A Summary of how Don Croft discovered orgonite

Post# 36154 07/15/03 Blue8Orgone (Don Croft)

Good one, Energizer! Dan's the guy who helped me get my first website going and we were roommates for awhile. He also introduced me to the earthgrid concept then.

I feel greatly heartened by your clear observations and expressed insights!

That's a wonderful town and I really appreciate what you did on that count, too.

That's the town in which I conceived the idea of making a CB with orgonite, by the way, and it's where I did my first orgonite experiments, which I intended from day one to apply to a CB one day. I need to acknowledge that Karl Hans Welz inspired me to get into this, though I didn't know him until five years later when Djembemon and I visited him near Atlanta last spring.

A mutual friend of Dan's and mine, Gentry Smith, had some prior experience with the old-style CBs and Gentry gave me the mobius coil instructions and suggested that I add one to the zapper circuit. He'd gotten the information from Patrick Flanagan when he worked with/for him in an underground facility near Tucson, doing dolphin/human speech translation software.

I guess not everything done underground is heinous but no doubt what they learned about dolphins was likely used later to hurt them by folks not connected to Flanagan. They did similar things with the findings of Reich, Tesla and everyone else who had a significant scientific contribution to make to humanity.

When I saw that combining orgonite with the zapper made the zapper work better my line of inquiry shifted for another couple of years until Carol and I got together. During that time James Hughes in Ashland was my mentor. Dan knows him.

After Carol and I had been doing this together for several months we almost inadvertently discovered that orgonite blocks DOR from harming the body and that led immediately to gifting a nuke plant. That put us back into thinking in terms of environment healing more and we went ahead and made our first CB and a whole lot of cone-shaped HHgs for gifting the most molested vortices on the eastern seaboard (including the WTC, Montauk, the Pentagon and Jekyll Island, GA). I got the HHg idea while playing around with and in the Atlantean blue holes on and near South Andros Island, Bahamas a couple of months before making the CB. I'd walked to the little airport there on my way home and downloaded a whole lot of data during that stroll. Carol went there with me a few months later and we got more info and direction, which led eventually to facilitating this global network.

We were discussing dreams in another thread.

The subjective parts shouldn't put us off, since the world is mostly subjective, after all. Learning to navigate the subjective realm takes skill and faith. There are some very old cultures in the world in which people put a lot more stock in their dreams than in their waking, 'objective' state and I think we here are starting to see why.

The conundrum, it seems, is that all the subjective stuff only has relevance to the person experiencing it. It can never be held to be 'authoritative' but expressing it all wakes others up to their potential and we find that we're all moving toward a more unified worldview. Well, okay, it's only a conundrum for people who don't value their imaginations ;-)

I might add that a lack of imagination characterizes the lukewarm, facetiously smiling, initiative-punishing, goose/lockstepping nazi herd, otherwise known as The PJ Folks.