see on the faces of George Bush...when they haven't fed in a while.

Going to send this to stu for scanning. It's as plain as day - this lady isn't entirely human. And she's the Studio Chief of Paramount Pictures. And she's a reptoid breeder."

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"Been thinking today about this whole reptoid, cloning, hybrid issue and how to best go about dealing with it.

First, thought that maybe finding a way to expose them to be the key. You know, a device. But, my efforts in that area failed. I made a thing to do that, but didn't have precision ground SI02 for the stator rotors.

Whacking them brought know the drill.

But, it occurs that they are going to do it all on their own anyways, as they have stated. The signs are everywhere. Reptoids are all over the media now. CLones are all over the media now. The thing is, not many people realize what they are looking at.

I mean, if the Village Idiot can steal the election and no one sez a thing about it, then how can we even begin to relate to them the sheer magnitude of the problem we face as a species?"

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"These things are all in the very highest positions of power.

Mulholland Drive indeed."

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"And now, for the weird.


Someone had rented this tape and let us at it. The instant we put it on, the room turned dark and I started freaking out. Stopped the tape over and over again, "this is evil, this is wrong, stop it." Kind of thing, before Cate even showed up in the flick.

She has her opening scene, first words, "she's not human. I KNOW her."

The energy in the room, at this point, was most decidedly negative, all radiating from the TV. And, what do we see cate doing in the film? She's a destroyer, she crashes through intersections, extremely violent, and TAKES ON TWO lovers.

Like that other movie with Kevin SPacey, ORDINARY DECENT CRIMINAL, who also has two wives.

The them is, in both films, that violence and destruction and death - with multiple partners - and the villians live happily ever after.

The new hollywood paradigm is, via the subliminals of these movies in the deep psyche,

'Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole law.'"

Post# 53212 12/23/03 Messiahmews (Donna)

"...Of other top slot celebs, what about Reese Witherspoon, Farrah Fawcett, Drew Barrymore or even Madonna?..."

Post# 53213 12/23/03 Cbswork

"Madonna is an Illuminist witch and a serial killer. She's big league. She's done porno for them, and snuff films.

Farrah was a working girl who made it in the big leagues, then became a victim of that system. She's done so much damage to her face and body, she looks like a walking zombie now.

Don't know about Reese."